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Found 22 results

  1. Hello! I'm new to USA regulation rules of hobby rc flying. Just a short question: How I can legally fly my fpv airplane in US? Thanks and regards!
  2. Two weeks ago I was in Vietnam with my fpv quadcopter and a mavic air. Before going there I checked the laws on uav coach page ( and I thought "how cool would it be if my video end up on that page? But in order for that to happen, I really had to step up my videography skills. So I've spent around 50 hours if not more just on this edit and since I spent so much time, now I'm thinking, this can't be for nothing, I want everyone to watch it and think: "damn, I wanna go visit Vietnam with my drone too". So here it is... I'm sharing the link of my video
  3. My Drone Videos! :) I hope you all enjoy this, I figured I would introduce myself and say hi.
  4. Hello guys! I have a problem and I hope you could help me. Didn't know where to go to ask a question so I turned on you. I have Wizard220x bought it from a firend worked perfectly. It was very dirty so I took it all apart, cleand it and assemble it all together. First test right after was great esc beeped and motrs were spining. Took it to the field and there I incounterd the problem. When I pluged the battery esc did just the first set of beeps and then they started beeping like crazy. Motor were spining randomly and uncontrollably. Couldn't even bind to my controler. It was
  5. Hello to everyone! We are Erle Robotics, a young startup that makes robotic brains and robots. Today we want to show you our most popular drone, the Erle-Copter! What is the Erle-Copter? A Linux-based smart drone with support for the Robot Operating System. Erle-Copter is a quadcopter for developers that uses the Erle-Brain 3 hardware autopilot and the APM flight stack. In a nutshell, it’s a Linux flying robot kit whose behavior can be extended in the same way you’ll code something in your Desktop Linux machine. It’s ideal f
  6. Invitation To: Global Drone Day! Date: June 10, 2018, Sunday, 1pm-4pm Location: Atlanta Got Drones! Got Skills! Game On In The Air! ROTOR’S UP! Does a 6 Foot Soccer Ball Excite You! Event activities include: Drone Jamboree for youth (Obstacle course)- Bring your own or use one of ours. (Check with us to make sure!) Drone Rodeo for adults (15+) (Aerial Games - Drone’s You can use: DJI Inspire’s, Phantom’s, Yuneec Drone’s, Typhoon’s, Bebop’s, 3DR Solo’s, and other Ready to Fly Live Camera Feed Drone’s Welcomed! (Check with us to make sure!) Separate F
  7. until
    Join us for Minnesota Drone Day! Start out the day with drone demonstrations, simulators and food trucks. Stay for FPV flying, vendor tables, Q&A sessions, educational sessions and headline speaker, Kevin Morris of the FAA. Learn about the newest in drone technology, meet with hobby organizations, law enforcement, industry experts and speak with leading drone professionals. This a free event, open to the public. All ages and interests are welcome! Register today at
  8. I am new to drones and I have only flown the Skyviper from walmart till date. I hear that to get a good video signal we need to use a specific radio frequency on the video transmitter and receiver. To this effect I wanted to know if I can upgrade the video and drone radio on the Rise Vusion 250 drone so it can fly out about 1-2 miles out using the FPV. I also want to be able to fly thru areas like abandoned construction sites where the signal is strong enough to go thru metal and cement with no lag. Can anyone suggest a good upgrade to the Rise Vusion 250 or if I should use some other fp
  9. One of the favourites of my friend fleet. This is an upgrade of his first Floss build. Maiden to be done, looking forward to seeing how fast it can be! Hyperlite Floss V1 Setup: Furious FPV Fortini OSD Hobbywing 4in1 ESC 40A Xnova 2207-2600KV Runcam Micro Swift 2 Emax Magnum VTX TBS Linear Antenna Will be maiden with DAL 5050 2-Blade Props and Tattu R-Line Version2.0 1550mAh HV battery, hopefully soon! Part List: Frame - Hyperlite FLOSS 5 inch Racing Frame Flight Controller - FORTINI F4 OSD 32Khz Flight Controller SKU: FPV-FORTOSD ESCs - Hobb
  10. Hi, just to thanks the ADMIN for adding me, Im an Rc pilot for 20 years and in FPV for 5 years and have the administration of the FPV group on Facebook, our group is dedicated to promoting the First person view in Peru , all are invited to discuss their experiences and, knowledge. here is the link: , also you can follow us on Periscope: and Twitter: This 2016 im starting a small company (part time job) dedicated to aereal mapping and video surveillance using civili
  11. Hi! I have a question as is describe in the title. I see that there are many types and qualities but for a race drone with an F3 processor is more than enough .. have told me that the F4 is more GPS and photography. I have an CC3D and works very very well for me right now. What do you use? What think about it? Thanks to all!
  12. Hello UAV pilots! I use a Phantom 3 Advanced for my aerial videography and a Samsung 10.1" tablet. I have put off FPV goggles for viewing as I would then need a second observer, but mostly due to the inability to perform certain tasks in flight that may need manipulation on the tablet screen itself, rather than the physical RC controller. The screen never seems bright enough at least to overcome the ambient light outdoors. Indoors ( without the drone ) it is quite bright enough, and in well shaded or darkened outdoor areas, it works fairly well. Regardless of the season or weather,
  13. OK, here goes. On top of the various multi-rotor copters I already have, I am looking at adding a FPV Plane to my hanger. The specs so far is i have purchased the Volantex Ranger EX FPV plane. It has a 78" wingspan and lots of internal room. What I have read so far it is a decent and stable work horse that has plenty of space inside for batteries, equipment, and can have a camera on multiple locations on the plane. Also with multiple batteries in parallel can have an extended flight time. Some forums I read it can hold over 8 lbs of package and fly in the hours range vice minu
  14. Hi All, I would like to know if any one has had a look at the newer Syma X5HW drone. I am very interested in acquiring one as a way to start my practice with fpv. I was flying a Skywalker 1306 ( I think) in a rolling cage until I burnt out one of the motors trying to fly it in the wind.Not worth repairing it in Cape Town, RSA I have about 10 hours of flying time on that, which of course was 8 minutes flying and 1.5 hours charging at a time. They are reasonably priced in South Africa, relatively speaking, and just want some opinions on them. My aim is to event
  15. Here's a question that's been bugging me... If we're required to maintain line of sight to the drone, when would it ever be permissible to use FPV goggles?
  16. Just got an email from them about the camera and thought you all might enjoy this and possibly find it useful!
  17. Hello, My name is Mike. I live in Rutherford, New Jersey and I work in Hoboken, New Jersey. I am new to the hobby. I have been flying a small indoor Quadcopter (Estes - Proto Z) for the last few months. I just pulled the trigger on my first FPV Racing quad. I purchased a Storm Racing QAV210, FrSky Taranis remote and FPV goggles. I am going all in on my new hobby! I look forward learning all I can about the sport, new rules/regulations/laws and possibly using this as a segway into a new career or business opportunity. I have also signed up for several meet up groups so that I
  18. Hi All, I have a Phantom 3 and have adapted the tablet/cell phone holder with an after market extension for my 10.1 Samsung Tablet. To make things worse, beside the weight, the USB connector cable for the controller comes in the bottom of the tablet allowing the whole thing to rock with no other options. If the day is even partial bright, I have large issues trying to see what I am doing. With the size of my fingers and aged eyesight, using a cell phone seems out of the question even if bright enough. Does anyone have any ideas for a low priced, bright, sharp clear screen to speci
  19. This camera is pretty terrible but you can't expect to much from a micro quad The Hubsan X4 FPV is so much fun to fly!
  20. Hi guys, I put a hero 4 on a Phantom 2. with the Gimble. Any recommendations on a FPV package? I think the googles would make me sea sick. Thanks for the help. Alan
  21. Anyone else out there use their Phantom 3 Pro for FPV? I picked up the optional HDMI output module a few months back to use with my Fat Shark HD 2 goggles. Awesome is all I can say. Worlds better than analog 5.8ghz gear. Can't beat the range either.