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Found 9 results

  1. Greetings. I am fairly new to the drone community. I am retired now for the past 12 years and have just taken up drones for something new to do. I have lots of computer experience but no real drone experience. I worked for about 15 years in the IT Department of a large hospital system. Prior to that I worked for 33 years in the newspaper business. My computer experience goes back to the 70s when I purchased one of the first computers on the market. It came in a kit form and you had to put it together. So, most all of my experience has been self taught. During the past year I have acquired a HolyStone HS100 GPS, a HolyStone 160Pro, a Deerc D10, a Deerc D50, a Deerc D15 and lastly a HolyStone 720E. My favorite so far is the HS100 GPS. I have joined this group in hopes of finding answers to questions that I am sure many of us have in common. I find that sharing information in this way helps to build a community of satisfied members.
  2. A little late to this intro. Jumped right away into one of the other areas so now catching up with a short description. I’m a long time commercial photographer based in Charlotte, NC. My son’s both got into drones over a year ago as hobbyists and I soon found myself being just as enthused as they were once I got my hands on one. Plus I saw a need with many of my clients where good dronework could solve some issues and create a new revenue stream for my business. Since then I have pushed myself to acquire my license and increase my skill level. Still not as good as my sons but getting there.
  3. Though I am new to the world of commercial drone photography and only last year passed and received my FAA and NC sUAV license, I have been a commercial photographer for over 35 years, based in Charlotte NC. My son and I are working toward creating a spin off of my business with drone work and creating professional results. With all the present and future construction and development near uptown, we have been asked to take on several projects in the area which means asking for an FAA authorization to fly in Class B airspace this Spring. Charlotte uptown (and the immediate vicinity) is all in Class B being within 5 miles of the airport, including my studio building and the nearby projects my client needs drone work done of. Challenging for sure if you abide by the rules. Many other commercial drone operators that have done work in this same area and had their work used by developers, are either skirting the law or possibly have gotten FAA authorization. Its impossible to tell but my guess is they are NOT getting the proper authorization. Thats not how I do business and will be submitting my first request in the next couple of days to ask for authorization. I have been reading through most, if not all the forum threads related to people making requests. Most are in Class C and D and have not found anyone mentioning that they received FAA authorization for Class B airspace. Has anyone??? Alan pointed me to some great examples of how other people have worded Authorization requests and I plan on applying parts of their language and how best to approach mitigating any and all safety concerns but it will be an uphill battle I expect. Because my studio building for over 30 years, is in the exact area I will be doing the work, I am very familiar with all the low level helicopter traffic that routinely fly there. Both of the local tv news operation helicopters (one of which I know the pilot of and have hired in the past fly me to do aerial work), the police helicopter and an air ambulance for a major hospital. Like I said, I really will need to do a great job in explaining all the safeguards I will take and show them I understand the challenges and will plan accordingly. Here are a few of the items I plan on including in my description and work flow. Any added suggestions or comments will greatly appreciated! • PIC will be myself, along with 2 VO's • I plan on having a vertical limit of 200ft AGL • Will always remain within VLOS • I expect to only fly for a max of 1 hour once a month for the next 6 weeks • I plan on posting a NOTAM via 24 hours prior to flying. • I will list the Lat/Long of the location with a full description of surrounding streets and locations I have permission to take off from. My plan is to also use my contacts to reach out to the news pilots I know and even discuss with them. Get their input and if there are routinely flying at a particular altitude when this close to our uptown. In the past year, Charlotte has unfortunately had several incidents with hobby drone pilots coming way to close to both police and news helicopters. Add to this, my youngest son is a Army Black Hawk pilot, I will do this right or not at all. Thanks and look forward to any input and comments!
  4. Hey Y'all, Greetings from the far right coast of the US. I am new and just about to step into a Phantom 4 pro. I currently work in the motion picture industry as a camera operator and this field really interests me and as you have seen it is being used more and more in a lot of feature films and television. Not only will this give me more options for work but hopefully will keep me working past retirement. I look forward to getting lots of tips and advice as well as help in passing the FAA cert. Cheers, Darrell
  5. Hey everyone. My name is John. I have been flying a Typhoon G for about a year but am currently studying for my FAA exam and looking to use a Phantom in the future to start a side business doing some aerial photography and videos. I have done some fun/hobby video work over the past several years with GoPros, and through that hobby I met a wonderful young lady who was doing photography at an event I was filming. Long story short, we hit it off and have been dating for about 1.5 years, feel that God wants us to stay together forever, and she will be teaching me the ins and outs of photography soon. She has just started her own small photography business after years of practice of going to a specialized photography school, so my drone certification and business will be another service she can offer through me. So, I thought I would join this awesome community to get some tips and make some friends. Blue skies and safe flying! John
  6. Hello All! I am new to the drone community and looking forward to buying the right one, getting certified and would like to ad some type of aerial photography service to our existing real estate/property services. Any input and advice is greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello, Been loving drones and quite close to starting a Drone Services Business. Would love to connect with other Droners and Businesses in NC. Please feel free to email me. Cheers, Narayanan
  8. Got a flew flights in on my new DJI p3a. Impressed with the 2.7k video quality and the stability/smoothness of the gimbal. Now I'm looking for good editing s/w. No need for hollywood production quality, but not looking for free stuff with very limited options either. I have some experience from the "old days" editing my camcorder vids. Hoping to get recommendations for moderately priced s//w that can be applied to at least 2 pc's Thanks in advance
  9. First flight today with my DJI P3A. Really sweet machine. Had hard time seeing my ipad in the bright sun, really couldn't see it at all. Then it overheated and shut down!! Luckily my landing skills were sufficient to land without incident plus I was in a large open soccer park (unoccupied) Any other recommendation for tablets or sun blocking covers to use with DJI Go app. As a green bean any and all advice welcome as long as it related to UAVs