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  1. Great snow video! Are you getting pushback from anyone over the residential/neighborhood flights? I know a lot of people are concerned about privacy etc
  2. Excellent thanks! That L3 is along the lines of what I referring to, basically a multi stage system that gives long range surveillance but can deploy assets on a target. Yep I'm in the US and from my novice understanding the FAA and private sectors are figuring out best use regulations and licensing? Another words I can just start launching drone systems into the sky huh lol.
  3. Hey guys - new to the drone world and I'm quickly finding out its a big one! Any insight on what (if any) types of drones are being used domestically by law enforcement agencies for recon, extended surveillance, suspect immobilization etc? Im looking into manufacturers, cutting edge tech , FHA requirements etc. that is shaking up this sector for a possible business venture on my end. Thanks! KHAWK