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Found 17 results

  1. Recently, I've been inspired to relaunch my website ( as a remote pilot resource hub. I'm going to curate online drone training content and organize it into free courses as well as provide guides, reviews, and comparisons of formal training for drone-based businesses. The initial focus is going to be on training and education, but I'm hoping to expand into other areas like resources for running a small drone business.I'd consider the site in a "soft launch" phase right now while I sort out some of the SEO, formatting, and look and feel of things. I'm open to constructive cr
  2. Hi, to be able to use a drone for a course that I teach my district is requiring me to be certified. Question 1: Does the study course come with certificate? And if yes, does it indicate the number of hours it takes to complete, or could you provide a letter. Thank you and looking forward to a favorable reply.
  3. Hoping to connect with/gather up a group of K12 Educators who are currently running or about to create a drone program in their school. Hopefully we can get a community title/site for "K12 Education" Thank you!
  4. I apologize, as I am sure this topic has been covered many times before. After my searches in the blog, I haven't really found a good answer. So I am starting this topic in hopes to get some great articles that are very informative but not "hire me because I'm certified" approach. I currently have a Real Estate Broker that is using a non-licensed pilot for their aerial photography. I just want to begin educating this potential customer of the risks and possible penalties of hiring a non-licensed pilot. I understand the risk and possible penalties...just don't know how to get the word out
  5. Anyone here have experience with event? They are coming thru Denver and am determining if it is worth the 3 days of time and money. Thank you
  6. OK, so I have my Part 107 certificate and I have the Drone Pilot Ground School certificate, I must be finished with UAV Coach, right? Not so fast. I just finished the last of the BONUS interviews that are provided as part of the Drone Pilot Ground School. The information there is really incredible! There is a goldmine of knowledge and information in those interviews. So, for anyone who is taking this course or has completed the course and obtained their Part 107 certification, I think it is very important that you finish the course and listen to each one of the interviews. I've liste
  7. Hi. I work at a museum and we teach students about careers. We want to add working with drones as a career and would like companies to send information about how you do it. Thanks, Tony Butterfield
  8. Hello, I haven't purchased a drone yet. I am looking for information and advice on different drones. Barrie
  9. Broadcast announcement - if anyone lives in the Sacramento region, there is an important evening event on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016. This brief but concentrated event will introduce, connect, and educate many active players from all segments of the drone ecosystem. If you are in the vicinity, please click the link below to check out the event. It is hosted by the Drone Pilots Federation, a young but international organization I'm proud to be associated with. We strive to serve the drone pilot community and by extension the larger communities we all live and work in. Californi
  10. Hello, I am Jose (Joe) here to learn about the hobby and what I find that I may like. I am from Alamosa, Colorado. Just got the P4.
  11. Hello everyone, I am a teacher educator in Winnipeg, Canada with a new drone! I am looking to connect to other educators at all/any levels of education to explore innovative uses of drones for teaching and learning. Drones are termed as 'disruptive technologies' in education that provide opportunities for creativity and innovation. I'm looking forward to connecting and sharing. I am lucky to have a son who is an acrobatic pilot and aircraft engineer who can help me study certifications such as CARS and other requirements as I am looking to become a certified drone pilot in Canada. #
  12. Hi all! I know a lot of you are educators / interested in STEM education (cc @RemotelyPossible). Just got this email from Flite Test and thought it was worth sharing here: TAKE FLIGHT WITH FT STEM!
  13. Hello all, I'm currently working with VA Vocational Rehab to get some UAS training and certification, but I don't want to be limited to quadcopters and photography. What would you recommend for a civilian to train in fixed wing drones with a focus towards law enforcement? I am pushing for them to send me to UND Fargo but I would like to know if there are other options. Thanks in Advance!
  14. Hi all, Just got an email from Ben Blackwell, a high school student in Gastonia, North Carolina. He wants to start a drone club at his high school, and he launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund it. Thought this was a nice project, and I felt good about sharing it with the UAV Coach community. Here's the link: #dronesforgood #stemeducation #giddyup
  15. Here's my first complete video. Every year, our two high schools combine to build a low cost home and make it available for needy families to purchase at a low cost. This year, the home will be sold to a disabled vet. The bathroom is designed with handicap rails and showers. All exterior construction and interior woodwork is done by students. All stills and interior video were shot with Phantom 3 Advanced. Notified Airport tower and hospital heliport. Got permission from neighbors to fly over property. Point of Interest mode for circular flights. Lucked out with soft
  16. Hi all, my name is Bill Kaiser. I am a technology teacher for two high schools in Helena, Montana. I went to a workshop a couple of months ago and got excited about using drone technology with high school students. We are now dealing with the 333 issues and are hoping the FAA drops some love on us this June so we don't have to deal with the licensed pilot issue. We have a licensed pilot in our district, but the idea is to get kids learning and flying the drones, not the adults. Anyway, it sounds like the FAA will probably fix this, but not before school gets out this summer. I've be
  17. As a high school teacher, I am very excited about the May 4 Memorandum from the FAA regarding Educational Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Unfortunately, my jail-house lawyer skills are lacking, so I am curious to see what others get from reading it. My take-away is: If I am a public school and The course using the UAS is not specifically a course on UAS, but uses the UAS only as a part of the curriculum. Students involved are enrolled in the class. Students or staff are no