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Found 4 results

  1. I am a Director of Photography in the film and digital business. Started flying drones in January 2017 on a mission to the Pacific Ocean with a team searching for the remains of Amelia Earhart's aircraft. I recently renewed my FAA Certificate after two years and have been flying primarily a Phantom 4 Pro Plus. Most of my work is for documentary or commercial production for a variety of clients including National Geographic, CBS 60 Minutes, NBC, and A&E. I have a background in Emergency Management and am very interested in utilizing my drone work with disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. Other interests include SCUBA and sailing. St. Petersburg, FL.
  2. I shot this last week from Cape Ann. It is jus a basic flyby. I would greatly appreciate feedback on quality. I am looking for a cinematic look. Is the color correcting okay? Thanks, Bert
  3. Hello, Can I get some feedback on this short video that I shot with a Phantom 3 at Sunset? I wanted a cinematic look and shot 30fps with shutter at 60. I used a Polor Pro 8 ND/PL Filter. Shot in Log Mode and used Final Cut Pro to adjust the color. I flew in P mode with GPS lock. Can I get some feedback on how I can improve quality of color and flying smoothness? Am I close, or does it suck? Thanks, Bert P.
  4. Hi Alan and all of you, warm greetings from very hot Thailand. We just uploaded our first "Property Commercial Video" and would like to get some comments. It is my first work with a Phantom 3 Advanced and my first editing with Final Cut Pro (very stiff learning curve). I tried to put in some of my ideas how to show a property (what is totally different to the Thai way) but it did not come out (yet) 100%. Also reading / seeing too many "tip" on recording aerial videos finally ended up in having some problems with the shutter speed - meanwhile corrected. Also got very limited time due to weather conditions - was only able to do the 380 after a heavy rain - before and after rain we have "heavy haze" as all the rice farmers are burning their rice fields. I am also not sure it we should show the "life feed" with the true colours of the drought or if we should do some "enhancements". But actually we do not believe in "Photoshop" styles with beautiful green park at the back whereas the house is in the middle if a dry paddy field. Happy to here your comments .... The according web site with more stills and fact sheet will be uploaded tomorrow.... Regards Edi & Sam Isaan Property @ Virtually There Home Design & Construction