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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Frank Lovering and I've been flying drones over 3 years now and passed the initial 107 Certification Test 2 years ago plus the 2nd test 2 months ago. All of my experience has been on DJI drones (P4, Inspire 1v2 and now a Mavic 2 Pro). I'm interested in learning about surveying with the new DJI P4 RTK, the Mavic 2 Pro for Search and Rescue and the Matrice 200 for Ag purposes. And also interested in learning how to fly tiny whoops and race drones. I'm in Yakima, WA. Would love to know where to look for folks using drones professionally and for racing!
  2. Hello, I’m new to drone aviation but I’m attempting to apply it to my business of accident reconstruction and mechanical failure analysis. I am a graduate aerospace engineer in the Houston, TX area but retired three years ago from the aerospace industry and hope to stay involved with some aspect of aviation. I plan to use sUAS to aid recreating accident scenes a lot easier than and as accurately as more expensive equipment used in the accident reconstruction industry. I completed the private pilot ground school some years ago so I’m familiar with some of the course material and I’m enjoying the course thus far. I'm looking forward to sharing info with you. Vic Holloman
  3. Hello, My name is Dan Inloes. I am a land surveyor by profession and am looking to stay on the "bleeding edge" of technology. I hold a bachelors degree in Geomatics, have about 4 years of professional work experience in the surveying field, about 10 years of mapping experience, I have flown and am professionally trained with the Trimble UX5 Aerial Rover, have about 20 hours on a DJI P3P, am a professional AutoCAD Civil 3D user with about 12 years of experience and plan on developing a UAS Department at my current employment, The Land Group, Inc. out of Boise, Idaho. My goals for UAS include developing workflows that work with surveyors, engineers, and the software that most of them use today in this market, AutoCAD Civil 3D, by using Autodesk products and Pix4d. I'm pleased to hear that this course that Alan has put together has successfully educated people that I know to the point of getting them past the FAA Exam. I'm about to get started and look forward to taking off. If anyone is interested in Surveying applications or has any questions regards map projections, coordinate systems, or anything survey related, feel free to get in touch! Thank, Danloes
  4. Hey guys, I'm still in high school, but I'm really passionate about joining the drone industry. Could anybody give some advice on getting a head-start? What sorts of skills/traits do companies look for? How can I get involved in real-world drone stuff (besides flying recreationally)? Should I start building a portfolio? I can't receive any sort of certification yet, because of Australian minimum age rules. I would appreciate any responses