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Found 24 results

  1. Hi UAV coach community, I wanted firstly to personally extend my thanks to the administrators of the forum who have said it's okay for me to post here but please do speak up if you feel this is not appropriate here and I will move on. I am writing from a new drone management platform focussed on the business of running a drone operation. Dronecloud is the direct product of 6 years of commercial drone operations. It is funded, designed and managed by drone operators. We are currently looking to spread the word and get as many people trialing the platform as possible and we would welcome any of you to come along and give us a go. Please find our official press release attached and our introductory video below. Your feedback (good or bad) is also very welcome. Thanks Dave 190618 Dronecloud Platform Launch_FINAL_A1.pdf
  2. I am very new to the drone game, even newer to the drone business game. If I am going to get my Part 107 license and want to make money, do I need to set up a business and get state and local licenses? Or am I basically covered in that regard by the Part 107. I heard that I can get the Part 107 license and then make money the next day.
  3. Hi all. If you have discovered that the non-technical aspects of the commercial drone business are a major challenge, I have created a resource that should be a major benefit for you. The book "Success with Drones in Civil Engineering" is packed with case studies, lessons learned, business strategies & tactics, and interviews & insights from industry leaders. You'll get an accelerated introduction and overview of disciplined project management and how that can help you plan, execute, and deliver more accurate and effective results with your drone. You'll get a crash course (ha) on marketing and sales so you can learn how to most effectively market yourself to higher end clients in civil engineering. You'll also get some exclusive discounts and deals in the long list of additional resources that includes hardware, software, and business services that commercial drone entrepreneurs or enterprise team members need to use. The book was written to help drone entrepreneurs as well as people in established companies who want to establish safe, legal, and profitable operations. Any questions? Please ask below and I'll check back to answer. But first I appreciate you checking out the book on Amazon here. It should pay you back many times over with the time, money, and knowledge you'll gain from it. Here's to more long term success in the commercial drone world! Brett Hoffstadt (aeronautical engineer, certified project manager, and Part 107 pilot)
  4. OK, so I have my Part 107 certificate and I have the Drone Pilot Ground School certificate, I must be finished with UAV Coach, right? Not so fast. I just finished the last of the BONUS interviews that are provided as part of the Drone Pilot Ground School. The information there is really incredible! There is a goldmine of knowledge and information in those interviews. So, for anyone who is taking this course or has completed the course and obtained their Part 107 certification, I think it is very important that you finish the course and listen to each one of the interviews. I've listed them here even though they are clearly marked at the end of the course lecture listings. Ask a Drone Lawyer: Key Legal Considerations for Starting a Drone Business (32:26) Using Drones To Do Real Estate Marketing Understanding Drone Liability & Hull Insurance (22:27) Transitioning From Part-TIme to Full-Time Professional Aerial Services Running a Commercial Drone Program With Skyward (38:49) These are an important part of any drone pilot's education. Take advantage of them. The resources chosen to participate are top-notch indviduals as well. They know their business and they know what you will encounter in yours. Stan Nickel
  5. Hi all Could anyone point me towards examples of UAVs being used in the social sciences for educational purposes (ie, creation of learning content or for research projects)? We are from the Business faculty of a university, so interested in previous applications in this area as well as law, psychology, human geography, arts, etc Many thanks!
  6. Hey everyone, my name is Cody. I live in the Chicago area. My drone is a mavic pro. My drone-goals are two pronged. I'm looking for a place to collaborate and learn from as I create a successful aerial imaging solutions company. The other prong is to share and get feedback on the cool shots I capture. My background and passion are in photography, and through photography I've found a love to fly drones. I'll attach a shot from my trip to the Ozarks! Here's my website Can anyone point me in the best direction to learn about experiences with Thumbtack and/or DroneBase missions? -Cody
  7. Hey guys, I wish to project a question out here! Believe many will be searching for the same. Here is the one: How about cyber security solutions? Any idea about this? For months, I was planning to bring in the security features in place. But couldn't rely on a particular one. Can anyone list the pros and cons of cyber security solutions? I have heard that, it’s not much beneficial for the small businesses. Is it so? Any restrictions for it? I’m running a small business and I had plans to be more secure than ever before! But, all these doubts have pushed me into a second thought! I’m sure that I have experts here to provide me suitable solutions. Appreciate your comments in advance! Thanks!
  8. FastOut just launched a new model for drone enthusiasts. It is a tool that helps you create amazing stuff with your drone. Your creativity sets the limit. Visit to learn more and sign up. Let's put your drone to work!
  9. Hi there, I recently read some articles about UAVs being used for the purpose of structural inspections of offshore oil platforms and the cargo tanks of ships. Having worked operationally in the maritime industry for the last 16 years, in both the offshore energy and merchant sectors, I was wondering if I can help any UAV professionals get started in these markets. There is definitely lot of room for UAV service and product development in the maritime industry, so depending on your needs, I can help you understand the maritime industry better and identify local opportunities wherever you are in the world. If you are interested in developing new UAV related software and hardware, which may engage, entertain or help improve the safety and welfare of sea-goers, I would be happy to provide input and give advise. Just let me know! All the best Thom
  10. Hey all, I just a watched a YouTube video (based on a YouTube recommendation) that had some really thoughtful suggestions for figuring out how to establish prices as a drone operator. This guy was as open and honest as I've seen in the industry and provided some good insight into how to come up with fair market prices based on your equipment, experience, and the risk you're taking, etc. His industry is in Los Angeles as a cinematographer. He owned a video production company prior to getting into drones in 2013. So, he has some experience in figuring out pricing and then extended that to productions that involve drones. So, obviously, the amount of experience that you have, the type of work you are doing, the equipment you are using, the number of crew that you need to support the job, all factor into your pricing. Not to mention, the region where you are operating (e.g cost of living). He also talks about the additional charges he invoices for when he has to do things like waiver submission, additional insurance limits, etc. All in all, I thought it was a great vlog post on Dronr. Listen to it and let me know what you think:
  11. Hey Everyone! I've ran a drone business for the last three years based out of Nebraska, USA, and I'm working on a software tool that takes the frustrating/time consuming things about the job, and automates them a bit to save everyone time. It's called Schedudrone, and we're getting ready to roll the platform out in September. Right now I need a bunch of eyes on it. I want to know what you think of the concept, and if you like the concept, please consider signing up on our site. This is the best way for us to gauge community interest! Thanks! -Justin
  12. Hi to all fellow drone enthusiasts;) I'm new to droning; i'm developer of alternative energy systems for a sustainable energy supply for everyone; solar and wind energy project developments require substantial amount of space; this space has to be mapped, georeferenced and topography imported into CAD for further processing (cut and fill, grading, foundation design, ...) Later on, o&m work has to be performed (pole inspection, powerlines inspection and thermal inspection of solar field, ...) I'm in the process of setting up business to provide development, design, and o&m drone services for the segment i'm in. I'm open to partnership. I'm not very familiar with picture processing and I'm looking for recommendations with regard to system setup and process / workflow implementation. My educational background is environmental engineering and physical oceanography (both master degrees from german universities) I'm looking forward to your comments Thx, Dirk
  13. Alan Perlman asks new members to introduce themselves, and here I am. I am a Graduate of the University of Dubuque's Aviation program and Aviation Advisory Board Member for them. My full time job is with John Deere, and in agriculture, there are certainly growing opportunities evolving. I am also looking at business opportunities within the drone industry form ag to real estate, not necessarily US based. I am amazed at how drones help in managing crops from pest control to nutrient management and storm damage assessment. I see in California, Yamaha utilizes large RC helicopters to spray specialty crops and I see this as a good market for drones. I feel drones have their place with good rules and management of those operating the drones. I want to support this to grow a viable industry for career opportunities.
  14. I am selling my Drone Pilot Directory & Trades website. I am attaching full details if you are interested. Drone Trades For Sale.pdf
  15. Hello everyone, I am looking forward to joining with other drone owners who share my interest and passion for flying drones. My FAA test is tomorrow. After passing it and getting a Remote PIC Certificate, my next step is to develop a drone services business. Since I am so new to this, the type(s) of service to offer is still being researched and considered. Being a member of this group will give me a great resource to learn from the experiences of other members. Jim
  16. Hey again guys. The moment is finally here. We are obtaining our certifications and in search of jobs. Because this market is "new", in a sense, what is the "standard" or ball park pricing we are charging for different services. (Yes there are many). We can say it's based upon location, experience, demand. Yes those all play a role. However, at the moment it's hard to justify pricing. Simply because there isn't much in this industry just yet. For myself, I'm starting off shooting real estate and exteriors for builders. What did photographers charge who shot out of a helicopter? Or what are you guys, and girls, basing your pricing off of to justify to your clients (in whatever area you may service)? Eventually our competition will be charging so low it'll be insane, but what is the standard at the moment to make the majority of the clients agree? Any input is appreciated! -Wash
  17. Those of you who want to start or maneuver into a profitable business niche with your UAV, I want to share and recommend some wisdom from military history and innovative marketing professionals. Here is an excerpt from my latest blog article that I believe (and hope) will benefit you greatly: If you focus on time (speed and agility) and direct engagement with your target customers more than your particular drone model or software version, you'll be moving in the right direction. Combine that with guerrilla marketing tactics and you'll do it very cost-effectively too. If you want to learn more, please read my full post, link below. Give yourself 10 minutes or so - it turned into a long article. If you want to dig into more details or want me to expand on anything, I would like to know so I can contribute more. Upward and onward! Why maneuver warfare and guerrilla marketing are essential to succeed in the commercial drone business (plus 3 important books)
  18. Okay, so you've practiced flying your drone and have your skills up to an acceptable level. You have a DJI Phantom Pro 3 or something similar that has the minimal pro video quality. What next? Business license? Website? UAV pilot license? (Depending on what they come up with in June) What things do you feel are necessary or you've found in your own experience that were helpful to you in getting your business up and running? Did you get a business loan? What did you have to go through for that process? I would love to see this thread grow into a sticky thread that people can keep adding to, as more of us start drone videography businesses, and discover different things along the way. Since I'm at the very beginning of this process myself, I don't have anything to add yet, but I would love to hear about your experiences! : )
  19. I've been thinking about just doing mapping but then I thought about doing mapping and inspections or just mapping. I think one job will make money come slower but more than one will make it come faster. But there's some of the jobs that look difficult to do and I was just thinking about doing the ones that I think I can do. But if I just do mapping will that be a good source of income or will two drone jobs be better?
  20. Thanks for the invite. In the initial stages of setting up a aerial photography business. Looking forward to exchanging information and ideas. Paul
  21. Hello drone pilots from all over the world!!! My name is Ricardo aka PichieBass (you can search me on any social page), I'm a mexican drone photographer and pilot (also professional musician) me and my partner are trying to find and offer alliances all over the world to join our community where we can start exchanging awesome material from your country and mine. All this for what? well you know clients always need and ask for awesome material and we know you can`t always travel around the globe for that beautiful place you wanna film. Maybe sounds interesting for you so AerialCam wants to hear about you!!! You can e-mail me at my personal mail for more talking!!! Enjoy the sky!!! Your mexican friend Pichie
  22. Hello, My name is Marc Concialdi and I am interested in purchasing a drone and want to fly one for a business some day. I have my Pilot's license and instrument rating and have been in aviation for years. I have flown toy drones before, but nothing too serious. I would like to know, which drone would be the best for me to make money with? Are there drones out there that are diverse and can help me make money in a variety of areas? I'd like to purchase one so I can register it with the FAA and start flying to make money as soon as possible
  23. Hello, My name is Marc Concialdi and I am interested in purchasing a drone and want to fly one for a business some day. I have my Pilot's license and instrument rating and have been in aviation for years. I have flown toy drones before, but nothing too serious. I would like to know, which drone would be the best for me to make money with? Are there drones out there that are diverse and can help me make money in a variety of areas? I'd like to purchase one so I can register it with the FAA and start flying to make money as soon as possible
  24. Hi, Alan, et al... Thanks for the information on the upcoming Model and 3D Mapping course! I have a question for you. I'm curious as to what you've heard concerning the FAA's ban on commercial use of drones. It has always seemed wrong to me that a teenager can fly the same flight plans that I fly using the same drone and take video and photos with no problem. However, I'm prohibited from flying the exact same route and drone if I make any money from the effort. It would be a little more reasonable if hobbyists were restricted more than commercial operators, such as, only 100 feet and below in altitude, only on private property, etc. But safety can't be a reason for the limitations if both the hobbyist and commercial operators are flying the same routes and drones. Your thoughts or anyone else's? Thanks! Rick Rick Faircloth Drone Flyte