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  1. please if you enjoyed why not give the video a like, many thanks
  2. Sharing with you my time in Cuba, if you like to see more drone footage of mine done in Cuba then check out my Channel. Stay safe
  3. Yeah Barbados still not allowing drones, but many people risk it into the country and manage to get it in as carry ons
  4. This one of my best work of 2020 or should i say my "quarantine edits" completed last week, was also featured on the DJI website. please feel free to like and subscribe if you enjoyed it... many more to come.
  5. hahah thank you! subscribe to my channel i have loads of videos like this on there plus more on the way..
  6. Thank you, and will use your suggestion for my next project later this month. much appreciated
  7. love the phantom 4 Pro best camera in the market, just the size puts me off, started off wit the Phantom 2, then moved to Phantom 3 pro then P4, prefer foldable drones
  8. Thank you, this was a Dji Mavic Pro used. do you have a drone ?
  9. Just sharing my best time captured moments in Barbados with my Mavic Pro, Enjoy