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Found 21 results

  1. Hello UAV Coach Forum, My name is Chris Pratt, but I'm not the Hollywood celebrity of Guardians of the Galaxy or Jurassic World fame (sorry Star Lord fans). Maybe "Star Lord" could be my "handle" if the drone industry works like military fighter pilots? hee hee Recently I sold my business and plan to travel the world for about 10 months with my family. My hope is to learn drone photography and document our travels with awesome photographs and video. I have no professional photography or aircraft flight experience. About a month ago I purchased a DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Fly More Kit. I've been flying around my house in Manhattan Beach, CA and yesterday took my drone out of "Beginner Mode" so that I could fly it down the street a little ways. Does anyone have experience doing international travel with a Mavic 2 Pro? I don't want the thing confiscated at the airport. A little online research shows that the batteries may be considered a risk. Looking forward to learning about this cool industry. Chris
  2. Hi, my name is Eileen. I'm working on my undergraduate thesis this upcoming year, which is about hobbyist drones in the United States although commercial use is also of use. Is it appropriate to forum members if they would be willing to be interviewed for my thesis? I have more information about who I am and what I'm researching but I didn't want to post it if it would violate the rules. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hello all! My name is Shanelle and I just got interested in becoming a drone pilot because of a job opportunity. I have been working in security for 4 years now and am a control room operator- so far the best paying positions. I found an opening for a Drone Pilot/Security Guard that pays the same and better and it seems exciting! I am looking forward to learning about this from you all here.
  4. Greetings from California! So glad I found this forum. I am new to drones. I take the sUAS airman’s knowledge exam in 3 days. Don’t own a drone yet. Preparing to start a drone based business. Probably start with real estate photography. Interested in mapping . Lots of agriculture locally. From what I have read, will probably start with a Magic Pro. Then add a Phantom 4 Pro after I get started. I have heard that Magic Pro 2 is coming out soon with improved camera and obstacle avoidance. Wondering if I should wait 2-3 months for Magic Pro 2 to be available, or buy what is on the market now? Or for a few hundred bucks more, just buy the Phantom, which already has a superior camera, and probably more suited to mapping? Anybody have experience using Magic Pro for mapping?
  5. Hi I’m Rob Shepard and I joined this community to help support my hobby and the love for it. I feel that the industry is being threatened by nonresponseble pilots that are out there acting recklessly and are ruining it for the rest of us. Hopefully the FAA will get up to speed and come up with one unified system to track lawbreakers and punish them accordingly. When that starts to happen and the fines and the appropriate jail time becomes into play. And the laws are fully enforced. People will think twice about doing something stupid. Just like driving under the influence and speeding. And when the punishment starts getting handed out and the press starts to promote it and make it known. And these idiots that go out and buy these UAV with no respect or they just don’t care. Will think twice. There has to be not only laws but teeth in it also. Right now the odds are against us and we need to show the public that there responsible pilots out there and were not all the same. And change the odds to our favor. We are losing places to fly at rapid pace. Pretty soon there will be nowhere to fly except on private property. Let help save this hobby and a growing profession. It doesn’t have to be like this. Thank you for listening.
  6. Just joined the forum, thank you for a great community to voice opinions, show off our work and learn new secrets. I'm looking forward to continue honing my flying, video, photography and post production skills and to keeping up with the changing rules and regulations. Also hope to contribute to the forum when possible. I've been flying about a year and have been fortunate to fly in some unique indoor areas as well as for real estate, golf, and other other video projects and most recently 2 weeks in Australia while on vacation. I currently have 2 airspace authorizations, one for the Burbank area and the other is a Surface E in Central California for a golf course project I've been working on. Since it's a great sunny day it's time to go flying, more later. Mark
  7. Hi All! I've been recently certified here in Oakland. I have a real estate and architectural photography business here and very excited to now include drone work! I'm also hoping to learn more about mapping and inspection services offered through drone. -Ellyce
  8. Hello All, Just joined. I am an engineering geologist and I work on dam safety in CA. We have 11 earthen dams, one of which straddles an actively creeping fault (about 1/2 inch / yr). We also have a large facility on an active landslide. So lots to keep me busy. Am in the process of acquiring a drone and sensors (LiDAR, cameras) and processing software and a right sized pc that doesn't keep me waiting for deformation monitoring and geological mapping. Trying to make the right decisions now to hopefully save me headache down the road. I've just joined and I've already gotten some great feedback from members. I started surveying in high school, worked as an underground mine surveyor, a seismic surveyor in Latin America, scuba instructor in the Bahamas and Haiti, geologist for the USGS, geodetic engineer for UNAVCO, several roles for Trimble and SiRF and now engineering geologist. I've got 2.5 kids (ok a dog) and a live in a nice home the bank owns! Thanks!
  9. Hi Folks, My name is Charlie. I've been flying Ultralights for about 5 years and decided to try drones for awhile. I'm a retired professional photographer looking for a new adventure. Aerial photography has always been one of my passions an I think a drone is an ideal platform. I don't have current plans to do it professionally but I'm going to take the test just in case something pops up. For the record, I'm a very young 79 and I'm very happy to share my knowledge of photography.
  10. I'm one of several videographers for the City of Cupertino. We've recently purchased the DJI Inspire 2 with the 4x-something lense (can't justify the higher cost of the 5x-something lense!). I'm studying, off and on, for the test, but I do need to get this so i can fly, fly, and fly some more. I have a question which I'll post, soon. Now that other departments know we have one, they are practically lining up outside our door to suggest shots! Robert
  11. Hi y'all. New to everything and starting out from scratch. Choosing between a Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 to do real estate fly-thrus as a favour to the landlord. Have access to a few unique landmarks and would like to explore local street art from a drone's eye view as well. Came here to see what is required for a license and to learn from (or along with) this epic collection of fine flyers. Greetings
  12. Hello UAV community members, First of all I would like to thank Alan for facilitating this venue. I am looking for feedback on my resume and was wondering if anyone out there has connection with Airmap. I am very much interested in joining their team, grow with them in the field of UAV, globally! Thank you all for your time and hope to speak with you soon. - Marcelle marcelle farag resume - airmap.pdf
  13. Hello to all, my name is Kent Elliott the owner of Canyon Run Videos located in southern California. For the most part we produce auto racing and track day videos to race drivers and race teams.We use multiple on-board cameras plus hand held footage edited into some very exciting racing video content. Our content is used on race teams and driver's social media websites. CRV is not expanding our video services to include Real Estate,3D Mapping, Modeling and Surveying to the construction community of southern California using our new DJI MAVIC PRO aerial platform. Here are a couple of our video production work. Thanks, Kent
  14. Mavic Pro fun flight in Chino Hills by Canyon Run Videos. The flight is near my home and adjacent to the Western Hills Country Club in Chino Hills, California. Thanks, Kent Elliott Canyon Run Videos
  15. Hello! I have a small practice bird and also a bigger bird waiting! So far just reading and waiting for better weather conditions before first flight! I'm looking forward to following the site's forum and eventually getting off the ground. Starting with hobby in mind. Anticipating going beyond hobby in 2 different directions.
  16. Hi from a small coastal city north of San Diego. I'm new to drones. I'm very interested in learning from the best. I just got a Mavic Pro so I'm still learning how to fly.
  17. Good evening everyone, Does anyone have an info on International Drone Expo in LA this Demember? Is it worth going? What to expect? I wanted to attend Interdrone, however my schedule wouldn't allow me too. So this next expo may be the one I attend. I haven't been to a drone expo before so I do not know what to expect. Any info would be great, thanks. - Wash
  18. Hello everyone, my name is Harvey and I am a huge drone enthusiast. If you share my passion or you're just considering buying a drone, then I dare say, we're future friends . I have my own drone reviews website you can find updates on recent activity in the drone market and the models offered for sale on various online shopping sites. I am glad to be on board here and look forward to a great experience shared with all members!
  19. Hello to all of you UAV fans -- my name is Ryan. Fortunately for me, Alan and UAV Coach have decided to let me join in on the fun here with the UAV Coach social media accounts. Over the upcoming weeks, I'm going to be sharing articles, videos and content related to UAVs and drones over on the Facebook page. I know we've got a wide variety of levels when it comes to pilots on here from amateurs to veterans, so I'm looking forward to having some discussions with you about the way the industry is moving and checking out some sweet tech in the process. So, if you're not already a fan of the page, please, head on over and give it a like so that you can keep up with my antics. I've got some fun things planned for the upcoming months and I hope you'll join me in them. I'm pretty available -- just send me a message if you ever have a question or need my help! Thanks, Ryan
  20. Lots of local legislation to keep tabs on right now, and I suspect a lot more over the next several months. Here's an interesting one out of California:
  21. Hello from California! I'm a drone newbie and excited to start learning about flying drones!