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Found 11 results

  1. Hello UAV Coach Community! I hope everyone is having a good summer given the circumstances. I've been wanting to start a thread dedicated to helping folks out with sales and marketing for awhile now but could not seem to find the time. @Alan Perlman it's fantastic to see the community continue to grow and thrive! I've had the pleasure of meeting quite a few folks from this group over the phone and I must say you're all a great bunch! I thought I would kick things off here by inviting anyone interested in real estate drone sales & marketing to our webinar next week. We have a very special guest speaker. I'm sorry for such a last-minute invite but again time is incredibly scarce these days. Use the link below if you would like to come to a real estate sales and marketing training show that we're holding this coming Tuesday, July 28th at 8PM Eastern. Co-Host is world famous real estate photographer, Darryl Stringer. Our shows typically only run about an hour. Here you go - Hope you can make it! If you can't make it we'll have the replay available on our channel here - Sorry it's so empty. We just signed up on this new webinar platform this month. So far so good! If you can't make this show you should come to our next one. I don't have it scheduled yet but it will be a one hour training session on how to add property lines, property droppers and call-outs to your aerial drone video productions. It's been a big money-maker for us over at and I'm sure it can be for you all too if you're not yet doing it. We get an extra $30 bucks per parcel. Here's a couple of examples - I like this one too - Once that show is scheduled later this coming week, I'll be sure to drop the registration link back here. We can only hold 500 so it's first come first type a deal. Happy Saturday everyone! Sincerely, Jason
  2. Hi all. If you have discovered that the non-technical aspects of the commercial drone business are a major challenge, I have created a resource that should be a major benefit for you. The book "Success with Drones in Civil Engineering" is packed with case studies, lessons learned, business strategies & tactics, and interviews & insights from industry leaders. You'll get an accelerated introduction and overview of disciplined project management and how that can help you plan, execute, and deliver more accurate and effective results with your drone. You'll get a crash course (ha) on marketing and sales so you can learn how to most effectively market yourself to higher end clients in civil engineering. You'll also get some exclusive discounts and deals in the long list of additional resources that includes hardware, software, and business services that commercial drone entrepreneurs or enterprise team members need to use. The book was written to help drone entrepreneurs as well as people in established companies who want to establish safe, legal, and profitable operations. Any questions? Please ask below and I'll check back to answer. But first I appreciate you checking out the book on Amazon here. It should pay you back many times over with the time, money, and knowledge you'll gain from it. Here's to more long term success in the commercial drone world! Brett Hoffstadt (aeronautical engineer, certified project manager, and Part 107 pilot)
  3. Good Afternoon Everyone, I recently launch a digital marketing agency that focuses solely on the golfing industry. One of the services I offer is hole-by-hole guided tours. I'm looking for an individual/team that lives in South Florida (Atlantic side of the state) to do contract work as part of my team. I posted this job on and was overwhelmed with the responses from all over the country. I unfortunately was not specific about the location of the individual/team, so I'm hoping to make that clear here, I just want Florida based licensed UAV/Drone operators. I really appreciate your time and please reach out if you have any questions/interested. I'll be in Boca Raton from May 1-11 and I'm looking to meet prior to agreeing to any terms. Thanks, Matthew Neumann
  4. Hi there, I recently read some articles about UAVs being used for the purpose of structural inspections of offshore oil platforms and the cargo tanks of ships. Having worked operationally in the maritime industry for the last 16 years, in both the offshore energy and merchant sectors, I was wondering if I can help any UAV professionals get started in these markets. There is definitely lot of room for UAV service and product development in the maritime industry, so depending on your needs, I can help you understand the maritime industry better and identify local opportunities wherever you are in the world. If you are interested in developing new UAV related software and hardware, which may engage, entertain or help improve the safety and welfare of sea-goers, I would be happy to provide input and give advise. Just let me know! All the best Thom
  5. Hello Everyone! I've been reading posts in this forum for the past year or so. It's been a wealth of information and has brought some sanity to me in this ever-changing industry! As of Feb this year I'm 107 certified. Started out learning to fly manually with a micro drone practicing in indoors. After successfully hitting my wife one time two many in her head. Moved up to a Latrax Alias outdoors. It was the most stable under $100 mid size model and enabled me to build up my skills, (still have much to learn) confidence and above all situational awareness. Watched many of YouTube clips of Cassey Neistat and as much about this industry as humanly possible. I recently went to the LA international drone expo in Dec. Although not a big expo, I made some great connections and was able to benefit from the info presented in manageable portions. My Dad was a Aviation enthusiast, retired USAF airframe mechanic and B-17 flight engineer and instructor. His legacy inspired me to find my passion with flying remote sUAS's and jumping in head first (or is it nose first?) in this amazing industry. I look forward to learning more from the experts and like minded souls. Thanks Alan and to Christian for putting up with my neophyte questions. The 107 test prep and aerial film editing courses were invaluable and are continually used for reference and clarification. Happy and Safe Flying! @HinksFlyer
  6. Hey everyone. Alan recently e-mailed about an Aerial Post-Production class which he and Christian is offering to those interested in learning how to edit their own demo reel. For those who desire to have a reel to promote their UAV services, but have no interest/time to learn how to edit one for themselves, I have an offer for you. An average price for post-production is $250 an hour. Seriously, feel free to call around about it but it does vary by area, Hollywood can be much higher. However I want to help pilots out by offering to cut your demo reel for you for only $250.00. I will include the necessary contact information, skills, royalty free music (I utilize Digital Juice and they have an extensive variety of styles of music for you to choose from) and of course your footage displayed in a manner to effectively show off your piloting skills. We will work together to create a reel that you will want to show off to everybody. I can deliver it to you in a format viewable via social media/website or a DVD which you can have duplicated/replicated as many times as you desire. We can work out the details if you are interested. Now being honest there are a number of people who talk a lot of hype without the skills to back it up, so here is a little about myself. I am a UAV pilot, but for the past 15 years I have primarily working professionally as an editor, motion graphics artist, 3D Animator, etc. for an ad agency and television broadcast network, and I still am. If you want to view my demo reel then simply visit If you are interested please just contact me by e-mail and I will be happy to work with you.
  7. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to see what people are doing to market/advertise their UAS businesses to new customers under Part 107. I just got my hard copy from the FAA for my Remote Pilot Certification today, I have UAS insurance, a website (, a business Facebook page, and my business cards. I ran out of money for any type of marketing or advertising, but plan on making that a priority in the next few months. I am going to have some t-shirts made with my business info so when I am out at festivals and events people can see it. That is a small thing to do , but I know that won't be enough to draw in very many customers. Do people use Google Ad Words, Facebook Boost Post, or any other methods to get their business name out there? I reached out to a local photographer and and local realtor that I know to see if they needed or knew of anyone needed UAS services. They didn't, but would keep me in mind if they found something. For me the marketing aspect is going to be the biggest hurdle. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Chris
  8. Hi all! Excited to announce a new partnership with Career Drone. More details here: If you need a drone portfolio / business website, they've got a great process, with super affordable pricing. One month free and $150 off the set-up fee for UAV Coach community members. Happy to answer any questions you have about how this all works, or whether or not you think it's worth it vs. designing your own website or hiring a professional developer. It's definitely not a good fit for everyone, but take it from someone who used to design websites for a living...this is a GREAT deal.
  9. Those of you who want to start or maneuver into a profitable business niche with your UAV, I want to share and recommend some wisdom from military history and innovative marketing professionals. Here is an excerpt from my latest blog article that I believe (and hope) will benefit you greatly: If you focus on time (speed and agility) and direct engagement with your target customers more than your particular drone model or software version, you'll be moving in the right direction. Combine that with guerrilla marketing tactics and you'll do it very cost-effectively too. If you want to learn more, please read my full post, link below. Give yourself 10 minutes or so - it turned into a long article. If you want to dig into more details or want me to expand on anything, I would like to know so I can contribute more. Upward and onward! Why maneuver warfare and guerrilla marketing are essential to succeed in the commercial drone business (plus 3 important books)
  10. The biggest challenge I see starting my new business is the opportunity to get the right marketing materials and how to get out to the masses in the most cost effective way. I also think that trying to determine the price for the services that I will offer will be a bit tricky with out doing tons of research to see what others are charging for there services and to not be over priced compared to the norm what ever that may be. I know it will take a lot of ground pounding to get things rolling and to get the right clientele but who said that it would be easy. I try and talk with everyone I meet when I fly giving them bits and pieces of what our awesome field can bring to them and hand out business cards to help spread the word. And again what field do you focus on so many possibility's, I guess you just have to get the right niche and what type of flying makes you comfortable to get things going. My website is still under development but getting close still need to get some more info on the site for services , cost and clean up my verbiage , plus more photos and videos to make it more complete showing what I can offer, plus make it mobile friendly , I also have a Facebook page linked in my site. I am working to get things completed so I can focus on the marketing my services. Again @Alan Perlman awesome stuff you have going on here keep up the good work
  11. My biggest challenges are all interlinked and in no particular order are as follows: Funding for both my CAA licensing (PFAW) and for other equipment and software I know I am going to need in order to offer the quality of service I want to offer. At the moment I am in training for my practical part of my PFAW and it has been difficult for me to be able to get out and practice in the outdoors for numerous reasons. So I have had to resort to simulated training and mini indoor drones, but this does not help me when I can't get out to fly my commercial drone, which is bigger and of course performs differently in a real world scenario. I lack experience of flying, filming and surveying in the areas of work I intend to undertake when I am fully licensed, so I have no working portfolio I can draw upon for clients to evaluate my work. I already know all the applications and industries I intend to work within and offer my services to, but my problem is how do I find the clients and of course convince them that I am the person for the aerial work they need. So essentially finding the clients and the work. Thats me in a nutshell, so any millionaire investors with a long list of clients in need of aerial work out there!!!? If so I'm your man!! Regards Graham McKean