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  1. I’m arguing with a bunch of people on another forum. They all claim that if you see an oncoming plane or helicopter, you immediately descend. I recall reading to immediately turn right along with the plane approaching if they see the drone. Is this correct? I even recall this Q on my exam. Thanks, -Ryan
  2. Thought I would share one of my four cameras I had recording the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017. This was taken in southern Illinois over the Lake of Egypt near Marion. You will notice a distant (6.5 mile away) unpaved airports runway lights automatically turn on as the moon blocks the sun, before they turn back off (upper left corner). The colors were so surreal that color correcting seemed a bit off even though I remember the way it really looked. You can see the shadow approaching from the bottom right of the screen, and after the moon passes you will see the shadow come back in t
  3. Had anyone tried using thermal before, during and after irrigation? Seeing the moist, cool morning soil in dark purple change as the day heats up is pretty interesting. I have shown a farmer shots (12) taken progressively throughout the day and before/after irrigation. It shows how long water stays moist towards the ground level with his soil type and terrain, and even the shadows from neighboring trees. This saves him hundreds of dollars realizing that certain parts of his soil were consistently drier and hotter while other spots stayed cool even between watering. He then customized his
  4. He was referring to Torrance Airport (which is class D airspace). My DJI GO4 app insists I am in class B airspace (even though I am certainly in class D). I have tried taking to DJI regarding their geofencing errors but they are of little help. Kirk, I would love to talk to you as I am currently doing real estate in the same areas. I live right off Carson and Western in Torrance. You can text or call me anytime (310) 946-6186 or reach me at ryan@skyflycinematics.com
  5. I had a commercial to shoot in Hermosa Beach near the"Strand" pier. Saw that it was a fly zone, so I (stupidly) just figured that there wouldn't be any issue with my faa license. Long story short I had a long discussion with the police and the life-guards. It only seemed to irritate them as I explained that it's national airspace in class G airspace. They wouldn't have any part of it and told the talent and my assistant to go home. Didn't even mention that I "could" get a permit! I may give them a call tomorrow explaining that this is my job and livelihood. Was actually thinking of mov
  6. Hi JJ, My name is Ryan Deremo, P107 certified pilot and owner of SkyFly Cinematics ( www.skyflycinematics.com ) based out of Los Angeles. Sounds like a great product and something that will make it easier for us as pilots in the future. Would love to talk further. Just left you a VM, and hope to talk soon! Cheers, -Ryan
  7. I think all cities should have an experienced pilot ready with a S&R on standby. Does it necessarily have to be law enforcement? That would certainly be out of budget for lots of small towns. Hopefully, they can work alongside passionate pilots who are civilians with the right equipment.
  8. I'm super excited to be getting my first DJI Phantom 4 tomorrow! However, I doubt the Phantom 4 will reduce insurance prices at the moment. Until it has a full set of sensors on every side, things could still go very wrong with inexperienced pilots. I expect to see full 360 sensors on consumer priced drones this year, however. A little birdie told me ;-)