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  1. Hello, I am a new guy and have a question about drones flying at night here in Maine. I live in a condo on the beach in Old Orchard Beach, Maine and almost every night at around 10pm, my wife and I see something flying around some radio towers to our west. They were noticed about two months ago and they are mostly sitting still but have been seen moving sometimes. One night we saw two of them sitting there and then one started to shrinking off to the west, while the second starting coming east and then over our condo. I went to our deck and saw it going over and noted a flashing red light on the back but could not hear any motor. Thus I assumed it was a drone, but it had been flying since 10:00pm and it was now 10:45pm. The recreational drones we have seen over the beach fly for much less time because of the small batteries, so this must have a much larger battery. We are curious as to what they are doing almost every night but did not know who to ask. We have alerted a few other condo owners and they have also asked what could they be doing. Thanks in advance for your time and if necessary, maybe send this to a different group for me. It really has us puzzled! Ronkberg