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  1. Hi - UAV Coach Pilots! My name is Pete Clarkson and I reside in Sunny Palm Harbor, Florida. First off, to be clear, I do not know how to fly a UAV/Drone. I have never flown a UAV/Drone. I do not own a UAV/Drone. I have however, become an avid "sideline enthusiast" and am about to embark on this new journey chapter in my life. I am recently retired (age 59) from the Insurance Industry where I have held various executive positions with Fortune 50 and 100 American companies for the past 28 years. I have lived in a dozen different states from coast to coast and managed large business in nearly every state east of the Mississippi River. I have always wanted to fly. To have a birds eye view of the world would be spectacular! I am very interested starting small but thinking big! I am very interested in Arial Photography, Video Photography and mastering the virtual pilots seat of an unmanned system! In short, I want to fly and I want to be good at flying and I want to be really good at Arial Photography! My plan is to take a number of courses that will prepare me to achieve the above mentioned goals. I am currently enrolled in one class and am exploring another with a conference call this coming Thursday 12/20/2019. My wife is giving me a DJI Spark for Christmas as my first ever Drone. I know this will not be my only one. I am interested in the Mavic 2 Pro and the Phantom 4. I want to learn the complete manual control first (although I understand the Spark is way automated) so that I can fly manually. Ultimately, if the experience is good and I can pick this up, who knows, maybe I'll get 107 Certified and fly Commercially. Or perhaps work in an industry that utilizes Drone Technology. But first things first. Thanks for your time and I look forward to the journey! All the Best, Pete Clarkson
  2. Good Afternoon Everyone, I recently launch a digital marketing agency that focuses solely on the golfing industry. One of the services I offer is hole-by-hole guided tours. I'm looking for an individual/team that lives in South Florida (Atlantic side of the state) to do contract work as part of my team. I posted this job on and was overwhelmed with the responses from all over the country. I unfortunately was not specific about the location of the individual/team, so I'm hoping to make that clear here, I just want Florida based licensed UAV/Drone operators. I really appreciate your time and please reach out if you have any questions/interested. I'll be in Boca Raton from May 1-11 and I'm looking to meet prior to agreeing to any terms. Thanks, Matthew Neumann
  4. I am a professional photographer who looking for something new and exciting. I am a navy veteran who has aviation experience. I bought some cheap drone and found them to be starter drones where you learned to fly. I have now gotten a drone with many features including GPS, intelligent tracing, headless mode, fencing, low battery return, lost control return, precision hold, follow me mode and more. It also carries a camera, which cam be adjusted up or down. it has FPV. As I move forward with my expertise in flying drones, I thought it may be exciting to move forward and get a commercial Pilots certificate. My entire government career, both Navy and DOD was in aviation. I was always interested in becoming a pilot, but I am passed that in my life but the Drones have caught my attention
  5. Hi Christian I finished the editing class a little while back and really enjoyed it and learned so much. This is my first experience with any NLE. I loved the class. I am submitting my video to be reviewed at your convenience and if you could provide feedback that would be outstanding. We have started a LLC called Head In The Clouds Aerial Photography based out of New Port Richey Florida. I created this reel to show what we can capture throughout Florida for potential customers.You will find some short clips of some of my favorite shots while traveling. The answers to your questions are below and the video is at this youtube link 1. I used Final Cut Pro 2. The resolution is 1920x1080p 60fps 3. I am doing this course to improve my editing skills to better serve clients. 4. I choose something with more hits to the music to really pronounce the clip changes. 5. I wanted the feel to be wow I want to go check out Florida. 6. The story I am trying to tell is there is beauty everywhere you look and from above its brought to the forefront. 7. The three most important things I learned was how to share the video, correctly using transitions, adding and editing music. Once again thanks for this class. I look forward to continuing my education and providing excellent opportunities through drone footage to highlight what the industry can offer. I appreciate the community and your feedback. Thank you, Mariano Cruz
  6. Planning a trip to Orlando to fly your drone around? Might wanna check out this news story first (link below). I came across this today and I guess the popular Florida city has added some new drone laws and ordinances for UAV pilots. Sounds like perfect timing for them to implement something like this with Spring Break about to start.
  7. I recently retired to Florida and began looking for new interests that could be both useful and fun. I was trained as a cartographer in the Army and then worked on helicopter navigation systems in Vietnam. That got me fascinated with combining aviation and mapping. After a career totally unrelated to either one but now with the time to invest and the advancement of UAV technologies my old interest in these areas has been rekindled. It appears to me that there is great potential for applying these technologies to a variety of problems that in the past required manned aircraft and large, heavy photo/mapping equipment to solve. I'm mostly interested in learning the the technology, mastering some flying skills and seeing where it goes from there.
  8. Hello all, I am Steve, but go by Tater (No, no relation or reference to Ron White. Had the nickname long before he was famous) Am a new drone hobbyist and gotta say this is a fantastic website! Was the 2nd I found on the subject and have looked no further. Simply looking to share ideas and learn as much as I can to have fun with it. I started with the small/cheap indoor drones about a year ago and recently moved up to a DJI Phantom 4 based on seeing a friend's P3P and loving every flight. Got some videos but looking for a good editor before I post anything. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and continue to enjoy the rest of the holidays. - Tater
  9. Hi, my name is Ariel Toledano. I've been a director, photographer, and producer in the advertisement industry for many years in South America where I owned several Production Companies. Samples of my work can be seen on YouTube or and @papayiii - I have recently moved to South Florida and opened a studio "Florida Property Photo" to attend Real Estate and Architecture photography and videography. The site for FPP is and @floridapropertyphoto. Looking forward to meeting people from the industry.
  10. Hello everyone, My name is James H. I reside in FL and I just registered and new to this group/site. I am here to learn more about the drone industry and geospatial advances and technology. I do have a B.A. in Geography and have worked in the industry for about 1.5 years of some geospatial experience. I worked for a small geospatial company as a sensor operator collecting aerial imagery on a flight crew and have processed data and maps as a GIS technician before working in the IT field now. However, I am currently not working in the industry ,but I do love what I studied in school and the opportunity to keep this going as a side hobby at minimum. I also enjoy learning about our earth and mapping and surveying targets from above. I would love to get to know many of you all in the industry and those who are hobbyists. I only have a little nano drone for now but would like to upgrade soon when finances are available. I am also interested in getting the drone license as well. Hope to meet and engage with you all soon. I am thankful to be among you great professionals and enthusiasts. Thank you, James H.
  11. Hi everyone! My name is Benjamin (Ben is fine!) I am originally from France. I started to fly remote controlled aircraft few years ago when I was still in France. Then I got into drones with a drone from hobby king and the KK board for those who are familiar with this (old) technology. I was flying it in the living room just to impress my friends and family. Then when I got here in the U.S and I started flying drones for real estate agents, celebrities, and producers. (I was using an Inspire 1 V.1) Later on I got lucky to meet with my american friend Josh during an internship at DSLRpros and we started Verydrone in Pompano Beach, FL. Today, I just finished my studies in aerospace engineering and I got more free time to enjoy flying, I am truly passionate by drones and the evolution of the technology. My favorite drone is the Phantom 4 but I think I am going to like the Breeze as soon as I can get it! Also I am glad I met Alan, the founder of this website for a couple of times during Drones Exhibition in Orlando and Las Vegas. I will try to spend some of my time here on this forum to learn more about the industry and to help people when I can! Thanks for reading :-) Ben
  12. Hi my name is Larry. I am a teacher in Florida I have been a pilot for a number of years but I am not current at this time. I hold a private/Instrument rating with about 400 hours. I am a captain in the Civil Air Patrol.Looking forward to making the connection in the drone field.
  13. anyone here know enough about these FAA regulations to help me answer a few questions?
  14. Hello to all of you UAV fans -- my name is Ryan. Fortunately for me, Alan and UAV Coach have decided to let me join in on the fun here with the UAV Coach social media accounts. Over the upcoming weeks, I'm going to be sharing articles, videos and content related to UAVs and drones over on the Facebook page. I know we've got a wide variety of levels when it comes to pilots on here from amateurs to veterans, so I'm looking forward to having some discussions with you about the way the industry is moving and checking out some sweet tech in the process. So, if you're not already a fan of the page, please, head on over and give it a like so that you can keep up with my antics. I've got some fun things planned for the upcoming months and I hope you'll join me in them. I'm pretty available -- just send me a message if you ever have a question or need my help! Thanks, Ryan
  15. Hello, Mike here.. I found this forum googling where to fly my UAV in Jacksonville, FL and Ray's post caught my eye! I started flying the H107 Hubsan, then a Phantom V1.1.1. Sold the Phantom and looking into the 3DR Solo. I'm more of a hobbiest due to what I understand about commercial. Correct me if I'm wrong, but commercial requires a pilots license and tail numbers?! FAA Section 333 advisory interpretation is a migraine. Not to be confused with basic registration. Any thoughts about the industry and where we think it's headed?!
  16. Hello All, My name is Joe, and I'm a recovering Gulfstream pilot. I currently fly a G-450 based in Moscow, Russia. I work month on/month off, and am looking to get into the UAV business in the near future. I will probably be quiet for a while as I am still in research mode for all of this, but look forward to helping where I can and learning as I go. If anybody is in the Jacksonville area, feel free to contact me to either say I'm dumb for thinking I can make this happen, or just meet up and provide guidance in this process, I welcome both. I look forward to hopefully contribute and maybe provide a lessons learned in the future. Any questions on manned aerial vehicles, feel free to ask away. Yes, most pilots hate "drones" and know nothing about them. I was one of them up until about a month ago. I'm not saying I'm fully reformed, but it has been eye opening for me as I researched this endeavor... Respectfully, Joe