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  1. im all for safe flying and trying to keep public happy. It should not be at the cost of the model aircraft and drone being cut back to zero rights 100,000 of drones dont have anyway to implement the remote id ideas ,this will mean that very few drones will be upgraded with the new software. and that legacey drones will be told to fly in a appointed field. photographers use drones to take and see fantastic views and will not sit in a field takeing the same shots all year long. these rules will make it illegal to fly your drone out side of the field. the councils who suppose to appoint the fields know nothing about this and will not be appointing fields. thats gonna make allot of people angry as they will of spent thousands on equipment and aircraft. the new restrictions are reduceing the ability of the aircrafts and they will struggle to fly safe. The point is that change always happens and those who wish to update and fly new aircraft is fine. but the people who cant afford new aircraft or be able to update should be still allowed to fly as normal until they decide to scrap or pack in. i can see a lot of people not registering in the future and flying when and were they like cause , if pilots are not be able to fly outside the one field and it be illegal if they do .i can see pilots not sticking by any of the rules or drone laws , instead of 100 rules of what and were we cant go or do, its about time that a fair deal of were we can fly be shown and rules to provide safe flight areas so people wont walk into these areas without knowing. hobbiests who fly for years and wont give up. photographers for the scenary,commercial for money. they pilots have to fly freely to practice and check there aircraft, in safe flying areas ,so before anybody signs up or upgrades the rest of the deal should be on the table. if theres no one left to fly theres no point in the rule books.