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  1. Good day to all!I think I found a solution to the problem "acquiring satellites".The point is a small rechargeable battery on the unit GPS. The battery should have a voltage of 3 volts. However, after a long break in flights, I had a battery voltage of only 1.6 volts. After a long non-use of the drone, she discharges below the level at which normal operation of the unit is possible. As a result, satellites are not registered. And the constant message is "acquiring satellites".I draw attention to two points. First, you need to solder a new battery carefully, because the board is very delicate.Second, after re-soldering the battery, orient the board GPS correctly when installing it in the drone. There is an arrow on the board, it should look forward, towards the front of the drone.I made a mistake during the assembly, and deployed the board 90 degrees, based on the convenience of the location of the cable from it. The result was the crash of the drone, even despite the fact that I calibrated the compass as expected. I was lucky that the drone crashed into the bush, and the damage was minimal.All successful flights!