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  1. Great info, David & Howard! Does anyone know if we can fly for commercial purposes if the project is not related to an "essential service"? i.e. Shooting pictures of an empty city to build our portfolio for use in our own marketing. The consensus is that flying for recreation and flying for Part 107 essential service projects should be fine but what about any not-so-essential Part 107 flying for our own commercial purposes. That's an area I'm fuzzy about. On a side note, I just found an article that states that Florida's Governor declared that Real Estate is an essential
  2. Your thoughts, anyone??? Have any of you continued to perform aerial projects for your customers during the lockdown? Can we use any photos and videos taken during this period commercially due to the lockdown regulations that state that only "essential services and businesses" are allowed to operate? Would the FAA now classify most of what we do now as "recreational" because only essential businesses and services are allowed to operate? If so, that would keep us from using our work in any way that is "for-profit" (in furtherance of a business) -- unless you are working for one of
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Jason Bagnell and I took Alan's Part 107 class last May. I managed to get a 97% on the exam! Thank you so much Alan for being the best instructor! This morning I was wondering if we were allowed to leave our property during the Coronavirus lockdown (in the USA) to fly our drone. If we can go out for exercise and recreational activities, would we be able to go fly? (Away from people, of course) The whole point is to keep people apart from each other to stop the spread of the virus. I did a little research and made a video. I would like everyone's c
  4. Thank you Alan! I kept getting misinformation about this topic from other sources and your post(s) on this thread have cleared everything up for me. I even sent a message to another large organization that had published some incorrect information. In December, I posted a YouTube video showing my drone ascending a 1,695 foot radio tower and I wanted to make sure I had properly followed the FAA Part 107 regulations. For what it's worth: Thanks again -- Jason Bagnell