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  1. from what I am reading on other forums it should fit, but since no one has one yet it has not been confirmed.
  2. I decided to go with the DJI Phantom 4. It has all of the features I'm looking for. Good long distance, Lightbridge FPV, 2 GPS systems (US and Russian), long flight time, crash avoidance (front and down), sonar for indoors, quick install props, smart batteries plus new features on the controller like identifying a person or object to focus on and follow. The price is good too for what you get.
  3. Rest assured that whatever you buy today will be worthless a year from now. It's not going to stop me, but something to understand up front. This technology is advancing so fast and from so many different directions. Intel, AT&T, Amazon, GoPro and dozens of drone manufacturers. I love watching a new technology develop. In five years people will be saying, "how did we get along without drones".
  4. Nice! Much better than B4Ufly. Thanks
  5. Up until recently it showed the NFZ data, now it redirects to the FAA site. Anyone know why?
  6. I too put a deposit on the Yuneec H, but now I'm second guessing. DJI does seem to have a few advantages from what I'm reading. I like the Lightbridge technology for realtime video. From what I read, Yuneec has a delay. Even though I'd probably fly with line of sight to the craft, seeing what the craft sees seems important. Also, the fact that it uses US GPS and the Russian Glonass GPS seems like it would be better at staying put and knowing where it is. With the recent price drops the P3P seems to be a good deal. I do like the built in display on the Yuneec. And then there's the new DJI coming soon. Aghhh! Decisions decisions..