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  1. Hey guys! Since I got my first drone three years ago, I've always been wondering where the beautiful spots for droning are. I searched the web but only found some sites specific for only one country or some other garbage. I love this forum with it's specific threads for different locations, but I found it a little bit impractical. That's why I created a new website! It's an interactive map where users can upload or search for awesome drone spots all over the world. With a rating system implemented you can check to view only the Top X markers in one specific country. You can store multiple markers in a set and send these information to Google Maps (on your mobile device). I think that's perfect for planning the next holiday with a drone. The site is non profit, so it has no ads nore tracks userinformation. Maybe you check it out and tell me what's still missing or if you like it! drone-locations.com/