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  1. Where do I start............You submit your 13-75 page 333 to and wait, and wait, and wait, and......................well 2-3 months later you have your business listed on their docket, then another two months later you wait and wait for the flag to be changed to approved so you now have your official 333 number. Now what.........well you have to purchase N#'s from the FAA website which is a GREAT smooth easy process and only cost $10. Next you have to request an FAA Form 8050 duplicate copy to hand write your serial number and the N tail # that you purchased and place the hand written document into snail mail and send off to Oklahoma City, then the next wait is on.............waiting for your official aircraft registration certificate. Now that six, eight, or ten months have gone by you might be all set to start flying commercially................OH WAIT!!!!!!! I listed my DJI Phantom 3 Pro on the original 333 request and now that 6-8 months have passed, I have upgraded to the new and improved DJI Phantom 4 aircraft. Now you are in a real have to submit an addendum to your original 333 and wait for that entire process to take place before you are legally able to fly your P4 as part of your 333. Well I have my 333 approved, and my good ol P3 Pro approved so now what. Well you are approved with a blanket COA (certificate of authority) up to 200 feet AGL. But the customer wants an aerial survey of their entire 3,000 acre property from 400 feet AGL. Now you get to learn what a COA is, what it stands for and the next .......the waiting process to submit your request to fly in a certain area. I hope your customer is not within 5 nautical miles of an airport, or you may never get it approved!!! Next you call the air traffic control tower and advise them of your intentions, PLAD - Plane, Location, Altitude, Destination or Length of flight in our UAV world. They will want to know who the PIC (Pilot in Command) is and the cell phone to that person. They might also require you to have a two way aircraft radio on hand and advise you to tune into the local approach or tower frequency. I recommend a nice Sporty 400 radio, nice unit for around $300. Well it has been almost a full year since you started your 333 process, purchased UAV's, purchased N Tail #'s, Registered the tail numbers, have received the airworthiness certificates and are finally ready to go fly your first job. Make sure you have copies of everything with you at all times....................thats a good start, Thanks Alan for such an awesome site for the community!!!!