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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Arnaud, French IT engineer expatriate in Indonesia and happy owner of drone company services. Almost 4 Years ago, I decided to change my life, so I left my country and made my first company: BaliDroneProduction specialized in video and photography production. I provide services for toursim and sports activities, Real estate shooting, Tv commercial, special event as live music and wedding, search and rescue etc... I started with my phantom 3 pro and now I have a fleet of 7 drones like: dji mavic air, mavic 2 zoom & pro, Inspire 2, matrice 600pro. We are lucky because Indonesia is still free enough to fly drones, that is why we try as much as possible to comply with the laws and educate tourists who wish to fly their craft during their vacation. If you are curious about the Indonesian law I invite you to read my article about this : Bali Drone Laws – Official Guide 2020 – How to fly drone in Indonesia and if you have 5 minutes don't forget to visit our website Couple of months ago, I started a new adventure: the High-end drone mapping service with LiDAR. I am now a happy owner of laser scanning device named Yellowscan vx-15 equipped with the famous minivux-uav1 sensor from Riegl. So to avoid confusion for my clients I decided to split the mapping activities from the Video production services, so I made the new branch MSDI : 3D mapping services, LiDAR, Survey, Photogrammetry, 3D modeling, Assets inspection, Oil & GAS, Mining, Archaeology, Civil Engineering, forestry. I will be very glad if I can share information with people who need on this forum, so do not hesitate to contact if this is the new website if you want to take a look : and this is my company profile Stay safe guys and happy flying Arnaud
  2. Howdy, I'm just now looking into drones as a way to do inspections on wind turbines and use lidar capabilities in the oil and gas piping industry. Currently we use a Faro 3D scanner to get a point cloud in Scene and use the point cloud in cadworx to make models that are accurate to the environment. I was wondering has anyone used the lidar capabilities on drones to make point clouds for modeling? Are the tolerances good? Also has anyone here used drones to do wind turbine inspections? What would you charge per turbine? I'm looking into all of this as a possible avenue for the company I work for to get into currently our niche is oil and gas piping. We have done some structural inspections and incident reports as well I think a drone would be good for us to do information gathering and help us when we do project proposals. Your thoughts on this? Cheers, Jonathan Harder
  3. TF02 is a single-point ranging LiDAR, used by drone for measuring the relative altitude from the ground, ensuring the stable altitude. It is available for the following flight control brands: Pixhawk4, APM, TopXGun, EFY Technology, JiYi, aiAero, DAISCH, etc. TF02 has the following features: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Distance Measurement Performance: 1. Longer indoor and outdoor measurement range (indoor: 22m; outdoor: above 10m); 2. Lower noise. Almost no abnormal data within effective range; 3. Sound signal discrimination algorithm for identification of abnormal data; 4. Higher repeated accuracy of distance measurement Overall Performance: 1. Higher protection level, up to IP65; 2. Pesticide corrosion resistant, with special enclosure material capable of resisting corrosion of most of the pesticides; 3. Work normally even with optical window being contaminated by dirty water, sludge and other pollutants; 4. Shock resistance. Unique design makes it more solid, shock resistant and infrangible; 5. Additional function of bootloader to facilitate further software upgrade;
  4. Download your free salary report of Information Technology professionals in the UAS/UAV industry: Sincerely, Cynthia R. Cauthern, Ph.D. Transcendence-UAS
  5. I cite a product below which is emploied as terrain following and height fixing for drones. [FW below] DE LiDAR TF01, a product widely known in the drone and smart devices industries, was an immediate success upon its appearance at the show. Its application in altitude measurement, drone terrain following, distance measurement and security sensors were particularly attractive to visitors from all over the world.Image 1: DE LiDAR TF01’s Altitude Measurement ModuleThe module, already in mass production, can work with flight controllers like Pixhawk and TopXGun andaddresses the difficulty of altitude measurement that many drone and flight controller producers experienced. Unlike traditional altitude measurement solutions such as GPS, barometers and ultrasound, the module can detect and refresh the distance between a flying drone and crops on the ground in real time at a frequency of 500 times per second. It also ensures that the drone can fly at a stable height with an error in centimeters. The module, which is free from the interference of temperature, ambient light change and airflow, can also significantly improve the work performance of drones.During the show, TF01 was synchronously launched for sale on global hardware platforms likeSeeed ( and RobotShop ( and dozens ofdistributors kick off business talks with Benewake.Benewake began to deploy a patenting strategy overseas for its LiDAR product as early as 2014. By far, it has built an independent intellectual property system (through overseas patents) and passed a complete range of European and American product certification (FCC, CE, etc.), which ensures the legitimate use and sale of the product internationally.Website:
  6. Looks like have created an affordable LiDAR sensor that could be used in building a drone with collision avoidance capabilities. Their kickstarter project is over but this video gives a brief intro into their product called "Sweep". I am going to do some more research into this product as I would be interested in building a drone that can fly autonomously indoors where GPS does not work.