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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, I just made this video of my trip to Thailand, it’s all shot on GoPro and the Mavic Air. I would really appreciate it if you would spend a few minuts to check it out and maybe sub + like and comment the video as well. It would mean the world to a newbie like me Thank you so much!
  2. I am lucky to live in a beautiful area in Prescott, AZ. It took me 10 months to finally get the 107 approval to fly over this area, here's the video. Shot with a combo of DJI Mavic hand-flown and pre-programmed with Litchi for the running shots, DJI Osmo with z-axis for the stabilized running shots, and GoPro for the fixed shots.
  3. Spent the weekend away at a B&B in Alentejo, Portugal and created a short teaser for a longer video I'm working on to document this trip. Hope you enjoy ! Continue to experiment with mixing different angles to create a more engaging video, using both aerial and other types of shots. This was all shot in about 1hr right before sunset using my trusty DJI Phantom 3 Standard, a Canon DSLR and GoPro Session (for the timelapse). Edited and color graded in Final Cut Pro X.
  4. My first experience with Typhoon Q500 G (GoPro version) on a mountain bike using wizard in watch me mode. Using iPhone app with phone mounted on handle bars. Included some of the things that are typically not good with the G model and the more editing that tends to be required. It has sample footage showing some of the issues. You can use the iPhone app to turn on/off the GoPro just before take off/landing, but the range is shorter than using the ST10+ remote. You can't turn the GoPro camera using the ST10+ but you can get a greater distance from the video link. Also using the ST10+ on a mountain bike would be problematic. The biggest challenge with the Typhoon G is its tendency to reveal rotors and skids. I've Included the addition of the CGO3 camera (Typhoon 4K) in the last sunset clip which shows no skids or rotors. The Typhoon G is a great way in train and get more experience, before upgrading to a 4K camera.
  5. I am new to the 3DR Solo world. I already have DJI, Yuneec, DIY, and Volantex. But BestBuy had a deal I couldn't pass up. 3DR Solo with Gimbal, extra battery, and props for $499.00 Well went through the manual for setup, including all the preps updating the GOPRO, and running updates on Solo App, controller, and Solo. It just went south,. Started with their website stating compatible with GoPro Hero 3+, and GoPro Hero 4.But what the webpage should have said ,was compatible only with a GoPro Hero 3+ Black, and above. I spent two days with 3DR tech support from checking firmware versions.. A Hero 3+ Silver didn't work and from working with support patching, un-patching and resets. Later found on many other 3DR forums that everyone had the issue with Hero 3+ Silver. I gave up broke down and bought the Hero 4 Black. Thinking that will work. Then the tech had me reset the Solo. But that created an additional issue, controller couldn't communicate to the Solo and bind. Still didn't work. So 3DR was going to swap me out with a replacement. I was waiting for response from 3DR for the packing info when I wanted to verify one more time. Especially when their return policy notes they can have you pay for shipping back if their service finds a replacement wasn't warranted. Then after the reset it was termed a brick. But after similar patches with DJI I thought that the tech never had me reset the controller to have similar firmware match between the two. So I reset the controller, then I was able to bind. Ok one issue fixed but original issue still no live feed from the GOPRO. After reading the manual again I found it. One more time I dug the website under view video and saw something I never noticed. Well I was telling the technician that I didn't have any live feed and all that I see was the demo video. Step one Power up Solo, power controller, power GOPRO , and mobile device connected to sololink. and step two from solo app select FLY Solo. Poof live feed. Surprised the tech never mentioned during our walk through. Felt silly about it, from other controllers and apps usually fly something means automated takeoff. But for Solo app means go to main screen. Well I sent an email for 3DR to cancel the replacement and chalk it as a learning lesson. I have knowledge on how to reset Solo, Controller, and update firmware.
  6. Hi there, I’m just starting to get into videography and the next thing that I would love to add to my shots is aerial views – and what better way to do this than with a drone. I have a go pro that doesn’t get used much and I was wondering if you had any advice on any beginner drones I could buy that I could attach my go pro silver 4 to? I think this would be the best option for me. Cheers Conner
  7. Just came across this article this morning, Apparently LG is entering the action camera market with a 4k Live-stream camera with a 4g LTE transmitter built right in. could lead to some cool live-stream options with drones like the 3DR Solo and custom rigs. No word on price point but competition for GoPro should mean some interesting developments.
  8. I took this last night. We have had some pretty nice sunsets the past few days. In order to get rid of the props in the field of view, I mounted the gopro under the lower deck of the F450. Because my landing gear is short, I resort to "catch and release" method of ending and launching. When the guy in the piper cub bused the top of the mountain, my drone was 10 feet off the ground, just above me. Editing was done with gopro studio.
  9. Interesting
  10. SO here's something ya'll might like. I put it in Action sports because this video is of such, but the possibilities of a drone for VR are quite unlimited. Check it out.
  11. So with GoPro 5 coming out this year (at least that's what it is said so far), will the Solo be compatible? I reached out to GoPro and 3DR and have not got a confirmed answer. Each side claims they don't know what the other is doing. In my opinion I find that hard to believe seeing the Solo is built around the GoPro. I just think they are not allowed to disclose any information, which I totally understand. So what is your take on it, you think the Solo will support GoPro 5? Do you even care if it supports it? I for one am psyched if it does, as the rumored specs of the GoPro 5 (if true) will put a whole new take on aerial photography.