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Found 3 results

  1. Let me first start with disclaimer... Everything wroted down is based on some internet browsing, rethinking of ideas and gut feeling and not carved in stone... So feel free to jump in at any time! 😀 After some looking arround and only a few discussion coupled with my "yoga pants" tight budget this is what I came up with: - I was looking at DJI Phantom 3 Professional with 4K camera and they are here in Serbia in used condition with one or two spare batteries around 550-600USD (I have found one with 3 second hand batteries and no gimbal and camera for 200USD and I'm waiting on seller offer for this config + gimble and 4K cam). Phantom 4 goes for as low as 700USD with some filters, bag, two batteries, signal enhancer (?!?)... Somehow my guts tell me that DJI P3P is way to go, though as said not carved in stone. With this config I would first, as Pink Floyd song says "Learning to fly"... So everything from inspection of craft, UP-DOWN untill perfect and then onwards.... Coupled with that I will make some videos, however poor they will be at start, and start "spreading the news"... My primary idea is to go with everything connected with aerial video that doesn't require material editing (or at least not too much). I would contact my city mayor (high school friend of mine - I think I have that in my advantage 😂 ) and let him know that we can somehow cooperate. The idea is also to make some "pro bono" videos while I'm "learning to fly" and give him as sign of good will... So to try to secure at least some jobs and cash flow out of wich I would save for FLIR camera. Also today I have discussed my drone idea with general manager of medium sized construction company (mainly connected with ground works and landfills) and he's also interested in this topic, he haven't failed to mention that Environmental company that he works as subcontractor for (and in past I worked for that company directly as regional operations manager) ask for drone usage in landfill measurement (construction while you can see them as buildings growing and out of this you can recalculate a lot of interesting factors in regards to LFL) and price for that is 2.000USD (this value is double the montly sallary I have) for one surveilance with appropriate report (probably raw material inserted in some software).... So the way I see it, I should start "small" and build from there keeping in mind that my goal is FLIR thermal imaging.... And if I reach i.e. 100-200USD per day in average of net income I would make this drone business as my primary while that would be in upper range of income here in Serbia! Well that's the idea... RAW material... there are a lot more details in my head, though even this what I wrote seems too much to "chew on" in one post... Feel free to jump in and give more ideas, feedback, oppinions, everything helps! Thanks!
  2. Hey Guys! My husband & I have recently started up our drone business and have accepted a job for a company. We thought it would be a nice gesture as well as a great way to promote our business to alert local business that we will be flying our drone around the area. Do you guys have any recommended resources that provide examples of a professional way to address this? We have love the advice & contract ideas from DroneLaw.Pro, but we unfortunately don't have the budget to purchase the documents at this time. Thanks in advance!
  3. We are in the early stages of the commercial UAV revolution. By definition, everyone trying to form a business around their drone is in a startup phase. Even if you are someone with an established business trying to incorporate drones into it. Do you really need a business plan? Hopefully because you are reading this article you have decided that you do need one. But it's not necessarily for a bank or investor. No, the most important reason to have one is so that YOU understand what YOUR plan is! No plan survives first contact with reality, somebody once said. But without a plan to start with, it's like getting in your car and driving without having any destination in mind. There is an intriguing and powerful approach for startups called Lean Startup. It is a marriage between Lean manufacturing principles (which reduce waste and increase the speed of value to the customer) and entrepreneurship. I'll give you a link to one of my blog articles that talk more about this and give you two essential reference books on the topic if you want those. But let's cut to the chase. We probably know we should have a business plan. But how to cut the waste out of that process and effort? Who wants to spend hours typing up a huge document that we are afraid to show anyone else anyway? The answer is a Lean Canvas! It is all of the essential elements of your business plan condensed into one page. Don't try to start a drone business until you have thought about all of these factors and written down specific items in each cell. I'm attaching a template here with explanations for you to use. In the book "Running Lean", the author then talks about how you identify the most critical elements to validate first. You'll get a head start on that process with my blog post here. Please find the attached file and study it. Then make a blank version for yourself on paper or a computer and fill out each portion of the canvas. It is a brilliantly efficient tool to help you focus on the fastest path to paying customers, identify dangerous gaps in your business plan, and help you iterate faster into a profitable value proposition. This Lean Canvas is a 1-page business plan that many startups and entrepreneurs are using to define their core business, their unique value proposition, and every other essential component of their business. If flying your drone for fun and recreation is your goal, don't bother with this. But we have many opportunities to build a profitable and beneficial commercial drone industry. Let's not waste any time, money, and effort getting there! Here's my blog post with more info and links to my two favorite books on Lean Startup: What Is My Unique Value Proposition. Upward and onward, Brett