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  1. PatF


    Good Day! MY background is with law enforcement and corporate security. I have been retired for three years now and just recently have become aware of the need and the lack of commercial drone services in my community. I am presently learning the art of drone operation and I intend on establishing a drone business later this year. As I am very much a beginner in this field, I am open to all advice and suggestions and I look forward to communicating with members of the forum.
  2. Hi there, I recently read some articles about UAVs being used for the purpose of structural inspections of offshore oil platforms and the cargo tanks of ships. Having worked operationally in the maritime industry for the last 16 years, in both the offshore energy and merchant sectors, I was wondering if I can help any UAV professionals get started in these markets. There is definitely lot of room for UAV service and product development in the maritime industry, so depending on your needs, I can help you understand the maritime industry better and identify local opportunities wherever you are in the world. If you are interested in developing new UAV related software and hardware, which may engage, entertain or help improve the safety and welfare of sea-goers, I would be happy to provide input and give advise. Just let me know! All the best Thom
  3. Hello, here I got an Edmonton attractions/sights 4K video, all shot with a drone. It seems, though, that not all clip transitions got exported and some are actually broken. Either way, thank you for watching! This little solo project of mine has been a LOT of work and more challenging than my cinematic drone tutorials up on Youtube! Everything in the project was very time-consuming. Drone videography is also just a hobby I picked up these past few months and being pretty amateur added to the time. Edmonton is Canada’s Festival City, but I can’t fly my drone near crowds to capture the hundred or so festivals each year. I couldn’t wait for the big ones that are coming soon, plus I work a lot of weekends when these events are usually held. I look silly enough holding my drone out and shooting on the ground haha. There are also tons more things to do and see in the city, especially the bike trails, food, and winter activities. I've only started with drones and videography early March this year, so any advice would be gladly taken! Thank you for watching!
  4. Hi everyone, Can a drone fly around a pre-mapped environment using only visual position references?
  5. Hi all, and fellow Canucks. I came across this site that may assist in locating an area to explore for future flight planning in Canada. Hope it is of some assistance. Brent
  6. Hello, looking into Drone Technology for Residential and Commercial roof inspections. Any suggestions for equipment, brand, features etc. Thank you for access to the forum. Gord
  7. Hello to all Forum members, A Short intro from a new member, My name is Michael, flying a DJI phantom 3 pro and DJI phantom 4 over 25 years of RC experience, both F3A and F3B RC Gliders , Motor and electric. I have Military Aviation background, and currently hold a Canadian PPL license as well, Lives in Toronto Canada and happy to be a member of this forum.
  8. Hello from the sunny Okanagan Valley I'm still on "THE learning curve", that is fiddling around with the inexpensive micro size with cameras. The goal — combining two hobbies; trains and UAVs. Starting out with the small size, so far three types each less than Can$100 and each from a different manufacturer. The learning curve continues since what one reads and sees in videos isn't necessarily what one experiences when flying. Cheers HJ
  9. Hello All, I am honored to be part of this forum and look forward to learning from the seasoned experts. I just ordered an entry level quad from Amazon; Holy Stone, HS200W with spare batteries. I own two, (2) helicopters that I have flown for a season. I am now looking to get into a stable platform to enable airborne videography and still photography. Looking forward to share experiences with other form members. JR
  10. Hi All! - great to see such a thriving community of UAV enthusiasts! If there are any people in Toronto looking to fly together, learn from each other and really just enjoy this hobby/ profession please reach out! My business partner and myself are looking to build something great along side all of you!
  11. Hello everyone, I am a teacher educator in Winnipeg, Canada with a new drone! I am looking to connect to other educators at all/any levels of education to explore innovative uses of drones for teaching and learning. Drones are termed as 'disruptive technologies' in education that provide opportunities for creativity and innovation. I'm looking forward to connecting and sharing. I am lucky to have a son who is an acrobatic pilot and aircraft engineer who can help me study certifications such as CARS and other requirements as I am looking to become a certified drone pilot in Canada. #eyeshigh Eva
  12. Purchased a Syma S5SC about a year ago. Recently had the opportunity to purchase a Yuneec Q500+ with 4K camera and a Blade 180 QX. Our son and I just completed UAS 101 Basic (Multi-Rotor) Pilot Certificate Program in Victoria.I have been heavily involved in photography many years ago and looking to get into aerial photography. I spent a few years with our local SAR group and would like to be able to offer UAV services to them. For the last 36 years my wife and I have operated a sail and powerboating school and I am a Transport Canada accredited Instructor for teaching two courses to small commercial vessel operators.
  13. Hi, recently completed a couple of Canadian UAV ground school courses and want to pull together my love for photography and anything that flies. Would love to talk to others in southern BC and Northern Washington State. Have Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 plus a couple of practice quads.
  14. Hello everyone! I have a question which I've posted to FAA but I haven't heard back from them. I am a Canadian living in Vancouver. I have a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. As far as I know, in Canada, only drones heavier than 25 kg/55 lb are required to be registered, so mine is not. My question is: Do I need to register with the FAA if I want to do some flying with my Canadian drone in the US? Also, are there any border-crossing regulations with a drone? Any input or correction will be appreciated. Anthony Marr