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  1. No one allowed at the theme park during the pandemic. I live close by it and took this video last week.
  2. Hello UAV Coach Forum, My name is Chris Pratt, but I'm not the Hollywood celebrity of Guardians of the Galaxy or Jurassic World fame (sorry Star Lord fans). Maybe "Star Lord" could be my "handle" if the drone industry works like military fighter pilots? hee hee Recently I sold my business and plan to travel the world for about 10 months with my family. My hope is to learn drone photography and document our travels with awesome photographs and video. I have no professional photography or aircraft flight experience. About a month ago I purchased a DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Fly More Kit. I've bee
  3. Hey guys! My name is Josh and live in the L.A/ Santa Monica area. I just bought a mavic air and have already taken it on a handful of trips... im getting pretty good with quickshots and am OK at flying manually but am looking to improve / hone my skills. Would love to meet other pilots in the area. I would also be up for taking some private 1 on 1 lessons with a fellow experienced pilot who has experience with the mavic air and can help me be the ninja of the skies that i know i am destined to be ! Please feel free to DM me
  4. Greetings Airmen, I am just getting started with Part 107 training and can't wait to start flying. My dilemma is this: which drone to start with? I'm getting into this as a fun way to reignite my long dormant interest in photography. So you can understand why I would be interested in a "prosumer" level drone. 4K video and high end photo quality are important to me. But having never flown a drone before I am worried about crashing my new $2K-$4K investment on my first day out (I do intend to get some flight training). So, when I heard about the new Mavic Air I was intrigued. Awesome
  5. Hello, My name is Jorge, I'm Commercial Drone Pilot, working in a Telecom Company, currently flying in Georgia for Cellphone Towers inspection, most of the time using M600P with Z30 Camera. My Team is planing to start flying in Los Angeles area, and we are not sure the differences with the Regulations and requirements between Georgia and California. So I will appreciate if this community can help me out to get more detailed information about flying in Los Angeles area. By the way, I got the Part 107 Certificate back in January 2017 Thanks to DronePilot Ground School Tea
  6. philmed1


    Well, I’ve never flown ANY kind of a drone before, but after hurting my back working as a lineman, I’ve been really struggling to figure out what to do next, and more importantly going forward. I figure drones aren’t a fad and the more I think about it, the more I feel like the possibilities are almost endless as far as what they can be used for. I’m seriously considering going forward with training from the “ground up” if you will. (I put zero thought into that pun) lol. So that’s about it. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  7. What are some recommendations of drones you would suggest for the most green drone enthusiasts? Considering price, function, ease of ability to learn etc. Having NEVER flown a drone, I’m clueless ass to where to start. Thanks for any insight.
  8. Hello, My name is Jillian, an Architectural Designer at Urban Architecture Lab in Los Angeles. I have 7 or so years of experience in the CGI industry; rendering vehicles, airplanes, shoes, and most recently new mixed-use buildings in Los Angeles. I have begun to fly a Phantom 4 Pro for our proposed sites. Rendering our 3D building designs on top of the drone footage, camera tracked and composited in After Effects. (I have one example linked in the gallery. Yes, the building flickers - low render settings due to time constraints. (one week delivery) Typical right. I'll re-render
  9. Hi Everyone, Just completed the Drone Pilot Ground School course and passed the Part 107 test. I mostly fly a drone for my travel YouTube channels. However, I do want to start exploring more commercial work with drones and am even thinking of learning more about modeling and mapping. Right now, I am just flying a DJI Spark, but I do want to eventually look to purchase a more "professional" drone for commercial work. I figured I should probably figure out what direction I want to go (in terms of UAS work) before purchasing a new drone. Looking forward to being a member of this communi
  10. Hi from Los Angeles area. New to drones. Looking forward to learning the in and outs of the industry. First purchased the Yuneec Breeze, then the dji mavic. Looking to use on mission trips, personal use.