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  1. I've already done some of that. Some beautiful Kentucky farmland amirite?
  2. Hello Everyone, I've been flying recreationally for a little more than a year. I just passed my part 107 test with my certification (hopefully) in the mail. I'm looking to fly for farmers in the area either for vanity shots of their farmstead or for crop or cattle inspection. Video and photos for real estate agents is also an area I hope to break into. I'm glad to be here and looking forward to learning from the community.
  3. Agreed. Being only 15 miles from Fort Campbell and its aviation presence makes it super important to be extra vigilant. Fortunately the Blackhawks and Chinooks fly well above 400 feet and are quite loud.
  4. Its Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky KHVC
  5. Thanks for the fast reply Ed! That helps clarify my status and my understanding of the charts.
  6. If I am within the fuzzy magenta boundary, the legend says it's class E airspace with a floor 700 feet above the surface. Does that mean that if I am flying at 699 feet or below, within that same boundary, that I am in class G uncontrolled airspace? My home is within the fuzzy magenta boundary, I would like to know for sure that I'm legal to fly without ATC approval if below 400 feet. Thanks so much!!