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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone, so, let’s start without delay. I’m Russian student of UAV operating, and I’m on my last year here, that means I’m have to write my own science-like work, but I don't know where i can find information about topic i choose. Please, send me some sources of information, if you know something about this. Thank you! Name of topic: “Development of a methodology for collecting and correcting cadastral data using unmanned aircraft systems for the lands of settlements (on the example of low-rise buildings in the Tula region)”
  2. Hi guys!😀 Can someone give me feedback? I made a DEMO site, an aggregator of products for robotics and drones. If there is interest in the site, I would like to make a full version to help people search for products easier I plan add a lot of new things, design in future if you like it
  3. Hi, I have a school research project where I have to build a business intelligence report where I have to offer a new tech to help a business. Basically I need help finding a specific drone model that can hypothetically be used for “food delivery” to hypothetically help a business like door dash or something. (Unless anyone has a better idea) Anyone know any specific drone models that have UAV capabilities, has a carry weight of about 5lb, and basically is researchable. I need to find info regarding “architecture and mobility, design, standards, markets and regulations” so basically it has so be a “known” drone model to where I can easily find a lot of information about it. if anyone can help me find a specific model of drone, and if anyone can help provide resources or info in the areas I need to research. It would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance, I’m really stuck here and know very little about drones and honestly need help.
  4. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    I dont know what is going on! My phantom gimble i freaking out i already try to fix it but i cant get it to work . If you have any suggestions please comment
  5. Hi all,I'm planning to do some offshore flying from the Big Island in 2020 and I'm looking for some local knowledge so I can better plan my trip.1. Are there times of the year that I should avoid flying because of weather/wind? 2. I've read some threads about taking off/landing from boats, what is the feasibility of doing this off of the Big Island (I've got a Mavic 2 Pro)?3. Any other useful tips for flying around the Big Island? I know the national parks and such are off limits, but I'm curious as to the difficulty of gaining approval to fly in airport airspace. Thanks for the help!
  6. I am planning to make a drone for aerial photography. I am facing difficulties deciding cameras and gimbals for the drone. i have no idea as to how a gimbal can be connected wirelessly. Please help me.
  7. Can any of you experts identify what I have flying over me from the other day? I’m experiencing some odd occurrences and wondering if this could possibly be why? thanks in advance!
  8. Hi guys,I am building my first racing drone. I thought it would be easy as it's not the first radio controlled thing I've built (electric longboard) but apparently a drone is a whole different story I finished the frame as far as I could without obstructing the electronics, but I simply don't know how to connect everything together. Although I already checked with multiple Tutorials and other resources I came to no definite conclusion, so here I am Here's 2 images of all the parts I have, do. you know how to put them together? Image 1: Image 2: It may be that the pictures contain some unnecessary parts, they're simply leftoversThank you,Drizzel
  9. Hello guys. I’m currently trying to build my first uav. It’s a quadcopter & its primary flight mode will be autopilot using a Pixhawk. Any tips, info or links anyone can provide that can help me would be much appreciated. One big question I have is if it would be possible to have the quadcopter go to a destination and land and then return to home. I also have an Arduino Uno that I intend to use in tandem with the Pixhawk. Thanks folks
  10. My name is Alyssa, I've just been hired on as a director of operations to a company called Drone School Incorporated. My job is to get this business up and running by the end of the year so im in charge of advertising, marketing, creating a syllabus etc. My boss wants this to be a 3 hour classroom course and 2 hours of simulator time (we have the realflight drone simulator) eventually building up to use real drones for training. We dont have a minimum or maximum age for this class since for now we are only going to be using a simulator. I was an air traffic controller so i have a general idea of the rules and regulations regarding drones but thats about the extent of my knowledge. My main question is what should I incorporate into the syllabus when i start putting this together. If you guys could give me any feedback on this I would be extremely thankful.
  11. Hi Everyone! I'm a student here studying for Part 107! Hope everyone's doing well : ) I'm interested in getting some feedback about my options for buying a drone with specific specs for a project I'm working on. OK so here it goes: Carrying capacity of up to 8-10 lbs Transmission distance at least 3 miles Ability to fly at least 6 miles roundtrip I have been looking at the DJI Matrice 200 & 600 but I'm sure there are alternatives out there...just don't know enough about all of the different manufacturers yet! I suppose a fixed wing UAV would also be an option. I really appreciate any help I can get as a newcomer here! Thanks!!
  12. Hi my name is Tristan, I have tried everything I can think of to get my GoolRC fsi6 transmitter with their version of the fs-ia6 to work with my eachine x220 ARF from Banggood. The tx and rx are bound. This is my first time using any of this hardware and my first time using Betaflight which is what the quad uses. I've tried all the different receiver modes in Betaflight but none work. The quad is plugged into B/VCC port of the receiver which should be right since it is bound. The motors spin up when I use Betaflight and the VTX is working with my goggles, but I cant get the transmitter/receiver to work with the quad. I wish it was the other way around. I don't really know what to do. Thank you for reading, Tristan.
  13. I have already applied for exemptions from The FAA so I can fly drones where we need them. I also want to start my own business on the side flying drones. And I already have my first job offer. From an HVAC contractor who's scared to go on the roofs with live wires. I have a Mavic Pro but I intend on trading up to the phantom 4 Pro for the camera quality. But I really want an inspire 2 but it's out of my personal budget right now and so is the inspire 1. And I can't seem to post a Video for the first half of my diploma!!!!☹️
  14. hello everyone. i am facing a strange problem with hubsan x4 107C+ the x4 when fully charged is not lighting up with blue/red light when the x4 button is press. It just worked 2-3 time well...sometime when the battery put back and forth it woked but again not working at all now. When it is connected with usb cable...with or without battery i get red light... no other spare battery to check ? no crash done so far.... please anyone with good tips ...? battery dud ? Thanks! Paul
  15. Hey guys my name is Dan and I am brand new to this site, forum, and everything drone! I am extremely excited about all things drone and I am very eager to learn. I am hoping to connect with others in the community here as I have no experience and roughly 7645333872 questions. I live in Chicago and consider myself about one of the most outgoing people ever. If you have any questions for me ask anything anytime. In hopes of getting some basic info out of the way so you know where my head is at, I have been spending a lot of time reading and researching and dreaming for about 2 years now and I think the time has come to go for this. It is my dream to own my own drone photography and videography business one day and get FAA licensed on August 29th when the test is available. I am looking to start small, gain a customer base, and one day go full time and live my dream. As for right now, I am taking things one step at a time and trying to make sure I can pass the test and get licensed on August 29th before I waste a ton of money on expensive equipment. Next will be forming an LLC, and then really going for it. I am looking to start with a DJI Phantom 3 to get myself going and learn and practice, with the eventual goal of getting a Phantom 4 or probably the 5 will be out by the time I am ready to do that. Unless Xiaomi comes to the US with something mind blowing, I am extremely convinced DJI has the best stuff for the money and what I am looking to do. I would love to hear any thoughts or recommendations concerning DJI if anyone wants to throw in any input. Especially from anyone who owns DJI themselves or lives near me in Chicago! Thanks so much for reading this long ass post, I would love to get to know you guys!
  16. I'm a retired from the fire service and want to take up drones as a hobby. I'm a private pilot and think this would be a fun passion. Here is my issue: I would like to find a unit that flies for 10 minutes or more, has a live camera, GPS nice, has a return home function. I have never flown a drone before, but I could see myself helping real estate agents and taking some fun pictures. I don't want to get an expensive drone and loose or wreck it and I don't want dirt cheap. I would like to spend from $100 to $300 with a controller. I use a Samsung Android phone. A few choices to review would be appreciated. Thank you for your suggestions!
  17. Good morning everyone in Drone land! My name is Sean and I'm new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself and see about building connections and career paths here at A brief (I'll do my best) history about me and where I'm at now. I chose to have my career be a drone operator just over a year ago when I realized I could make my hobby long term and be paid to do it. I did the leg work to see what it would take to become an "official drone pilot" (as everyone says). I ended signing up with a "drone school" that promised me I would leave totally educated on everything drone and be a "certified drone pilot" (sounded pretty official). Well...about 3 months later I received my computer printed "Drone Pilot Certificate" (sadly not FAA acknowledged) reminiscent of the ones you got for being a good boy in pre-school, a $5000 debt to pay off, and pretty much no more education and flight skills than I already had. Oh and the school promised to hook you up with jobs and possible perminent employment (over 9 months and nothing yet...not even a check in call). Unfortunately I fell into the pit of people who where fooled about "official" drone flight schools and lack of any legal way of becoming a "drone pilot" since the FAA had yet to do so (107 looking hopeful or at least a good start). Fast foward to today...I currently have been doing jobs in real estate, commercial, and little here there things but nothing consistently. I am almost 4 months past my promised delivery date of my 333 (shocking right?) and am enrolled in real ground school to obtain my pilots license or 107 once it becomes a little more clear. I would love to meet some people to work with or just simply chat about maneuvering through this industry. I think I'm going to be going the "working for the man" route since I need stability and have a family to support. But....I am open to consistant solo work if I can make it successful. I'm sure I'm not alone in my stories and would love to build some new relationships in this industry. I believe working together can build this new world into something great. I hope I didn't draw this out too much and hope to get some communication going in this community! Thanks again and fly safe! Oh and I apologize for the excessive "quotation" abuse!
  18. Quick Question, this is the only topic i am allowed to comment in is there a setting i need to change or is this on UAVcoaches end? Thanks
  19. Bob Weber

    Drone plans

    Does anyone have a simple design plan to help our club start their first build project ? We are working with a small budget and hope to gain some knowledge and experience understanding the basic requirements. Thanks Bob Weber