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Found 7 results

  1. G'day A newbie here from Western Australia. Just starting out. I'm interested in getting into real estate and thermal imaging. I have a Dji Phantom 4 Any advice about getting onto real estate is appreciated as I really need to start paying off my drone. Think that's about it. Cheers
  2. Just joined the forum, thank you for a great community to voice opinions, show off our work and learn new secrets. I'm looking forward to continue honing my flying, video, photography and post production skills and to keeping up with the changing rules and regulations. Also hope to contribute to the forum when possible. I've been flying about a year and have been fortunate to fly in some unique indoor areas as well as for real estate, golf, and other other video projects and most recently 2 weeks in Australia while on vacation. I currently have 2 airspace authorizations, one for the Burbank area and the other is a Surface E in Central California for a golf course project I've been working on. Since it's a great sunny day it's time to go flying, more later. Mark
  3. Roof assessment we did recently for a nice condominium with a rooftop terrace. Just want to pass this tip along to any pilots out there that are also doing roof assessments. This roof had a lot going on! Something you have to keep in mind is that some sections of the roof will not be visible depending on the angle of the which is important if that is a significant area of the roof. Try to get close to the areas that could be blocked out by an erected structure.
  4. If any of you are looking to get into 3D mapping, especially on the farm, this article is worth checking out. An Ontario-based company uses a Phantom 4 with 3D mapping to help the design process workflow for solar panel installation.
  5. The idea of a drone has captured my imagination for quite some time and of course in my typical way, jumped right in with no experience and common sense. I am the proud owner of a DJI Phantom 4 with hopes someday of who knows what. 'A fool and his money are soon parted . . .' but at near 76 years old not a lot of time to wait around and I could afford it, and say this without arrogance. I thought the DJI Phantom 4 a nice entry-level drone, even purchased the 'crash plan' LOL. But, have not had the time due to some personal circumstances to even test fly the drone. As far as background, have been in the computer industry most of my life, after a 6 year stint in the USAF; flew with the Typhoon Chasers in the Pacific, where we penetrated and tracked the eye of all typhoons. Our sister squadron at the time was called Hurricane Hunters and they were more famous than we due to proximity of USA. I have been a long time still photographer with no experience in videography. Don't envision ever doing anything commercially, as I own an Information Technology company that keeps me busy enough. Am located in Jacksonville, FL, USA, and hope this post doesn't smack of arrogance, as sometimes the written word doesn't convey exactly LOL.
  6. Hello All, So I currently have a beginner UAS (UDI 818A HD+), and am looking at the next level to get ready for the business launch in the near future. I am primarily interested in Real Estate and Commercial services, but want to be able to expand into agricultural, 3D mapping, and other services, in the near future. I was looking at the MARIP camera and saw they were primarily a 3DR Solo company due to being able to mount multiple cameras on the airframe. Are there any recommendations for which is the "better" next step, or are they equivalent? Any recommendations on how to branch out and learn the system and how to process the data? I've looked at several sites on 3D mapping, and other things, but want to know how people branched out in this area. Should I stop thinking about this and just get the business up and running? I personally think between USFS, and other agricultural needs in the area, this could be a good area to become an expert in. Any other tips, tricks, or downfalls people have run into when branching out? Thanks in advance for all information...Respectfully, Joe
  7. Hello Everyone, I am really interested in purchasing the new DJI Phantom 4. I ran across this video on YouTube that I thought I should share in this forum. Here is a must see video that show's that the Active subject tracking, Vision systems, and obstacle avoidance systems didn’t work perfectly, but that’s not a deal killer! Perhaps these little issues can be worked out with future firmware updates. I guess it’s all too soon to speculate It makes me wonder if DJI released this Phantom 4 a little prematurely without fine-tuning the Drone in order to be ahead of the game on the eve of the new Yuneec Typhoon H release that is coming out sometime in March or April. Please share your thought’s guy’s and girl’s.