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Found 14 results

  1. I’ve expressed interest in flying my drone in Telluride Colorado, I visited their web page unable to find any information on drone use, so I emailed them. They sent me this: After reading through their City “Ban” the regulations seem back handed. They are obviously discriminating against drone pilots. For example, its clearly stated you cannot operate in the town of Telluride or surrounding areas, nor may you operate over any private property near the town, deemed trespassing. Why then do they continue to “paint” the image that drone pilots are capable of being- violent, abusive, drug abusing, alcoholic, reckless, animal harassing pilots? Why would anyone want to “purposely harm people or animals with drones”? Intent to harm an individual with a weapon would be considered “aggravated assault“, therefore they created a redundant law for drone pilots not to commit a clearly known felony. Why then state the additional rules if they made it clear you cannot fly there anyway? I feel that the intent of the city drone ban (likely posted throughout their town) could be for the purpose of Banning flights while discriminating against drone pilots. Could this considered a form of discrimination? And How does the town manager determine who’s fit to fly in the town? Are local pilots favored over tourist pilots? Do we not have any rights or say in this matter? Why are they aloud to paint us like the enemy?
  2. Hey everyone, names Oatis but I go by Odie. I'm a Colorado native with a degree in Criminal Justice and Criminalistics, however I have been in the photography industry for 20 years (portrait and commercial). I debated the pros and cons of diving into the aerial aspect of photography since the being in of this year, doing research on various drones that would fit my budget, learning curve, and profitably to add to my existing business. A very tedious and time consuming chore. After much back and forth debate, watching hours of Youtube videos and reading forums/websites I purchased my Phantom 4 Pro in July. Since then, after watching more videos, doing more research, (and finally getting the nerve to take my first flight a few weeks later) I have put in a hand full of flights. Now, the process of obtaining my part 107 license for commercial services begins. I do have to say that I am very impressed with UAV Coach's presentation of curriculum for test preparation and one of the reasons I decided to join this group. Keep up the good work! My next step will be to enroll and schedule my study days in between shoots and hopefully connect with a few local or traveling UAV pilots.
  3. Hey everybody. I've started a new aerial videography business in Colorado. I'm putting together a fee schedule for a prospective client and want to be sure I'm within the range of others doing the same thing. I'm not necessarily looking for exact rates, but I don't want to be the company that is under-charging and bringing the industry standard rates down. From some things I've read elsewhere, I was thinking about $250 - $500 for 5 - 10 pictures and 1 battery flight time. $750 for raw video and $1000+ for edited video and multiple battery usage. This is for a company in the construction industry that wants a time lapse video and I'd amend the pricing for multiple visits. I've scanned through the forum to see if something similar has been asked, but didn't see it. I really appreciate that this forum exists and thank you in advance for any insights you all are able to provide.
  4. Hello. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Eric and I live in Colorado. Starting a new aerial videography business and excited to learn from a community of peers. It seems that the easiest start is with real estate photos and videos. I have several contacts in real estate, but also in insurance. I also have a friend that owns a drilling company and one that has a local tv show with no drone footage. I know it's not a great idea to try to do everything. I've been flying a Phantom 4 Pro for a couple months and have my 107. Any insights would be much appreciated!
  5. Good evening all - my name is Niall Twomey and I'm an Active Duty Warrant Officer in the US Army. I have been a UAS Operations Technician since 2005 and am currently assigned as the Division UAS Officer at 4th Infantry Division as a CW4. I'm connecting with this forum to start tracking all that is going on with the commercial side of the house for UAS, and to start forming ideas for when the time comes to retire. I hit 19 years in July and am on the fence about punching out soon or sticking around to make CW5. I have to admit, the sound of being a civilian is very enticing after 5 combat deployments! Anyways, looking forward to learning from you all and catching up with how things on the civilian side of this are operating. Cheers. Niall
  6. Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that I just passed my Aeronautical Knowledge test through the Drone Pilot Ground School! I am now looking to start training myself in drone piloting but first I obviously have to buy a drone. After a quick discussion with Alan I am leaning towards purchasing a Phantom 4 Pro, which will hopefully keep me ahead or the technology curb. Believe it or not a DJI store just opened about 10 miles away from me so I am going to go in there early this week! I have been a sports TV producer for over 10 years working at ESPN, so now I am looking to expand my video expertise into this new field. I look forward to talking with all of you as I start my journey into drone piloting. I am sure the market is becoming very competitive so, just like many of you, I'm hoping to get ahead of the curb and see where it takes me! Luke
  7. Aloha, I've been droning on and on for about a year now. Currently flying the Phantom 4, patiently waiting for the P5 In my free time I've been building a drone pilots directory. When I looked online I didn't find much that would serve as an asset, so I started building something I hope the working pilots community can actually get some value out of. It is just ready for the general drone pilot public to test out adding listings. Sheesh, my eyes are blurry from looking at code all day. Looking forward to flying tomorrow. Anybody near Fort Collins? I don't think the show will hold. I was hoping to fly a couple Litchi routes, only have snow below for comparison. I saw a great technique where the video transitions from one season to the next over the exact same footage. I've also seen it transition day to night; pretty cool. Here are a few Instagram shots: I've got to get up in the air and get some new stuff so I can add more. Ace
  8. Hello, I am Jose (Joe) here to learn about the hobby and what I find that I may like. I am from Alamosa, Colorado. Just got the P4.
  9. Hello everyone, My name is Brandon, I'm from Commerce City, CO. I'm new to the quadcopter/drone hobby however, had a brief introduction to RC Helis about 5 years ago. I've recently been flying my newly acquired Syma X5C-1 (without camera attached), and am enjoying every minute of it. These guys are trickier to fly than what one would imagine when you consider the various orientations and other variables, like height, wind, line of site etc. I've been spending a lot of time learning everything there is to know about quadcopters/drones in general. I still have my Imax b6-ac from when I bought my Heli that I'm using to parrallel charge my 5 1s lipo's in parallel. I searched high and low for probably two days straight last weekend just learning how to parallel charge and making sure I had all the correct wires/connectors/attachments and what have you. I did have to order a 1 to 3 parallel cable off of Amazon. I'm also looking at getting the X8HC made by Syma as well. I know you get what you pay for, but I appreciate the fact Syma's are seemingly good quads for beginners at a relatively affordable cost. My wife and I visit Moab every year where we spend a day riding UTV's (other days hiking, horseback riding etc). My plan is to learn how to fly and then take a DJI Phantom with us so we can get some great pics and video. Thats the plan anyway. Before I go, I have a quick question. As mentioned I'm looking at the X8HC which comes with a 7.4V 2000mah 2S lipo battery. However, I'm not sure on the connector I would need that goes from the connector on the batt to the main leads on my charger. The leads have what I believe is called a, 'Deans', connector (pictured below). Below I've linked a picture of the battery, (although this one a 2500mah). I'm not confused about the Deans connector, but am unsure what kind of wire/connector combo I would need that connects to the red connector on the battery as shown with the red circle around it in the photo. Cheers, Brandon
  10. AndyA


    Hello, New droney here. I've had a couple of toy drones, the latest being the second one on the list of cheap drones here, the DBPOWER MJX X400W. Then just a couple of weeks ago I got the Phantom 4. It is super nice. I do seriously want to become a professional drone pilot, am working on my 107 test and will have it shortly. My previous experiences have all been leading me to this, it seems. I'm currently (mostly) a software developer (mostly web these days). I'm a ham radio operator, I've been a semi-serious photographer (haven't done much lately, though) and videographer, with even some editing and processing experience. Some of it for clients and their websites for various things. And, I went to flight school in the past, being just a couple of hours short of getting my private license (had some money issues crop up). I'm also a tech geek, and am fascinated with robotics. And I'd say a drone is a robot with a specific function. I'd like to try various areas of drone work at first, see what works for me. There is a lot of scenery here in CO, I also live in a rural area so want to see what agricultural work I can find, and anything else. Looking forward to learning more and getting this on the road... er, in the air. Andy
  11. Hello, After months of reading various articles, reviews, and searching for a quality forum- here is where I landed. I am new to this type of RC; however, I have raced nitro trucks and buggies and over the past few years have been in the rock crawler realm. The air vehicles have always been a draw, but after destroying a heli years back after one take-off attempt I have just steered clear, until now. I have ordered a Syma X5C-1, as a learner drone with thoughts of eventually stepping into FPV racing- we shall see. Anyhow, the package ordered- drone, replacement props, and batteries should arrive this weekend, 4 August. Looking forward to being a community member here and learning as much as possible. As soon as the drone arrives I intend on following the beginners steps from the coaching page and learning the basics and progressing. Thanks for reading.
  12. Hi, I'm new to UAVs. I am a claims adjuster and looking to learn how to use UAVs to improve my ability to do my job safely. I'm pretty good at tech stuff. Mostly, I'll be reading and watching how to enter this new domain.
  13. Hey all, This is Brad Spinuzzi with Adrenaline Aerial Imaging Inc. I am president and chief Pilot-In-Command for Adrenaline Aerial Imaging Inc. We primarily do construction, real estate, and industrial photography but, my passion is action and adventure sports of all kinds. I'll film that for fun any day, all day!! I am learning the "artistic" side of photography and working hard to improve my cinematography, piloting, filming, editing etc. My main experience thus far has been cold-weather, back-country filming, high altitude, commercial construction projects, etc. Always looking to learn from anyone willing to pass along some info and of course return the favor. I look forward to meeting you guys. I am very friendly, have a good (but sometimes ornery sense of humor) and willing to work with/for almost anyone. If you're ever in my neighborhood, shoot me an e-mail or give me a call. I'd love to go fly, film, learn, teach, partner, contract, sub-contract, etc. Now enjoy our flagship video, a little film of what I do in my spare time and where my heart is when it isn't raising my "herd" of children. Thanks for checking us out. Sincerely and Respectfully, Brad
  14. My name is John West and I live in Colorado. I am setting up to fly my DJI Phantom 3 commercially in the Denver/Boulder area. Alan is helping me with my Section 333 exemption, I have applied for the N-tail number for my DJI, I am working toward my Sport Pilot license, and my company, Apex Companies, has secured the 1 million dollar aviation liability policy. I am expecting to be at full throttle by April. I will be helping Apex Companies offer aerial ortho-mosaics like the one linked below: We will also be offering inspection aerial photography and videography. Since the 333 will be in my name I expect to be freelancing a bit by offering other aerial photography and videography services. My website is at: Looking forward to seeing what kind of resources all of you have been finding that I haven't seen yet. Likewise, I have been researching this field pretty hard and hope to contribute to the conversation. Cheers, John West