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  1. We actually have a bald eagle that lives in one of those trees and i see it all the time. I told my wife that if my drone got taken out by a bald eagle, I would chalk that up as the most awesome 'Merica thing ever. haha
  2. I was out on the back deck this morning and saw these guys swim by so of course I had to grab my M2 and get some video. Very cool experience!
  3. I was doing a hyper lapse of the sunrise over the Pamlico river in eastern NC and caught this still with a bird flying through
  4. Good morning Chase. I am still trying to figure out which direction I would like to go. I have spoken to a few of my property management and construction colleagues to gauge any interest. This would make the most sense, as it is directly related to what I am already doing. However, if the interest wan't there then I would be open to other avenues that I may not even be aware of currently. I have also spoken to a couple of realtors but haven't really had anyone that was super excited about it yet. What suggestions do you have on how I should develop a business plan or increase my marketing? Additionally, I was thinking that i would hold off on officially rolling this out until after the crazy dies down. lol
  5. Good afternoon, my name is Eric and I am from NC. I own a landscaping company and bought a Spark a couple of years ago to take pictures of some of our projects. I just recently passed the P107 exam and now I am looking to start a 'drone services' division of my company. I am looking forward to doing some research on here and interacting with many of you. Have a good one!