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Found 17 results

  1. Thanks to Judy I'm now part of this group. I retired from 50+ years in IT and am in the process of reinventing myself to do parttime drone work. Hardware includes DJI Phantom 3 Standard and DJI Mavic Air. I have my FAA 107 Certification - and of course there are always new things to learn. Ron
  2. My Name is Richard I am new to flying Drones I am working on taking my commercial Part 107 Classes as I would like to work in the Real Estate areal photography business. I am very NEW at flying Drones and I live in Hesperia, California. if you would be interested in teaching me to fly rather than crashing into the dirt lol PLEASE Message me I Really do need the help...
  3. Hi All, Im excited to share Drone Run: a new and innovative set of accessories for almost all drones that makes flying even more fun. It included a timed landing pad and checkpoint sensors for you to create your own time trial course. Im here to offer the drone community 30% off, just sign up on out website here! We will be launching next week, see you on kickstarter! Thanks for your time. Alex
  4. Enjoying my Mavic 2 Zoom. Been flying around Galveston, George Bush Park and Sugar Land. Hope to take my 107 before the end of the year. Looking for ways to make some cash when I retire in about 5 years.
  5. Tom M

    Tom M

    Just joined, thought I was very savvy till the question, Tags. Had to look that up. I've owned my DJI Air since May but have not flown it due to medical reasons and weather. As the weather gets better I would like to start learning. The first thing is registration. Not sure how to go about this... I own a used DJI Air. The tionprevious owner had it registered but says he deleted it. I did not get the original box or paperwork in the exchange so I have no idea how to go about it. Information on the web is not consistant so I have not taken it out yet partially for that reason. I am a TV Engineer who , after 40 years in the industry, has retired. I am hoping to use this drone and others in future as a side business... but first I need to be proficient with this one. I have flown helicopters for fun but nothing this sophisticated. If someone would point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. Thanks. Tom
  6. Greetings from the Shenandoah Valley of Northwestern Virginia. About a year ago I saw an ad for an "in person" course in drone certification at a community college. It was a week long course but I was not able to get the time off from work approved. I never took the course, but the interest remained. My girlfriend gave me a drone for Christmas this past year and I want to learn how to fly it the right way, so I can safely pursue a fun hobby and maybe do it professionally as well, since it seems to be a growing industry. I've been fascinated by aviation in general as long as I can remember and now I'm ready to do something about it.
  7. Hello to all. I’m brand new to this never flew a UAV ever before I’m from Woodstock New Brunswick mid 40s into forestry management, atv ,snowmobile picture of wildlife ,predator management, I’m a licensed saw doctor. I plan on buying dragonfly or a freefly for forestry management mapping inventory wildlife pictures and for fun. I’m going to a course in April in Fredericton to get my UAV pilot licence
  8. Just wanted to introduce myself: Derrick Nedzel, a new pilot. I retired a year ago from a career in software development and software sales. I have a lifelong interest in aviation and am interested in starting a part-time business in Drone aerial photography and mapping. I have passed my FAA Part 107 exam, I bought a toy drone to practice flight control and purchased a used DJI drone (Phantom 3 Pro 4k) to get started with. I am still working thru all the business issues, insurance, marketing topics, but I want to get accomplished with the drone and related software before i make any big investments or commitments. I live in the Denver, Colorado area and hope to do work throughout the area: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico. regards, - Derrick
  9. Hi from the Indy area! I'm new to the group! Just finishing up Drone Pilit Ground School and taking the part 107 exam next week! Thanks to Mike McG for a recent phone chat helping me sort out a few confusing details. Planning to use my Phantom 3 as additional vantage in my photography business.
  10. Ok so as I embark on this new faze of my career I’m very exited to hear all your stories and advice. At 55 years of age this will be my 3rd career, the first one was in aviation and the 2nd was in email marketing design, development and execution. Now it’s my turn to do something I’ve always loved. If all goes well I’ll be a commercial drone pilot by the end of the year!!!
  11. I had been looking at drones for a while as a method of taking more interesting photos as wife and I travel in our RV. Did not want to spend a lot, but did a lot of research and got the Hubsan X4 H501S-S last week. Have watched videos on laws, tips for setting it up and charging batteries. Hope to take maiden flight Saturday. Flew RC airplanes for many years, but that a long time ago; flew its Orville and Wilber I think. Have always taken scenery photos and hope this will add a new dimension. Thanks for letting me join.
  12. Hi all, My name is Ilan and I'm from SkyWatch.AI , a startup focused on creating a flight safety, risk analysis, and insurance platform. In the past couple of months, we've been running our beta version within our commercial drone pilots test group and two days ago we released our official mobile app in the US, currently available for iOS and Android. We got some amazing feedback from commercial pilots that helped us improve our service and safety solutions. I invite you to try our app and if you have a comment, suggestion, question or any relevant feedback I'd be happy to hear and assist. Get the app here
  13. Greetings from California! So glad I found this forum. I am new to drones. I take the sUAS airman’s knowledge exam in 3 days. Don’t own a drone yet. Preparing to start a drone based business. Probably start with real estate photography. Interested in mapping . Lots of agriculture locally. From what I have read, will probably start with a Magic Pro. Then add a Phantom 4 Pro after I get started. I have heard that Magic Pro 2 is coming out soon with improved camera and obstacle avoidance. Wondering if I should wait 2-3 months for Magic Pro 2 to be available, or buy what is on the market now? Or for a few hundred bucks more, just buy the Phantom, which already has a superior camera, and probably more suited to mapping? Anybody have experience using Magic Pro for mapping?
  14. Hello all! I just purchased a Parrot Bebop 2 as a starter and am excited to get into the hobby. Unfortunately, I just discovered all the registration requirements and live 2.5 miles from Schaumburg municipal airport. So much for just going out in the back yard or local park to fly my new "toy". Anyone have any experiences with the small airports and flying? How much hassle am I going to get? Thanks!!
  15. Hello guys. I’m currently trying to build my first uav. It’s a quadcopter & its primary flight mode will be autopilot using a Pixhawk. Any tips, info or links anyone can provide that can help me would be much appreciated. One big question I have is if it would be possible to have the quadcopter go to a destination and land and then return to home. I also have an Arduino Uno that I intend to use in tandem with the Pixhawk. Thanks folks
  16. Hi. I am from India . A drone enthusiast. Let's see what this website offers.
  17. Hello all! My name is Darren, and I recently obtained my Part 107 here in San Diego, CA. Its a pretty heavily utilized airspace location, unfortunately. I own a DJI Mavic Pro that I am starting to figure out. I look to develop my own aerial video company, and any advice or tips that anyone has in starting your own aerial video business I'd greatly appreciate it! Happy flying! - Darren