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Found 11 results

  1. My name is Andres Ranero, Civil Engineer from Guatemala. I worked in my country also as an aerial videographer and photographer with drones. Anything that anyone needs I'm here to help and nice to meet all of you.
  2. Just posted my first tutorial on Youtube: #1 tip for improving your drone footage. Go check it out below and let me know what you think about it and how I can improve in future tutorials. Also, be sure to comment below what topics you'd like to see ! Thanks for watching !
  3. Here's my latest creation, a short video documenting and showing a quick trip I did a few weeks ago to explore an historical village in the north of Portugal. Aerials were captured with my trusty DJI Phantom 3 Standard, ground shots mostly a Canon DSLR and two shots with iPhone.
  4. Captured the beauty and quietness of the Alentejo region while staying at a friends house over a weekend. Hope you enjoy ! Listen with headphones for added impact !
  5. While on a weekend away in the Alentejo region in the south of Portugal, I shot this video over 2 days to capture how beautiful this area is. Hope you enjoy, it was great fun flying, filming and editing this one. This was shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard (for the aerial), a Canon 100D for some of the ground level shots and, because I didn't have any other camera with me, the night shots were shot on an iphone 5S.
  6. I went out a few days ago to hike at a local hiking path near a mysterious beach and misty cliffs.I took the opportunity to fly a bit over the cliffs and experiment with a bit of a cinematic feel to the edit. Certainly had fun doing this Constructive comments are welcome !Thanks for watching !
  7. A test flight in the woods to learn about flying in a more confined space. Few things I learned: - A lot more difficult to get GPS signal in the woods - Home points fluctuates, so keep an eye on that - Light conditions, specially at this time of the day not ideal with lots of shadows and highlights. Result below !
  8. I have encountered an issue that I will just call interesting. To backtrack momentarily, I am very interested in creating photomosaics, so geotagging is a must. When I take photos with my Phantom 3, sync them with my IPad, then upload to my computer, the Exif file is apparently lost. However, if I remove the microSD card from the camera and load the photos directly to my computer, the Exif file is there. I do not know if this is an issue with the Go App, my IPad, or both. The workaround is simple enough, but slightly annoying. Thoughts from others out there?
  9. Hello All, So I currently have a beginner UAS (UDI 818A HD+), and am looking at the next level to get ready for the business launch in the near future. I am primarily interested in Real Estate and Commercial services, but want to be able to expand into agricultural, 3D mapping, and other services, in the near future. I was looking at the MARIP camera and saw they were primarily a 3DR Solo company due to being able to mount multiple cameras on the airframe. Are there any recommendations for which is the "better" next step, or are they equivalent? Any recommendations on how to branch out and learn the system and how to process the data? I've looked at several sites on 3D mapping, and other things, but want to know how people branched out in this area. Should I stop thinking about this and just get the business up and running? I personally think between USFS, and other agricultural needs in the area, this could be a good area to become an expert in. Any other tips, tricks, or downfalls people have run into when branching out? Thanks in advance for all information...Respectfully, Joe
  10. Just a quick video of Newmarket - United Kingdom
  11. Hi there everyone, I just thought I would write my first message to introduce myself. I'm Karl from the UK, I am currently a tree surgeon however I am half way through getting my Cap-C PFAW, I have done the theory side, now just battling my way through the operations manual (tedious) before I can go for my practical exam I hope to meet new hobbyists and commercial pilots to share thoughts and ideas!