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Found 4 results

  1. Hi There, I am taking a vacation to southern France, primarily spending time in the countryside, 43°59'27.019"N 5°33'22.808"E Chateau de Simiane-la-Rotone. I will be flying for fun only. I have my FAA 107 and my Standing SFOC (Canada). I am using the skyward maps for defining airspace in order to avoid restricted areas which are easy to find on skyward. Does anyone have any other experience with flying there and other safety issues? sid
  2. Hi I have never seen a drone fly, so I need advice. Reading this website, I thought someone may be able to help. In my area of southern France, the Diois, there are two nuisances, chenille processionaire (processionary Caterpillar, Thaumetopoea pityocampa) and soon to come the frelon asiatique (Asian Hornet, Vespa velutina nigrithorax). One causes debilitating allergies and the other will kill my bees. Both build nests at the top of high trees. My idea is to adapt a drone to carry a pressurised 500 or even 250ml can of specialised insecticide and using fpv, a gimbal mounted camera could direct a lightweight tube to accurately spray the nest without damaging the environment. So I need a drone that will hover within 1m of a tree, that a novice can fly with a 400 to 600g payload in addition to battery, camera and gimbal and that won't cost too much. To illustrate the task I post a couple of photos of the targets. They are high in the pine trees and at the extremities of branches so the drone would have to hover at 1 metre from the tree. I envisage a servo to trigger chemical flow. My idea would be to use a converted aerosol with a flexible tube then a 400mm al2 tube attached to the gimbal. The gimbal would only have to move on a vertical axis so that might leave a channel open to activate the servo. The chemical is water based and used by the government to spray vast areas away from habitation. It won't harm drone or (much) the pilot. I want to deliver small quantities targeting the nests. To avoid downdraft from the propellers, , I would try a long, lightweight tube to spray outside the main turbulence and alternatively, spraying vertically down. I'm confident I can build the spray delivery device after some experiments. We discussed this problem in the village. Almost every pine tree is infested with at least one n'est. other solutions are more radical; shoot the nests down (there are so many someone would get killed), cut down all pine trees (a shame in mountainous terrain). My real problem is ignorance of drones so any advice much appreciated. A little research suggested DJI might have something. So I asked DJI and got this discouraging reply "we do not recommend flying "all-in-one" aircraft with any payload other than the included DJI gimbal and camera. Because extra loading may affect the aircraft’s endurance ability and orthocenter which lead to a bad flying performance" I also found a drone called Keyshare Glint-pro+ with good specs including a 1kg payload, at less than €500 including battery, gimbal & camera. But I only found one user review and it suggested the Glint-pro was unreliable to the extent of being unusable. I would be most grateful for any advice on the project concept, knowledge of the Glint pro and recommendations for other drones that might be suitable for my unusual payload.
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Benjamin (Ben is fine!) I am originally from France. I started to fly remote controlled aircraft few years ago when I was still in France. Then I got into drones with a drone from hobby king and the KK board for those who are familiar with this (old) technology. I was flying it in the living room just to impress my friends and family. Then when I got here in the U.S and I started flying drones for real estate agents, celebrities, and producers. (I was using an Inspire 1 V.1) Later on I got lucky to meet with my american friend Josh during an internship at DSLRpros and we started Verydrone in Pompano Beach, FL. Today, I just finished my studies in aerospace engineering and I got more free time to enjoy flying, I am truly passionate by drones and the evolution of the technology. My favorite drone is the Phantom 4 but I think I am going to like the Breeze as soon as I can get it! Also I am glad I met Alan, the founder of this website for a couple of times during Drones Exhibition in Orlando and Las Vegas. I will try to spend some of my time here on this forum to learn more about the industry and to help people when I can! Thanks for reading :-) Ben
  4. Hi All, I'm currently a computer engineer in Paris, and started to practice with a DJI Phantom 4 and a Walkera F210 3D to improve my skills on piloting drones. I'm working on getting my drone license to maybe work in this fascinating area. Happy to meet you in this great forum! Phil