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Found 10 results

  1. GPS tracker devices, are they any good? Flyaways are uncommon, but they do happen. Should i get one for myself? What are your thoughts?
  2. Hi, We are using Mapir2 NDVI camera for data collection. Currently we are using Columbus GPS V990 v2 for geotagging. We also have the trigger cable for Mapir 2 camera but not able to use it with the current GPS. Is there any way to use the Advanced GPS which is being used to trigger Mapir 3 camera with my current Mapir 2 camera ? The official message from Mapir is that their new GPS Trigger isnt compatible for Survey 2 camera. Is there any way to make both these work together. I have also tried searching results on using the instruments I have to accomplish but failed.Went through forum posts for my answers but it all ended up without results. Thanks in advance
  3. Hey guys, I'm doing some research. I'm curious to know your thoughts on drones and GPS signal quality. Do you tend to have any rules of thumb for your own operations? I'm wondering if you look at the points below before you fly. Have you found from personal experience they make a difference? • Number of visible satellites • Dillution of Precision (GDOP, HDOP, VDOP, TDOP, or combination) • Kp Index Also are there any other GPS factors you consider before flight? Any help would be much appreciated :) Thanks, Richard
  4. Greetings All Photographers: I continue to update and refine a Windows application I created (now 10 years ago) which stamps where, when and other location metadata onto geotagged photos. I am hoping that some photographers here will try out my application (GPStamper) and furnish me feedback and suggestions as to how it could be optimized/customized for aerial photos from a variety of drones. Particular (i.e. client) application needs are also being solicited. For anyone interested in assisting me I would offer up an extended trial version of GPStamper, so that extra time would be afforded for use, review, and comment. GPStamper's focus is on simplicity, though a number of custom options are available to the user to choose what metadata to include in the stamp, how the stamp should look, and where the stamp should be placed on the photo. After these selections are made (and saved), stamping is essentially a one-click operation. Much of the stamp content can be easily edited by the user (if desired). For those interested, please visit to download the trial version, and then after initial use please contact me (via's contact form) if you would like an extended trial version. I am particularly interested in receiving in-depth feedback from those professionals who might wish to utilize GPStamper in producing product for client presentation, or to fulfill client needs. Many thanks, Mike Lee See the gallery at for some examples of GPStamper's current capabilities. The stamp on the attached photo was automatically generated.
  5. Good afternoon! Our campus has a new semester of GIS courses in the LA Region starting August 21. GIS provides many analysis and interactive functions for use of the drone imagery captured using the drones. This semester includes two Introduction to GIS (GIS 120) courses including a hybrid (once a week Friday)., an Intermediate GIS(220) located off site at the LA County Department of Public Works (DPW) at 900 S Fremont Ave, Alhambra and a Cartography (GIS 221) course. (course descriptions Select courses transferable to CSU & Claremont Graduate University. Most of our students are working in offices at the local cities, counties and offices for which reason our courses are often scheduled at convenient hours and locations. I attached the flyer.
  6. Just found this link. At the bottom right of the screen is a chart that details the KP Index for each day by the hour. A KP Index of less than five is not bad, but the lower the number the less interference you should experience for GPS reception (due to solar events).
  7. Hi, While going through your Mapping and 3D modelling training (3DR Tower App Demo), noted something about "geotag is a little bit hit and miss..." at minutes 3:47 of the video. I don't quite understand what this means as I believe if the GPS HDOP is of good quality, then position will be good and geotagging should never be a problem, i.e. not a hit-and-miss. Photogrammetry - as I understand it relies on good positioning for mosaicing purposes. If we could not rely on geotagged coordinates, how could we overcome problems with image-stitching or mosaicing at processing stage? Indeed drone opens-up good opportunity for a wider use of aerial 3D photogrammetry, but we can only really save a lot of time and sweat by having the practicality of geotag features onboard. Will certainly appreciate your specific experience on dealings with geotagging issues, be it accuracy, latency, etc. Thanks, in advance - Zane
  8. Hi, After reviewing the list of best budget/starter drones from this site I have, for my first UAV, decided on the Traxxas La Trax Aiias. The main reason being that I suspect it might need to take a few wipouts, dings, bangs edirectytc whilst I find the skills to pilot it effectively and safely. Whilst the immediacy of the out of the box excitement and fly of a drone will be met, I also want to start building and coding my own drones so that I truly get to grips with what it takes to get a UAV into the sky, keep it there and control it. To that end I would like to ask if there is any recommended books on coding, related software, GPS etc specifically linked to drones/UAVs? I know it's a bit green, so myapologies but I wasn't sure how to word it! Any advice appreciated and thanks for your time Gavin
  9. I have updated my Solo . 1. mRo GPS u-Blox Neo-M8N (Release 2) 2. Solo GPS Shield V2 First the GPS was made for the Solo it was an easy, remove the original and connect the version 2. There are others out there that would work, however it requires soldering new connectors. The GPS from mrobotics should have been in the production release of Solo. Also the GPS shield Ver 2 is icing on the cake. After I upgraded and powered up I had lock in a few seconds with 7-9 SATS. That was while I was indoors in my office. Cannot wait to see how this works outdoors. From product review on various forums we are talking about 19-20+ SATs. Note: When I ordered it said out of stock. However less then two days I had an email with confirmation and tacking number. "I always use PayPal, well protected".
  10. Just joined. I am a retired surveyor interested in the use of drones for the inspection of high buildings and structures; also in connection with ground survey. Looking to learn and welcoming tips and advice Waiting for delivery of a Hubsan 502S