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Found 31 results

  1. Hello everyone. My name is Peter J. Sabo. I live in Oklahoma City, OK. I've been interested in aviation and flying for too many years. I would like to learn more about this amazing and, semi-new venture of drones and the commercial end of it. I know there is a website called: Drone Pilot Ground School. I have investigated this program and it looks like it'll be up my area of interest. I know there are a wide range of UAS/drones available. I'm thinking of starting small and gradually graduating to a more advance set up. I look forward to becoming a commercial UAS/Drone pilot. I would probably start working for someone and then form my own company.
  2. Hello to all! I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can about the drone industry, and hoping to become a part of that industry someday using drones creatively in a unique business model. To say I'm starting on the ground would be an understatement, but I'm motivated and determined to learn as much as I can. Thanks for being here!
  3. Hello - My name is Jim Critchfield. I live in Maryland and I am just taking the first steps into the world of sUAS. I have always held an interest in aviation but through life’s mixture of “Not enough money” as a young man through “Not enough time” as I entered my chosen career, I was never able to pursue this interest. I retired three years ago and now find I have the right combination of time and opportunity to pursue this interest. I hope to obtain my FAA certification and generate a little income, a little enjoyment and new adventurers through drone/videography. Hoping to join a community that can share experiences, knowledge and insights in this pursuit.
  4. New to drones,
  5. Hello I’m new to UAV’s and wanted to introduce myself.
  6. Hello there! I recently bought a DJI Mavic Air after I absolutely fell in love with flying several "toy" drones. They were so much fun and I saw just how much potential they held in terms of content creation (video, photography). I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Air Fly More Combo and absolutely love it! Unfortunately, I now realize that, to get the most out of its 4k capabilites, I now need a better PC (the wife disagrees). The laptop and older "Home office" PC just don't cut it when it comes to 4k video editing. At the moment, it is purely for fun and to improve my skills. Eventually I would love to attempt some real estate video/photography work for some extra income. It would be great for it to eventually become something more full time or even lead to a career/location change as well! My area doesn't seem to have much of a drone culture or industry (a little in ag) so any advice would be greatly appreciated! -Marty
  7. Just got my first Drone a DJI spark and hopefully can learn how to fly it like a pro. Also I would be interested in drone repair also.
  8. Hello to anyone who opens posts by new members! I'm excited to get involved in this online community and read and learn as much as I can! There seems to be an endless fountain of information to learn on this technology and FAA regulations, and quite frankly its a bit overwhelming. I'm hoping this forum helps me collect information to organize the most relevant aspects of the industry. I plan on using my DJI Mavic Air and Parrot Bebop 2 for Real Estate, and in the future hopefully creating media content for marketing other company's products and services. Before I drone on and lose any of you I'll finish this post by asking a few questions that hopefully some of y'all might have insight on. 1) What subjects do people find most difficult to grasp when it comes to flying quad-copters commercially? (Laws, Contracts, Notams, sectional charts, etc.) 2) Where do y'all recommend looking for contracts, contract structure? 3) What are the best free apps for information, and where do y'all find the best news on industry changes? Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond! This is my favorite hobby, and I look forward to apply my skills in a commercial setting!
  9. Have my first (beginner) drone and a flight simulator on my iPhone. Think I will eventually want to move from hobby to business arena as my strength allows. I’ve a condition that will not allow me to work full time anymore. But I can see myself offering freelance for real estate or surveying or inspection, etc. on a part time basis.
  10. Greetings, all; my first post, newbie to here as well as to drones. I continually read that DJI has customer service that rates somewhere between sub par and atrocious. I also read that even the Phantom 4 Pro can have issues that render it unusable, i.e., it stops flying or won't fly. And so my questions are, what do you DJI owners do when your drone needs service, and are there other drone manufacturers of high quality, professional level drones that bear investigating? Thanks so much.
  11. Hello all, Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I'm new to flying drones and recently purchased a dji spark to learn with. Would love to find or create a group to meet up and fly, learn, socialize. I'm in the suburbs of Chicago around plainfield/naperville/Joliet area. Would love to hear from some people who know of active groups or be interested in starting one up. Can't wait for this cold weather to be over so I can try my first outside flight, indoors is very limited to pretty much up and down.
  12. Hi, I'm totally new to the industry and have about 20 hours flight time. I did pick up an Xstar premium and am excited to see where this path leads me. I'm a systems Analyst by trade and am just looking to broaden my horizons. If this leads to a money making opportunity then great! But I love the technology behind these things and am hoping to get more into photography etc. I'm currently studying for the 107.
  13. I'm looking for great (legal) open spaces to practice. Any recommendations?!
  14. Hello All. I was looking around for information on part 107, and found this interesting site. I thought I would say HI. I have been flying off & on for about 4 months now, slowly learning how to fly the Blade Chroma camera drone. My plan is to get proficient enough with it, that I can get decent video & pictures from it. My dream is to be able to earn some extra money with it, but right now I need to learn to fly it better than I do now (hehehe). Take Care all Brian
  15. Hi from a small coastal city north of San Diego. I'm new to drones. I'm very interested in learning from the best. I just got a Mavic Pro so I'm still learning how to fly.
  16. Hello everyone, my name is Emmanuel Botchway. I have always loved robotics and science. I honestly got surprised when I saw on the internet that drones have been built about some three years ago (funny thing, I use to see them in movies, video games, animations and cartoons, so I thought it would be in the distant future). Since then I have been following the industry with every little opportunity I get but I still have more to learn. I am very glad to have been introduced to the community, thank you for having me here, glad to make you an acquaintance.
  17. Hello, I would like to fly a drone in my yard which is 1/3 of an acre so I think it is large enough. I am totally new to this aspect of RC flying so I am hoping to figure out how I can do this by participating in your forum. I have Futaba 8 Channel 8J 2.4 ghz aircraft radio that I would like to use with the drone. I have receivers that I use with my fixed wing aircraft. Is there a receiver ready version, ARF or kit version or plans that are recommended for an entry level beginner pilot. My only experience is with fixed wing aircraft that are electric and glow powered. I have built all the planes I own from ARF kits and some from scratch. Thank you in advance, Thomas
  18. Hello from the sunny Okanagan Valley I'm still on "THE learning curve", that is fiddling around with the inexpensive micro size with cameras. The goal — combining two hobbies; trains and UAVs. Starting out with the small size, so far three types each less than Can$100 and each from a different manufacturer. The learning curve continues since what one reads and sees in videos isn't necessarily what one experiences when flying. Cheers HJ
  19. Just staring to get the hang of shooting video with my Bebop, feedback is very welcome. One thing the colour is a bit off as someone did the editing and went a little overboard!
  20. Hello everyone, I am looking forward to joining with other drone owners who share my interest and passion for flying drones. My FAA test is tomorrow. After passing it and getting a Remote PIC Certificate, my next step is to develop a drone services business. Since I am so new to this, the type(s) of service to offer is still being researched and considered. Being a member of this group will give me a great resource to learn from the experiences of other members. Jim
  21. Trying to get used to UAV and video editing.
  22. As a rookie UAV pilot, 'and no I will not go fetch a gallon bucket of prop wash', I find that learning to fly this thing is about as scary-fun as anything I have ever done. Have had two minor, slow motion crashes since unboxing it, and we have learned that a 50' radius is about the minimum for launch area when the morning desert breeze arises. So this craft is supposed to have a max. altitude of 1,600 feet above launch elevation ? I am not even presently comfortable flying at 40 feet above me on my residential street, but have broken 125 feet in altitude out in the desert east of Vegas, and THAT was reason to celebrate. Mind you I have had 37 successful jumps during past military service, and those were similar in adrenal rush to piloting this thing up and down the street avoiding trees and power lines. For some reason, have not reached the comfort point of just being 20 or so feet above the trees and wires overhead, which would probably make life so much easier. Weird huh? Anyone wants to chime in, it would be comforting to know that I am not just getting old...........
  23. I have recently acquired a new DJI Phantom 4. Life circumstances have kept me from even attempting a maiden flight, and thought that a flight simulator might be a 'fast track' to at least learn the basics beyond DJI's flight simulator. I have e-mailed Great Planes, no response, so wonder if anyone knows if the GREAT PLANES REAL FLIGHT DRONE SIM WITH INTERLINK MD2 RC FLIGHT SIMULATOR is plug and play compatible. I'd like to hook up with someone who actually owns and has used it. Thanks in advance,
  24. A note of introduction as requested: I'm just getting into the sUAV arena. Ordered a Phantom 4 last week and look forward to a test flight or 2 by the middle of this coming week. It should be interesting to fly in "windy Wyoming." I'm anticipating a bit of deja vu from my private pilot training in Tulsa, OK (crosswind landings). I am planning to get certified (Part 107) so that I can pursue a new career -- I'm a displace petroleum geologist and I don't see the industry getting healthy enough for me to return anytime soon. Only time will tell if this works out...I do see a great deal of potential, though. Looking forward to participating in the community and gaining from the knowledge and experience of those who are willing to share.
  25. The idea of a drone has captured my imagination for quite some time and of course in my typical way, jumped right in with no experience and common sense. I am the proud owner of a DJI Phantom 4 with hopes someday of who knows what. 'A fool and his money are soon parted . . .' but at near 76 years old not a lot of time to wait around and I could afford it, and say this without arrogance. I thought the DJI Phantom 4 a nice entry-level drone, even purchased the 'crash plan' LOL. But, have not had the time due to some personal circumstances to even test fly the drone. As far as background, have been in the computer industry most of my life, after a 6 year stint in the USAF; flew with the Typhoon Chasers in the Pacific, where we penetrated and tracked the eye of all typhoons. Our sister squadron at the time was called Hurricane Hunters and they were more famous than we due to proximity of USA. I have been a long time still photographer with no experience in videography. Don't envision ever doing anything commercially, as I own an Information Technology company that keeps me busy enough. Am located in Jacksonville, FL, USA, and hope this post doesn't smack of arrogance, as sometimes the written word doesn't convey exactly LOL.