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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, just got this email from one of our students: Thoughts? I haven't spent enough time comparing the two myself. (cc @Lewis@IcarusAerials @Trevor - Icarus)
  2. Hello, I just got asked to to a project which involves surveying. The client would like a 29 acre area of land referenced and have a 3D map showing elevations if possible. What is the best program to use for this? I have a Phantom 3 Pro and an Inspire 1 Pro to take the pictures. Also, how much would you charge for this? The client also wants pics and a video fly over. If anyone has any good advice and a good place to see examples, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Bert P
  3. Hey Just got a not ice in the email box a few days ago for all of you utilizing Drone Deploy and their sweet software set. They will holding their own conference in November for Drone Deploy users. It should be a great networking opportunity as well as a chance to learn from industry experts the tips, tricks, and best practices to generate the best maps for a variety of industries. Ill post some more information here when i have the sign up info for those of you in the San Fransisco area it is local, or for those of you who would travel to learn from the people in touch with Drone Deploy.
  4. sunbladerr

    Drone deploy

    Does anyone know how the new typhoon H will work with drone deploy? Lewis, Is it a hard wire cable or blu tooth?
  5. I did a new map with DD last night everything uploaded ok but it failed to process so waiting on support to help, in the mean time I have another question about lenses. If I fly @ 200ft AGL and use a Ole 45mm will the photos be clearer than using DJI 15mm flying lower @ 150ft AGL? Or should you fly higher, I know it depends on the specifics of the flight area but in general I know I will have to tweak a bit. Auto focus I assume you want to have it enabled but what about Auto Exposure ?? Thanks in advance all. Ronk
  6. Hi students! Just finished listening to this podcast episode and thought you'd enjoy. Feel like I have a much stronger sense of what Drone Deploy is about...small team, about 20 people, doing some great work in the mapping / modeling part of this industry. @Trevor - Icarus + @Lewis@IcarusAerials think you guys would enjoy in particular.