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  1. I have an issue where when I startup the system there is an error message right off where Airmap has stopped. I select close app. I am able to continue with connecting system. I login to my Airmap account and then start system up and doesn't make a difference. Thing is, I use Kittyhawk. Any ideas?
  2. Sharing with you my time in Cuba, if you like to see more drone footage of mine done in Cuba then check out my Channel. Stay safe
  3. This one of my best work of 2020 or should i say my "quarantine edits" completed last week, was also featured on the DJI website. please feel free to like and subscribe if you enjoyed it... many more to come.
  4. Hey all - awhile back, maybe a year or more ago I heard that if you update the Mavic Pro firmware it was locking people out of being able to fly even if you had permission to fly in those areas. I wasn't sure if everyone experienced that or not? I haven't updated my firmware in forever because I was afraid of that. I do a lot commercial work for architects and the local airport is super cool about giving permission over the phone, especially when I'm only doing 50-100ft AGL flights within 50-100 yards of the home point. (I'm part 107 certified as well) I recently got the Mavic Air and i
  5. I recently purchased a DJI Mavic Pro and want to use my Samsung Galaxy Tab A with the DJI GL200A controller. Unfortunately I can't get the table to "connect". I have tried several cables so it doesn't appear to be a cable problem. I tried a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and it works, once I changed the "debug" setting under developer settings. There doesn't seem to be a way for me to access a similar settiong on the Tab A. Any thoughts or suggestions on what could be causing the Tab A not to connect? Thanks.
  6. NEW LOWER PRICE! Mavic Pro Drone For Sale $800.00 (Plus 4 Extra Batteries, Free 64GB SanDisk, Back Pack, Multi Charger, and More) Like NEW - Limited Flights - All Documented Contact Peter Spero - Whats Included Mavic Pro plus Controller 4 Extra Batteries (5 Total) Multi Charger - Charges 3 Batteries plus phone Car Charger ND4 ND8 ND16 Camera Filters 2 - Two Packs of extra props. Hard Shell Back Pack Carrying Case 64 GB SanDisk (Free)
  7. Hi all! I need an Insurance for commercial purposes, the drone is a Mavic Pro, and it will be used in Tanzania. Unfortunately, France doesn't sell drones to fly outside Europe or the USA... Does anyone have any suggestion?
  8. DJI Mavic Pro for sale. Includes Extended Flight Combo, The Original DJI Carrying Bag plus a $129 Lowe Pro Viewpoint Bag ($129) that is brand new. Over $1430 of gear Total. Asking $1300 Total. I got it to film stuff for my blog but just ended up hiring photographers as I tend to be in the videos and it's a bit hard to be both in front of + behind the camera at the same time. I've flown this thing like two times. I have barely used it. It's in great condition and perfect for someone who wants a great machine at a discount. Would like to do an in-person dropoff/pickup, but fl
  9. Hey everyone! Selling my DJI Mavic Pro. I'm the original owner and everything is in good shape. Drone was purchased from B&H Photo on 2/17/17 and it's never crashed. I own two Phantoms and rarely pull the Mavic out so I think it's time to part ways. Includes: 3 Batteries 9 propellor blades ND filters for camera Remote Charger
  10. Hey everyone, I am new to this community, but did pass my Part 107 this past January using UAV Coach materials. I have a film business in Abilene, TX and we have just surpassed our 1 year anniversary. We do mostly weddings, but have done a few corporate vids, and recently, we traveled to Iceland. I made an Iceland film and just wanted to share here on the forum. I have just launched a youtube channel and am hoping to get into more short films, as well as, increasing drone usage in my films. I wish I would have upgraded to the Mavic 2 before this film, however, I am still pleased wit
  11. Greetings from Austin TX! I am new to this forum, but not new to drones. I have been flying for over 5 years and licensed FAA Part 107 Pilot. I am always LEARNING from others (both the good and the bad). I have had my share of crashes including an Inspire 2 (very costly). I have currently own and operate 5 drones, the Inspire 2 (yes replaced the crashed one), Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4, Mavic Pro, and the Mavic Air. I enjoy doing real estate work, roof inspections, and any outside events. For those that might not realize it, I have had great success using even the Mavic Air in roof inspectio
  12. Hey guys. We did a detailed comparison of the cameras of the DJI Mavic Air, Mavic Pro, and Spark. Let us know what you think. You can see the post here: From the site you can download the original images we took so you can compare for yourself. If you would rather watch on YouTube:
  13. As my UAV collection expands I’ve decided to part ways with my Mavic Pro. It's in great condition and has been flown less than 50 flights (and never any hard landings or crashes). I initially purchased it as my travel flyer and it has worked great for that. You’ll see a variety of case options below (I ended up alternating between the soft sided case and the smaller hard sided cases if I was carry-on space challenged for a trip). Mavic Pro & controller 5 total intelligent flight batteries - the batteries have writing on them to number them (1-5) 6 extra quick releas
  14. "If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water." - Loren Eiseley I cross the 'wrong-way bridge' in Cambridge most days of the week. With a morning mist settled over the Lamoille River, I stopped to grab a few shots from the air. What I didn't realize at the time - perhaps not even until I edited this entry - is that the water would be my subject.
  15. New to the drone community. Located in Longwood, Florida in Metro Orlando Area. Would like to network and communicate with others in area or wherever!
  16. Hi Everyone, I've been flying my drone for around a year, one bad crash that meant my drone had to be replaced. But love flying my drone and look forward to being part of this community.
  17. Hello everyone, Excited to join this community of Drone Pilots and prospective pilots like myself. I am passionate about responsible and legal drone use for commercial use and also for personal enjoyment. I am currently studying for Part 107 exam with the ultimate goal of using my commercial license to establish a successful and respectable business. I'll be monitoring this forum for tips, advice, ideas, etc., and sometimes asking questions -- maybe too many at times. I hope to become a valuable contributor. Thank you in advance for your assistance. Ray Kaforey
  18. Good morning everyone! I just found this forum. Novice from the Indianapolis area who is just starting to study for the part 107 exam. Looking forward to learning from the experts on this forum.
  19. I am lucky to live in a beautiful area in Prescott, AZ. It took me 10 months to finally get the 107 approval to fly over this area, here's the video. Shot with a combo of DJI Mavic hand-flown and pre-programmed with Litchi for the running shots, DJI Osmo with z-axis for the stabilized running shots, and GoPro for the fixed shots.
  20. Hello everyone, I just got the best Christmas present ever, a brand new Mavic Pro by DJI. I am really excited to fly this drone and learn about all the features and controls. I picked my drone out a few weeks ago after testing the Mavic Pro, I was hooked. I love how compact this drone is, high quality and able to handle some weather challenges. I also got 3 batteries that came with my drone, that's exciting and a battery docking station and car charger. I'm looking forward to hearing all about the Mavic Pro and learning from the pro's already using the Mavic.
  21. Wondering if anyone can give review of hobbytrigger nd filters for Mavic Pro. concern is the possibility of calibrati9n errors with gamble. Two versions available one 4 pack nd 4,8,16 and up filter second includes Nd 32 any good or bad experiences?
  22. I just passed my Part 107 Remote Pilot exam. I am now rethinking my choice of a drone for commercial purposes. I'm from the software industry. I've told people for years that you don't go out and buy a computer, unless you are a standard consumer needing the Microsoft suite of software. In industry, you first determine what kind of software you will be running and then back into your computer/hardware decisions. Now, I am running up against my own advice when it comes to choosing a drone. I have been studying the markets available to me in my area and the potential competition. I wo