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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here and nevertheless I'm from Italy, I think this is a nice place where sharing ideas about creating a new business in Real Estate Drone Photography. First of all, I'm at the beginning of my work experience so I'm not an expert. Rather for the latter, I've some questions: 1. Which is the first steps to follow for creating this type of business? 2. Is it a good idea to find potential client (realtors) walking around the city or it could be better sending formal email? In this last case, have you got any tips? Is it possibile to create also a type of Personal Branding, or it's too early? I've no experience and no finished project to show 3. Could be useful working for free in the first project? 4. I've also a friend who work in real estate market (he's a constructor): I think to start from here and then expand my business. What do you think? 5. Finally, which is the best drone to start? Thanks a lot to everyone who answer!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a good drone where I could mount 2 high speed camera's on. I know that the AOS camera L BLAST 1000 is mountable on the DJI Matrice 600 Pro but I don't know for sure if it can support 2 cameras and the drone mounting kit. In addition I can't find a matrice 600 pro in my region (Netherlands). I do have an option for the Matrice 200 series but I can't find any info if the AOS camera in compatible with this drone. Ideally would be better to make use of our 2 AOS Micro G1 cameras because they are light and small. With a correct bracket should be mountable on the Matrice 200. But does anyone have experience with the triggering of the cameras and power supply, etc. Would this be possible wireless? Or does anyone have a better solution for 2 high speed cameras and a stable drone? Thanks in advance. Kind regards Simon
  3. Pleasant Morning, Yesterday my daughter and decided to go watch the sunrise from a particular location. We got up late so we changed plans and went to explore an island with our Mavic Air 2. Take a look at the video. Let me know your feedback. Hope you enjoy. Link is below
  4. hi, I have a big land with different plants around 2 hector and need to understand on how to spray via drones, as the previous owner used to do manually but I have bought 2 drones (Carrier HX8 Sprayer Drone), and 2 massey Ferguson tractors MF240, and 385 4wd for this purpose. can anyone advice. Thanks
  5. Hi everyone! I'm a high school student working on a drone manufacturing startup. If you could fill the survey below, that would really help! I'll be using the data for market research. If you have any questions please let me know! ***PLEASE NOTE: Personal Information Is NOT Required To Complete The Survey.***
  6. Hello everybody! I am planning and designing a drone that is going to have multiple devices attached/built-into it as well as the remote control. These devices include an arduino mega and a raspberry pi 4. The drone will also be FPV and constantly send a video feed back to a screen on the remote controller. I do not plan to use anything super fancy like GPS or wifi or anything like that for this project. So I will have 1 raspberry pi and 1 arduino attached to a remote controller as well as 1 raspberry pi and 1 arduino attached to the drone itself (note: the drone will still have its own flight controller and everything. The pi's and arduinos aren't actually flying the drone, they're to power additional features I am going to add onto the drone). I've heard that the FPV signal should be 5.8 GHZ so that's what I'm going to aim for. My question is this: How do I keep these signals from interfering with each other? It is my understanding from the internet research that I've done that 2.4 GHZ signals (which I'm planning on using for everything except FPV video in the design) will interfere with each other if there are too many of them transmitting and receiving data in the same area. Is there any way to make the signals "unique" so that they only transmit to the intended receiver? I'm fairly confident that I'd be able to build this drone, but I just need to figure out this conceptual question before I go spending any major money on components and whatnot. Thank you for any/all help!
  7. It can handle 70 amperes in short bursts and it boasts a 32 bit computer on board. Gonna use it for my quad
  8. I just premiered my newest drone footage. After I was working with Adobe Premiere Pro for years I switched to DaVinci Resolve.
  9. To all drone experts and who simply loves drones! What would you choose between and ? Why?
  10. I am trying to make a quadcopter as a project for my university. So I came across a course on youtube about simulation of drones in Simulink. After i saw the video about selection of motors based on no load rpm and voltage graph. But I couldn't understand how he got the relation between voltage percentage drop linear and no load rpm. If anyone can help me understand the the relation between them it would be very helpful. I have the excel link in starting. Thank you very much
  11. Deciding an appropriate drone for your goal can be a challenging task. With so many choices and innovations available to you, discovering your best fit for maximum efficiency at your specified budget is essential. Keeping purpose, budget, and requirements in mind, we’ve compiled a few Drone models that could be a suitable companion to your business! Agriculture Industry The agricultural industry has witnessed tremendous productivity with the introduction of Drone Technology for the sector. However, selecting the proper drone to attain maximum efficiency is entirely dependent on the user's objectives. If your intention in the agricultural sector involves scouting, variability detection, elevation mapping, surveying, irrigation monitoring, etc. then a standard drone furnished with high-quality RGB cameras are your best friend! Well-established and popular drone models like the DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Phantom 4 Pro V2 are the top picks for agrarian applications due to their simplicity, efficiency, and portability. However, if your goal is to achieve data primarily for Research and Development processes, then advanced multispectral drones are probably your best fit. These types of drones enable exceptional variability examination for accurate monitoring. The DJI Phantom 4 Multispectral drone is a favourite for this very purpose! You can also select separate multispectral cameras to attach to your drone. High-quality drones are recommended for either use so that the data processed is far more realistic and reliable. Construction Industry The construction sector is one of the most prevalent users of UAVs. Drones that can mirror Centimeter Level Accuracy are preferred for critical project monitoring, measurements, site inspections, stockpile monitoring etc. The type of drone employed for your construction site solely depends on your site demands. However, the most popular drones operated in the sector include DJI models such as the Mavic 2 Pro, Phantom 4 Pro V2, Phantom 4 RTK, and the Skydio 2. These drones are not furnished with unique cameras but are incredibly beneficial for users. Although, if you prefer more robust and high-grade drones, then the DJI Matrice 200 or Matrice 210 are dependable options. For productive usage of Drone Technology, it is suggested that your equipment should include Real-Time Kinematic (RTK), GPS, and other such useful add-ons. Another feature to consider while selecting your drone would be their durability, portability, stability, and camera resolution. Energy Industry In the energy industry, the most common applications of drones would be in the surveying, inspection, and project documentation dimensions of the sector. Any drone wished to be stationed for this industry must have the capacity to endure high scorching temperatures, gas emissions, and radiation. Approved industrial-grade UAVs that can withstand such environments include the DJI Matrice 200, DJI Matrice 210, DJI Inspire 1, and DJI Inspire 2. The location of the site being monitored may require special drone equipment furnished with RTK or GCP equipment for utmost precision. The need for thermal cameras plays a considerably significant role in the energy sector, so we suggest DJI’s XT, XT1, XT2, or X7 as a bold investment decision. More standard and primary options such as X4S or X5S would also operate well. Skydio 2, crafted with exceptional obstacle avoidance sensors, allows users to manoeuvre near sites and transmission towers without crashing or hindering their functions. Emergency Response Team The applicability of Drone Technology has extended to become a vital part of Emergency Response teams. A Drone's levels of exactness coupled with its high-resolution aerial imagery, are helpful during search and rescue missions or for performing accident reconstructions. Drones with thermal technology are especially useful to locate any sign of survival in such cases. It is easy for humans to miss out on essential details even during times of such crisis. However, with high-quality drones such as the DJI Mavic 2, response teams can gather thermal and RGB data for detailed mapping of the site. You can select affordable yet reliable drones such as the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2 and DJI Mavic 2 Pro for accident reconstruction plans due to their level of efficiency. The DJI Inspire and Matrice offer longer flight time but come with a higher price to pay. Skydio 2 is another versatile drone employed during such situations due to its low elevation ability and effortless autonomous flight characteristics. Insurance Companies Insurance companies have been relying on drone technology for numerous objectives. Especially when it comes to several inspections, drones are used to survey damaged areas over unreliable satellite imagery technology. It is crucial to employ drones that can provide high-quality thermal data and quality images of the surveyed area. The DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2, and even the Skydio 2 are a famous model utilized by insurance companies due to their ability to provide specific RGB information. However, if you want to focus on equipment that can render radiometric thermal imagery, the DJI Matrice 200, DJI Matrice 210 with XT, XT1, or XT2 thermal cameras are your most suitable fit.
  12. This is my first post here so if this has been covered (I couldn't find it) then let me apologize up front. I read this article today and the thing that stands out to me is the comment about deliveries being made up to 3.5 miles. I am finishing up my certification training and it clearly states that line-of-sight must be maintained. I can see pretty well but 3.5 miles is a stretch to see a drone. I don't even think a waiver relieves a remote pilot from assuring the drone isn't entering the flight path of another aircraft. There is an 11 second clip in the article which "simulates" delivery. Thoughts?
  13. Hi I have a HolyStone HS720 and I would like to know, as a newby of what phone I may use to get HolyStone Wifi. My Andriod is no Working. Any Tips on ways forward. I would like to get into arial photography, and love the Idea of a drone I can fly up rivers n valleys or just Swoop Shots of fly pasts! Thankyou Nobunoni
  14. Sorry - but the Tello simply isn't 1080p - more like 720. And my flying skills are still not there (needs patience and skill) But for such a simple inexpensive drone - it isn't too bad - no? Enjoy!
  15. I have been working with UAV design. For this, I have been looking for design aspects of Penguin UAV which is built by UAVfactory. Mainly, I have been looking for wing profile, airfoil used and all. Can anyone help me?
  16. My Name is Richard I am new to flying Drones I am working on taking my commercial Part 107 Classes as I would like to work in the Real Estate areal photography business. I am very NEW at flying Drones and I live in Hesperia, California. if you would be interested in teaching me to fly rather than crashing into the dirt lol PLEASE Message me I Really do need the help...
  17. Rudi


    Hello, is any hands on flight training available in San Diego? Would love to get a lesson or two. Thanks.
  18. Hi my name is Rudra Krishna, I'm from Delhi. I just got into this hobby and to start off I purchased an Eachine Novice -1 RTF kit. Now after crashing it a couple times the antenna keeps falling off and I've re-attached it many times but whenever it crashes or even lands kinda hard the antenna falls off. I tried taping it but the kind of tape I have does.t stick properly. Should I superglue it or something else. If anyone knows please respond. Thanks in advance
  19. Hi, here is another drone hyperlapse video. This time it's my home town. I live on a mountain next to this city and could start very close to my home.
  20. Very excited to join this drone Community.My first drone was a phantom 1. Graduated to a phantom 4 a couple years ago but have now moved more into FPV and building quads.On top of being a drone nerd, I am a car nerd. I have a Nissan 370z and when I’m not ripping a battery or building a drone I’m probably working on the Z or doing something with my car. I'm currently studying to get my Part 107 license and I'm from Boston, MA as the title suggests and would love to find other pilots in the area to fly with.Anyways, hyped to be here. Here’s a link to one of my FPV videos and some pics of my almost complete 6S build and my 370Z!Cheers from New England!
  21. I am a NEW member from Canada, who would appreciate your help. I have a Phantom 3 Standard drone with a camera. Does anyone know of a zoom camera that will work with it? If not then please tell me of the best drone and zoom camera that is available for under $1000 Canadian please. I have looked on line at the following: Inspire 1 with a Z 3 zoom camera. Mavic 2 Zoom. Parrot Anafi. The drone is needed for a charity and I would appreciate your expert's objective opinions. Thanks, Gerry
  22. I’m very new to the drone world but am already seeing what a fluid situation the industry is in. With the DOI grounding all their Chinese made drones over security concerns, should I avoid buying DJI products? In favor of what?
  23. I have a Phantom 3 Stardard Drone with a camera. Does anyone know of a zoom camera that will work with it? If not then tell me of the best drone and zoom camera that is available for under $ 1000 Canadian please. I have looked at the following; Inspire 1 with a Z 3 zoom camera . Mavic 2 Zoom. Parrot Aanafi This drone is needed for a charities work and I need your experts opinions. Thanks, gerry
  24. DJI Phantom 4 Pro in MINT!!! CONDITION!!! 2200 plus shipping in the USA ONLY! DJI Phantom 4 Pro bundle. Five high capacity low cycle batteries. Charger, cables, polar pro filters, radio controller, extra propellers, prop guards, sunshade for iPad Pro 9.7 inch and case pro flight mode carrying case. All you will ever need except your phone or tablet to fly with. 870-275-3264
  25. hey guys Pat from Australia here. Just signed up. Been flying for a year with a Mavic 2 Pro. Love every single flight. I posted a video in this forum for my frist post to if you guys would like to check out. Hope to engage with other drone flyers here and learn