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Found 15 results

  1. Has anyone on this forum built a 3DR DIY Quadcopter before ? Did you stick to the standard components or did you swap things about ? The assembly from what I have seen looks easy. The electronics again looks easy if standard parts are used. Using non standard parts is not a real headache as long as you can adapt to the changes, again from what I could see. I am toying with an idea, if ever I am in the position to, that has been rumbling in my head. Like most things, with me, flying off at tangents is really common. Anyway question asked and awaiting any nice clean wholesome comments, thanks
  2. I am currently trying to change the flight mode while flying my copter but cannot do it properly. Using mission planner's actions tab I can change the flight mode while the copter is disarmed on the ground without issue. Once I arm the drone it no longer responds to mode changes. This appears to be true for any mode change including RTL and AUTO. The flight computer is the pixhawk with standard firmware loaded onto it. I am using a 3dr DIY quad copter kit and a frsy receiver bound to an iris+ controller. I am unsure where the problem lies and am starting to think it may have to do with the configuration on my handheld controller. If anybody has any insight or recommendations as to where to look please let me know and thanks in advance!
  3. Looking to sell my Iris+ drone. Price $1500 or best offer I am the 2nd owner, one crash from ~ 5 ft up onto sand. I flew it mainly over the beach while working on my Master's thesis 3D Robotics Iris+ with Tarot Gimbal for GoPro Hero 3 7 3D Robotics Batteries Modified Remote, to run off same batteries as drone. FPV setup included with 3D Robotics 7" Screen Custom enclosure for battery 2 cases, hardshell luggage case and Softshell backpack 2 Battery Chargers Since the gimbal is made for a gopro Hero3 one can be included with it for an additional price, wouldn't want to make you buy a camera if you don't have a need for it. Can be shipped or picked up if local. Images are in a shared onedrive folder,!AhtdQ4B5tCHZxmBYxxz1UcGvx6X-
  4. Flying the 3dr Solo for mostly video use in photojournalism out of Chicago.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am drone pilot for more than 3 years, therefore I decided to run my Thesis on Drones, Drones are the future of humanity, for patrolling, shipping, lives savings, inspection, transportation and other applications,As part of my Thesis I decided to run a study regarding pilots main concerns, as a drone pilot my main concern is Hitting someone due to a drone malfunction or even to be liable of 3rd party damages, study results are not confidential, I will be happy to share them, Hopfully many of you will participate so we get better understanding regarding your concerns. This research is meant for our use and your personal detail won't be shared with anyone (you may also answer anonymously.) its oK,Thanks!
  6. Looks like 3DR now has a few Pixhawks in stock but I just chattered with their support and they informed me that the 3DR Pixhawk Mini will be available for pre-order next week. My understanding that this is smaller version with newer sensors.
  7. With all the articles and forums pounding 3DR I still believe the Solo is a good bird. I have purchased my Solo not long ago during the Best Buy inventory clear out. Still purchasing additional accessories. I have been flying the Solo and very impressed with its handling and capabilities. But lets break this down. If you DIY your own UAV with the same capabilities you would be spending at least $900 or more. The best part is it already has the Pixhawk 2 and as a DIY there are plenty of MODs already out there. I have purchased M8N GPS version 2 with the updated shield which takes care of one earlier complaints about GPS locks. Another of the complaints is the camera "GOPRO" .The SOLO has many options available. I can change the camera package easily on Solo. or I can change the lens in the GOPRO. One reason I purchased the Solo is the ability to change payloads. . The applications available for the Pixhawk controller is pretty large. Tower app just added a new version. Very impressed and ready to test it out. With the current clubs/forums out there and other manufactures still providing accessories for the Solo I believe there still is a long future for it. Maybe a manufacture will pick it up. This is very common in the computer field.
  8. Was checking out 3DRs homepage and ran into this, looks like the update pushed in April but in case you missed it here are some features they released.
  9. So i just received an email from 3DR, it is meant for teachers at first but they will apparently be opening a liquidation store of sorts, The gentleman who will be running it is Andy Jenson. Not sure when this will go live to the general public but it may be a great way to save on some really great 3DR products. "This will include some brand new Iris+, some X8+, some pixhawks, hardcases, batteries, battery chargers, gimbals, cables etc….as well as some demo vehicles and some perfectly good returns (he is checking and validating all hardware prior to shipping). " As they sent this out first for teaching i will provide some more details after contacting them about when they plan to open to the general public.
  10. I was considering replacing my APM 2.6 flight controller with a Pixhawk but just read that there are plans from 3DR to release a new version in the next few weeks that has a more powerful processor and newer sensors. It was not clear if this is the same as the one that they use in their Solo but I imagine it is. I'll add to this thread as I find out more information.
  11. Interesting
  12. Colin Guinn the CRO at 3DR will be hosting a webinar today at 11am pst It is called "drone video master class "
  13. With 3DRs focus on their Solo product I was wondering where things were going with their support of Ardupilot and this recent article clears things up no end.
  14. So with GoPro 5 coming out this year (at least that's what it is said so far), will the Solo be compatible? I reached out to GoPro and 3DR and have not got a confirmed answer. Each side claims they don't know what the other is doing. In my opinion I find that hard to believe seeing the Solo is built around the GoPro. I just think they are not allowed to disclose any information, which I totally understand. So what is your take on it, you think the Solo will support GoPro 5? Do you even care if it supports it? I for one am psyched if it does, as the rumored specs of the GoPro 5 (if true) will put a whole new take on aerial photography.
  15. I'm going to be purchasing a 3DR Solo in the near future and an Android tablet for the controller. Has anyone had any experience using the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 or the Nexus 7? Thanks, -Dave