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Found 3 results

  1. After having a long break from authoring any post or article on LinkedIn , I'm back with an Interesting topic for most of my connections which is the BVLOS UAV/UAS operations , although they are still illegal around most of the globe and the US FAA refuse most of the requests even from licensed pilots , there are some companies that managed to grant a permanent license for BVLOS operations such as : "senseFly" in switzerland since early 2017 , since then governments around the Globe started to realize the importance of Unmanned traffic management systems which is the enabler for BVLOS operations in a well Monitored Manner and well chosen constraints which provide the sufficient confidentiality for governments to allow BVLOS operations , Now for people of non technical backgrounds who don't understand the structure of UTMs ,it seems like UTMs are the magical key to open new markets for BVLOS commercial applications why don't we start implementing such systems then why every government implement its own UTM? , people with UTMs structures background and UTM experts replied : Due to insufficient funds and lack of integration of the desired components of the UTMs , so lets start our discussion with a key question : what are the most in-demand (profitable)BVLOS commercial applications , which encourage governments to raise the massive needed funds to implement their own UTM and Integrate it with the Ministry of Defense in each country ? Feel Free to discuss your opinion in the comments section , here is my LinkedIn profile
  2. This is becoming the hotest subject right now in the world. How do you think this should be resolved? Should an operator make the call to avoid the collision or should the UAV be programmed to do so autonomously?
  3. Hello, I am Rusty, from Austria and right now at the end of my South African commercial helicopter pilots license (from the theoretical part). Since a good half year, the UAV sector is giving me headaches according to a lot of job conflicts with the future, specially for chopper pilots, thats why I am very interested in doing the UAV license now too. I am already holder of the private pilot license for helicopters and as mentioned right before my hour building for my commercial license, the hardest part the theory is already done. But getting more and more involved in the topic UAV´s, rationally thinking, it makes more and more sense to put a pilot in a cockpit on ground instead of in the aircraft. For pilots its hard to accept this and a lot of excuses would be found, but honestly I have to say that this is the future. Of course to get this development into passenger flights would take longer, but cargo and all the other non pax flights could happen fast. With pax it´s only a mindset thing, where already my generation in the 30s say, they dont care if there is a pilot in front of the cockpit or not as long as there is someone, somewhere supervising and in charge of the flight. So I got a few questions where someone maybe here might help me, because out of the authorities I am not getting smarter. 1.) is there a benefit of having already an existing pilot license, when gaining an UAV license? If yes, is there more benefit from a license higher then private pilot license? 2.) would there be a special license for UAV´s >55lbs (or in a few countries >300lbs) and BVLOS or are these additional ratings on top of the existing UAV license? 3.) would there be a special license for UAV-kits which turns real aircrafts into remoteable controlled aircrafts, or would this be again another kind of rating? Appreciate your feedback! Thanks, Rusty