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Found 11 results

  1. We have ongoing Cell Tower Inspection projects and are actively onboarding independent contractor pilot candidates. The jobs locations vary and could be anywhere in the CONUS. The ideal candidate is able to travel and be on a project for 3 – 4 weeks at a time. Some of the requirements include: - FAA Part 107 Certified - Insured - Attention to detail - Able to think outside of the box and problem solve on the go - Must have dependable transportation. Many of our sites are in rural locations, a vehicle with all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive is a plus. - Acceptable drones o Phantom 4 Pro o Inspire 2 - Backup drone highly recommended - Must have mobile charging capabilities (inverter) with minimum of 8 batteries or 8 sets of batteries for drones that require 2. Charger must be able to charge multiple batteries simultaneously.(We can offer suggestions) - Able to follow a checklist - Laptop for reviewing and uploading projects from the field - High Capacity Storage device for holding project data until final acceptance. - Ability to upload data from the field is helpful. (we can offer suggestions on best options) - Training will be provided and fee is required to attend. Work is available for pilots that meet the requirements and successfully complete training. If you meet the minimum requirements and are interested, please fill out the inquiry at the link below. We will reply and provide details on opportunities and training. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. Greetings, My name is Silvio Facchin, I am a UAV alumni, a Certified Remote Pilot and a Certified Legal Video Specialist. The company I work for, TSG Reporting, Inc. is in the process of adding aerial inspections to our line of legal video services. Because we are a national company, we need to be able to provide all our services in all States. It is because of this requirement that I need to create a roster of Certified Remote Pilots and the locations they cover. If you are interested, please send me an email with your company information, areas you cover and prices to Please, understand that this is the first phase of this process; it is intended to gather information and include you on our roster for possible work in the future. Thank you so much for your time!
  3. Starting a tower Inspection project this month in Washington & Oregon. We are looking to recruit 4 - 5 qualified pilots in each state. Cell Tower Training and recent experience a PLUS! Equipment requirements are DJI Phantom 4 Pro, spare batteries, mobile charging capabilities and some experience in this field. Fill out the inquiry at the link below if you are interested. Thank you.
  4. very excited about learning to fly, Hoping to venture into a career change as I get older and hopefully wiser. I have flown a mavic pro and a Inspir 1 under the supervision of a 107 pilot. I loved it! looking for others who I can learn from and just enjoy the ride (from the ground of course). I am taking the 107 test Friday the 17th of Aug.2018....I feel very confident because I invested in a course from, I have also taken multiple practice test and have performed very well, so here goes!!!
  5. This week, I really was surprised when I sent my drone up to inspect my roof. Late last summer or early fall, I had my roof replaced. Everything looked fine from the ground, but one day early this month, June 2018, I went out during a heavy rain and noticed that one of four downspouts had nothing coming out of it. I knew that I had had professionals install gutter helmet on the upper level, so I was sure I was good there. However, to save money some 20+ years ago, I put a gutter guard on the lower levels myself. Those protections have saved me a lot of scary times of cleaning gutters. In June, I went up on a ladder and discovered that my gutter guard was completely missing--there was no protection at all. So, the gutter was full of gumballs and pine cones and leaves and no water could flow at all. So, this week, I sent my drone up to look at the top gutters, and sure enough, there was no trace of the very expensive gutter guards that I had professionally installed. They had completely been replaced with a cheap plastic gutter cover, and now this spring, they were beginning to deteriorate. Soon, they won't do any good at all. Unfortunately, I cannot locate my receipts for gutter helmet, so it would be my word against the roofer's that I ever had anything there. Which brings me to the reason for this topic. I'm wondering if anyone is doing any businesses with roofers, or gutter protection folks, or homeowners? For roofers, a before and after survey would protect them from homeowners claiming shoddy work. For gutter protection folks, a scan would protect them from complaints that their gutter protection did not work. For homeowners, a before-shingling and after-shingling scan would protect them from having to prove that they were getting shoddy work. The big question is pricing for this kind of job. It's not likely you could charge $2,000/day for something like this. It only takes 20-30 minutes to do a complete scan. Maybe something on the order of $100 or so would cover it and not scare people off. Maybe that's too low ball, especially for really expensive houses. It's a thought. You may ask why I don't do it? Well, I'm 74 years old and my business days are pretty much in the past. Also, I would need a lot more practice and flying time to have the confidence to do anything commercially.
  6. New to the drone community. Located in Longwood, Florida in Metro Orlando Area. Would like to network and communicate with others in area or wherever!
  7. My interest in drones is two fold: real estate inspections for my day job as a public adjuster, where it s helpful to have a picture of wind/rain/fire damage to a roof or multi story building, and for my interest in amateur radio, where drones are helpful in putting antenna wires up in trees in remote locations, especially for low power (QRP) transmissions. This is quite useful for both camping and also for emergency operations, especially when I volunteer for radio support of the Red Cross. Radio Call Sign: K9MBA, Amateur Extra Class.
  8. Hi Guys, Been a while... Just wanted to show off one of my latest missions. This was a large commercial property that I mapped for commercial thermal inspector that walks the roof with a handheld thermal camera. He looks for trapped moisture and marks it with spray paint. Has anyone else gotten gigs like this? I am looking to get a few more inspectors under my belt since the missions are not too difficult and the pay is decent. What are some selling points you guys are using to convince them this is actually worth paying for?
  9. Below I am submitting the final project required for the graduation of Ariel Post Production 101. I used iMovie to edit this video. However I am purchasing Final Cut Pro in the very near future. A lot of the editing techniques and controls are similar to Final Cut Pro. 1. the resolution I used for this video was 1080 P at 60 frames per second. I showcase this video on UAc Coach, Vinmeo, Facebook, and Instagram. 2. I tried to use music that showed the dynamic footage and the awesomeness of the wind turbine. 3. I tried to showcase the dynamic size and beauty of the wind turbine I. 4. The story is a simple one. I'm trying to illustrate and advertise the ability to do an aerial visual inspection of the wind turbine. The clarity of the camera and the dexterity of the footage. 5. Three important lessons learned in editing this video, 1. Important to find music and the duration to correspond with the time you want to display the video. 2. I wished I captured a higher view encapsulating all the wind mills in the entire area. Looking back should have been more. 3. One of the important things I learned from the class and editing this video were how to use transitions effectively utilizing the beat of the music. This class was a great help to me in learning the process of editing video. I highly recommend it. I'm also extremely interested in the views and advice I can get from others who have viewed this video. Good or bad I'm looking forward to knowing what I can improve on.
  10. Hello, I have a couple of potential large clients within a couple of miles of me. One has a granite quarry, stone crushing, and asphault manufacuring. Another has a very large stone & gravel company, does land clearing and developing including some properties they purchase for themselves. The later is currently doing a 400 acre site clearing where the town has a, I believe, national company provide drone arerial photography to satisfy the town on the work near wet lands. Since my interest is in the commercial industrial, construction, inspection areas, including real estate to put money in my pocket while building the other desired insdustries, I am looking to partner or obtain the hardware and software to give me the opportunity to work such projects and industries. There have been a number of players that offer solutions like this in the last year. Since this is a startup venture, I want to approach companies like this but need the tools and support from the right vendor, especial when budgeting is rather tight to this startup and is crutial. Marketing material and support would obviously be very important to do some hand-holding with me while I get going. I work in the mid Massachusetts areas to Southern NH. My goal is to have the needed vendor I can work with prior to knocking on doors, especially if I don't have the right marketing material or hardware/software to see it thru and potential loose a client by wasting his time. Does anyone have any vendors they would suggest given the above?
  11. When you do inspections do you have to do photos and videos or can you just take photos on what your inspecting?