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Found 17 results

  1. Can Remote Pilots Make a Living Using Drone Aggregators Like - Have you successfully integrated into your #drone business strategy? Newest article at Drone Outlook

  2. DroneBase and seem to be the most active, haven't heard much from those other links recently.
  3. I'm just learning and found and and those are all marketplaces to post your services. I'm thinking of creating one, that's why I got on here
  4. Getting a drone pilot marketplace started. Just learned about and now owned by PrecisionHawk focused on the US. Looking for suggestions about starting a drone pilot marketplace. Where do pilots go to get work? And why there? What do you like / dislike about the current marketplace? Would it help to make a blockchain dapp or AI instead of a regular website? Would partnering to promote schools help get the word out for pilots to signup? Any advice would be appreciated on getting started.
  5. Just saw this — Haven't listened yet but plan to. Well said, @Av8Chuck. DroneBase wasn't purchased by PrecisionHawk, but you're right about, not sure about the other one that was bought. I remember two.
  6. Yep it is a jungle out there. My best day on Drone Base was $500 or so. Driving from one end of the county to another. That was months ago and have not seen a mission posted in my area in over months. Have never been able to crack the yet since it is by bid. Ditto on all the comments of unlicensed operators out there. Without enforcement it will continue to get worse. As L&L Drone Views said, the uberdrone models are normalizing the service rates. We are subcontractors to subcontractors in those models. I also agree that drone pilots should form local associations that advocate for drones and push back on the local associations of realtors etc about their professionalism and ethical and legal behavior. Fly Safe!
  7. I don't have time to read this entire thread, I've kind of avoided it but its longevity kind of indicates those that believed much of the hype of these sorts of companies and those that didn't. It's as important to point out what's not working in this industry as it is to point out what is. Also, keep in mind that and Dronebase (I think) were purchased by PrecisionHawk. This was part of a $100M series-D funding, this added to an already great story for investors. It has little to do with the quality of their products or services. When these types of M/A take place, customer service is generally the first casualty, followed by a lack of truth in advertising and then really heavy spin in a market where the hyperbole is so thick you can walk on it. This type of employment service can certainly help individuals make some extra money. You'll hear stories about a few industrious types who manage to make a comfortable living. Chances are they would have without it. If people aren't willing to invest a great deal of time, money and effort then they shouldn't expect any of these online agencies to get them work regardless of what they claim. Your response might not have been what I was looking for either, but it certainly is what I expected. Hopefully, this experience doesn't dissuade you from making a living as a drone operator if that's what you want to do.
  8. Hi there @SCPdrone, sorry to hear about your experience. Don't take this the wrong way, but it sounds like you had some unrealistic expectations around them 110% sending you business as soon as you sign up. Unfortunately that's not where the industry is at right now — of the dozens of sites out there sending folks business, Dronebase is one of the best. So is, where you bid on projects alongside others, similar to Thumbtack. There's more listed over here: I signed up with Dronebase over a year ago and have only been sent a few missions. Other students of ours get sent missions almost weekly or bi-weekly. It just depends on where you're located and what contracts they have in place. I wouldn't take your frustration out on them as a company. They're doing an incredible job in this industry and doing their best to deliver opportunities to pilots, without you having to go out there and build your own website, knock on doors, etc. There are VERY few organizations across almost every industry that have a model like this, and they seem to be making it work. Hope this helps? Not sure this is the response you were looking for
  9. Good Afternoon Everyone, I recently launch a digital marketing agency that focuses solely on the golfing industry. One of the services I offer is hole-by-hole guided tours. I'm looking for an individual/team that lives in South Florida (Atlantic side of the state) to do contract work as part of my team. I posted this job on and was overwhelmed with the responses from all over the country. I unfortunately was not specific about the location of the individual/team, so I'm hoping to make that clear here, I just want Florida based licensed UAV/Drone operators. I really appreciate your time and please reach out if you have any questions/interested. I'll be in Boca Raton from May 1-11 and I'm looking to meet prior to agreeing to any terms. Thanks, Matthew Neumann
  10. I agree with a lot of the concern about some of the negativity but also with @L&L DRONE VIEWS to stay positive and it is still early. Dronebase and are tough because folks are willing to do that work for so cheap (more of a concern on IMO). Also, I know a lot of people locally who fly commercially without a license and they are canabilizing some of the business as they are willing to do it cheaper than I ever would. I would stick to your pricing and show the quality of your work. That is what I have done with my repeat clients and it has paid off. Do I make all of my money from my drone - no. I am lucky to do ground photography and have a successful business there. That said, I enjoy the drone work and know that if I was 100% focused on it, but sticking to my pricing and showing the quality of work to all of the available clients (while perhaps supplementing with Dronebase and at a price point I was comfortable with), I would be successful. Clients are still figuring the drone thing out as others have said to include cost, quality, etc. As such, getting in now and pushing will lead to success. Cheers!
  11. Is this for I completed the questionnaire. And as much of my profile as it would let me. My Account shows “Pending Review” and that I must complete my profile before it can be approved. Except I CAN’T complete it because it is in review? ??????????? I have also sent several emails with no response.
  12. Hey everyone! I have been doing some research on drone marketplaces and was curious what some of you who have had experience operating and selling your services, think of the top marketplaces out there. I have only recently purchased a Mavic Pro and am gearing up to get P107 certified soon. I've been looking at Dronebase,, and SkyTango seems to have a pretty cool feature to help people see where pilots are visually. I ask because the company I work for is developing a new drone marketplace and it would be super helpful to get any feedback to be sure they're creating something that isn't just a rehash but really improves the experience for the pilots - what sorts of features do you like and what features drive you crazy about the platforms you have used? Here's the website - feel free to sign up and ask the live chat people what's up! You guys rock, thanks! -Matt
  13. Hello All, I'm happy to share and do so based upon my personal experience with both entities...Please be mindful that my experience with said entiteis just may be an exception... Presison Hawk in my opinion is only interested in raising investment money to acquire small potential startups to increase their product line and company size for an enventual buyout... ....While they do provide you with leads when their insurance clients need damage inspections, they allow and support a strict inflexible appointment schedule and have provided no (reply) communication to inquires re same when contacted... ....For example....I fly the Phoenix Valley and surrounding areas...I have contacted Presicion Hawk and relayed to them that it can be literally too dangerous to set an appointment after 9am during the months of June-Sept... ...I sent them proof that it can be 90 degrees at sunrise alone and an appt from 9am on can cause even the most climatized pilot to collapse from heat exhaustion, dehydration even sun stoke....or...try climbing on top of a roof that been baking in 115 degree temp for hours....use your imagination from there... ...Bottom line...I requested more than once that under such weather conditions the pilot should be able to re-schedule an appointment at a time that is convenient for all, so long as the inspection takes place within 48hrs of the claim report...I got no response... ...I am confident that so long as the insurance company remains a client of Presicion Hawk they will always be in control of the inspection schedule regardless of any potentioal weather dangers...their only goal is to satisfy the claiment's inspection ASAP after a major disaster...the pilot flys at their own risk...notwithstanding the fact that the rates are dreck... ...As for Droners.IO (hereinafter DRO)...I signed up Feb 2017 and after several attempts to win a bid I have only been contacted once and the client never followed thru...Here's my take away... ...The potentioal client in most cases knows nothing about the drone business and there is no tutorial for said client to help acquaint them with what we can or cannot do.... and it's clear as to why...If the potential client knew that we don't fly at night or over stadiums w/o waivers, or over vehicle and pedestrian traffic or freeways or when it's too cold, hot or windy or just won't violate Federal Regs in general at all, they would have no clients!... waste time educating the potential client (via e-mail) as to what and how you can accomplish their mission safely and within FAA Regs, only to find out that they really don't care about any of it.... ...All the potential client wants to hear is that you will capture the footage and/or stills they want, how they want, where they want, when they want at the price they want or get lost....they will eventually hire a starving or greedy rogue pilot that will not only undercut your rates but think nothing of breaking FAA Regs ... ....After I passed my recurrent 107 test on 12.5.18, DRO requested an update...I sent them the only document I was told there would be to prove I have passed said test and have a new experation date that is clearly visible and that there would be no ID update....they would not except said doc...even after I confirmed with the FAA Regional Office that the doc was indeed the appropriate doc and informed DRO of same and provided the FAA's number so they could vet the info, DRO would not except it...On my 3rd submission try, I requested DRO to inform me as to exactly what doc they needed to confirm my active status...I have yet to get an response... ....Needless to say I have since stopped checking my DRO account...My time is better spent prospecting not blind bidding against law breaking rogue pilots.... ...As I mentioned earlier, this could all have been an abberation, just one pilot with bad luck and everyone else is pissing in high cotton...but I doubt it...I don't know if this helps but it should be at least a little thought provoking.... ....At the end of the day, it just may be more cost and time effective to generate your own leads and not deal with any of these hubs where the tail always wags the dog! ...The Very Best To All This New Year! "You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves." Abraham Lincoln
  14. It's been less than expected, and clients ideas of what things should cost are entirely way too low. I am apart of Dronebase and and it's insane. On I have seen multiple people requesting commercial photos/video 1-3 min for $150. And what's more insane is that there are 15 bids on it! In any case I do believe my business will eventually grow, but I know its going to take a lot of work to develop it.
  15. Okay, I can confirm I tried these guys for three months and as expected nothing, no job (I admit I'm a risk taker). I can't say I'm surprised seeing that I've been on for a year. has been around way longer than FlyGuys and I've been getting notification on jobs in most major cities in California. The number of jobs is low, even for major cities, even on Droners which has the most exposure. So if jobs are scarce on Droners they'll be even more scarce anywhere else. And when the jobs do come up, it's a feeding frenzy so you now you've got a bunch of guys low balling, desperate to get a job, making the prices ridiculously low. I've been desparate to get a job probably like most other pilots on Droners and so that's why I tried FlyGuys "pay for play" just to see if they had some secret channel to bring in jobs better than Droners. Not. Waste of money. I feel sorry for others than keep paying with their fingers crossed. Maybe you will eventually get a job, maybe not but if you weren't the first pilot that signed up in your city for FlyGuys, based on the trickle of jobs I've seen on Droners, I can pretty much guarantee you will won't get "jack" through Fly Guys. Anyone paying for anything before even getting one job is a sucker. All the 'support services' are worthless if you're not making any money.
  16. Hello AV8Chuck and all... ....While I appreciate you reaching out, I must apopogize because I'm not sure I really have anything to contribute at present....If the question is "How's Business"?....we're doin OK...Still writing black ink but I'm just a one horse operation...if the number of employees did equate to success, I'd be failing!... ....Being an "Old Schooler" I've already put in 30+ years (managing over a dozen employees in the process) so I've never really looked toward expansion and the responsibilities and effort that goes with it in this new start up....I just wanted a fun vehicle that would allow me to generate a revenue stream that would help enhance a dwindling retirement portfolio..... so, my marketing efforts were basically confined to surgical strikes on selected potential clients that I refer to as "the elephant" ....because if you can bag that elephant when out on a prospecting Safari, you can eat for quite awhile.... ....For example, I'm in the process of completing a weekly assigment that started on 8.1.2017...It was a simple construction progress reporting assignment on a $25M Behavioral Hospital build and it should conclude in about 4-6 weeks....In said example, the mission will last 13-14 months...a long time to feed on one kill.... ...However, we did not lay dorment during that period...we knew the assignment would eventually end and we needed to prepare for another Safari...We have been creating a data base of varied potential clients connected to the construction and real estate industry....not just construction companies or real estate brokers but attorneys, insurance companies, equipment brokers, ad agencies and so on....there are several componants connected to a new build and just as many ancillary busineeses to service those separate componants.... ....We also decided that we cannot be experts in every assignment only take on construction monitoring and real estate tours working towards being the best in either discipline so to speak....if called upon of course we would report for a first responders call and/or law enforcement/community support.... ...We did try to diversify, I pursued and was accepted in the Droners.IO and PresicionHawk platform, Helo and a few others ....However, while I have found them to be ernest in their intent.... for the most part, they are "all sizzle and no steak"....for example, nobody is paying attention at Droners.IO....I sent off a missive to upper management trying to explain that if the tempreture is 95 degrees at sunrise (4:45 am in AZ) what do you think the temp will be at 9 am, let alone 4-5 pm?...lights are on but nobody is home....Try climbing onto a house roof at 2, 3 or 4 pm (closest to the hottest time of day) that has been sitting in 115 degree temps for hours and see how that works out for ya and for all of $82.50..... ...Anyway, I wish there was some new or revolutionary way of conducting business or secret sauce that I could share but unfortunately all I know is that only hard work, complete focus and dogged determination will get you thru...for me it has always been about problem solving....whatever it is that you're lacking or needing, you have to find a way to get the issue resolved...pragmatism plays a major key in success... ...In my experience I've seen that it sometimes doesn't matter how much money you have in the corporate war chest or how good management is or dedicated the employees are...if there is an obstical that interferes with your ability to move the business forward you need to adapt and overcome .... interestingly enough, I have also witnessed that in many cases the only obsticals we have, are the ones we put in front of ourselves.... ...I'm not sure any of the above can help anyone but whoever does read this entry, at least they know they are not alone in enduring the time, effort and energy it takes to get any business off the ground, drones notwithstanding.... Clear skys and safe flights to
  17. Realizing that all my opinion and $5 dollars will buy you is a latte at Star Bucks, I am truly concerned....I can certainly understand an appreciate that there are reliable, honest, hard working folks out there who want a chance to perhaps capture the future or realize a passion for flight, photography even editing but to provide services for an insurance company at what has to be considered minimum wage (regardless of volume) is a danger to all pilots and the industry in general.... ...It sends a message to these companies that there is an over abundance of pilots who perhaps do not know how and/or where to prospect for business and are willing to fly for next to nothing just to get a ROI and in my humble opinion..... that sets a very dangerous precedent when it comes to establishing the value of our services.... ....Those $70 (Drone Base) and $82.50 (EagleHawk Platform/Droners.IO) missions cheapen the value of our services beyond redemption because they will be seen as the norm for excellence as well as industry rates for that kind of service... ...Each pilot regardless of flight or business experience does put in the time, effort and costs to be able to enter into an industry that in some instances may even change a person's life forever....not sound overly dramatic but the issue is serious.... ....The UAV Industry as a whole should be looking to establish general/standardized commercial rates that are equitable and compensatory with the services being provided. Nothing cast in stone mind you, but average rates that any industry/company can expect to encounter which would in essence derail their ability to put pilot against pilot in a bidding war for mission volume.... Perhaps it's time to start talking about forming a pilots association that believes in standardized rates for the good of its pilots. If rogue pilots continue to support the rates of these Insurance Claim Centers, any opportunity of procuring any other business connected with or that can be referred by them, will be unavailable because they believe they have set the industry rate standard for claim investigation because they have pilots that will fly for that rate.... ....Let's be candid here....It's only a matter of time until said Insurance Companies, the Utilities, Law Enforcement, Construction and etc., will provide their own drone connected thru them will also be affected....translation....there will be even less elephants to bag when on a prospecting Safari....Claims may very well become one of the only ways to generate continuous income as a pilot in the future...if we give the store away now, what will we have later... ....We need to be organized....We need to become more than just a flock of professional rogue pilots in competition with one's time for growth....if there is at least some standardized acceptable rates for ALL then each pilot/drone business can still compete based upon, services, experience, reliability, etc., but at least not for pennies.... ....If we let the claims industry believe that we got our birds at Toys R Us and we don't mind spending perhaps 2 or more hours going and coming to the claimant while burning $10-$20 in gas doing so.... all for $70....then that's all the pilots experience, certification, craft, photography, effort and cost as a pilot is worth to them.... .....Yes, there's always going to be an dissenting opinion and that's America but I've been around the block and I think we all should take a pause and see it from a little different perspective....aerial claim assessment could become the next customer service call centers and right now some pilots are flying for the equivalent of less than minimum wage....not good! How much hot water am I in?