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Found 7 results

  1. Hello and thank you for reading this. Four years ago I received an UpAir One v1.0 drone which has remained in the box since then due to health reasons. I have two basic questions: 1. It would seem that there would be a firmware update for this early drone. Where would I find it??? I see some MODs in videos online but frankly I just want to use this around my home so unless you think something very important is missing I will use it as is for now. 2. The manual is very sparse to say the least. I was wondering about the auto return functions and Home function: I have many trees around me and I live on top of a hill so I will frequently fly at an altitude below my starting point. I thought I read that there was a way to set the return home altitude so that I could set it to something like home altitude plus 150 ft or something like that. But I can not figure out how to do that. Finally, (ok a third question) would I do better to simply sell this to someone for parts and start over; where/How would I do that? And ... ok another question - is there a UpAir website or some other place for support? Thanks again for reading this - if there is anything else I should have asked please let me know. Dan
  2. Hello! I'm a senior at the University of Missouri, and I'm studying emerging media at the Missouri School of Journalism. For my last semester, that means drones. I'm taking a class that will teach aviation and piloting skills along with best journalism practices. I'm also working on a project to compile best practices for the world of media and storytelling. Very excited to get started, so I thought this would be a great place to meet people within this community.
  3. Chrisp


    Just want to say hello; I have 9 years in GIS and now I want to incorporate drone mapping along with aerial photography and perhaps orthos into my work. Recently received my Part 107 and looking into upgrading drone equipment right now to the Inspire 2 with the zenmuse x5 and the ndvi camera.
  4. Hi, I am a retired commercial pilot who has never been a very good RC model airplane operator. Luckily, my flights in real airplanes have worked out much better than the model planes. As a teenager I was into model rocketry. So I have a long history at investing a lot of time and money into something just watch it crash. For that reason I'm considering a beginners version of a UAV before stepping up to something else. I know I could use my pilot certificate to expedite the journey to my commercial operator certificate, but my flight review is expired and it would be more expensive getting another one than it would to jump through all the hoops of a non-pilot UAV Operator student.
  5. Hello All, New to the forum, long time RC hobbyist, getting into drones since last fall. Have scratch built one quad and one fixed wing drone so far. May get 107 certification?? May start a business?? Still much to learn... Regards, Kevin
  6. Hello, I have my new (to me) Typhoon G ... I'm looking for people in the local area of ST Louis County to chat and learn how to properly fly these things. I also cycle and camp. I have no problem with meet and greet for lunch. Feel free to chat... I also travel through, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia at times.
  7. Dick Neisen here at Drone Services Company. We just received our 333 and are developing a web site . Hope to be up ad running within 30 days.