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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, just got my P4P back from DJI after issues with Vision System calibration warnings needed attention. After 2 weeks in the shop, I took my P4P to the construction site I am monitoring and now have "aircraft disconnected". Never had this problem, 16-18 satellites available typically at this site, where I have been monitoring construction for past 87 months. I have tried various things: turned off and on, disconnected cables, changed location on site, no interference problems that I can see. I checked the DJI site, they recommend disconnecting cable on the RC. Did that. no luck. Has anyone encountered this? I plan to contact DJI on Monday, since they don't work weekends. :((
  2. This is an unbelievable deal. I am selling this drone about half the price of a Phantom 4 V2 and it has the same camera! Short of spending about $8000 on a Phantom 4 RTK, this is the best drone for mapping. Period. And it is only 1/10th the price with this unbelievable price. The 20 MP sensor and global mechanical shutter can't be beaten for mapping, photography, and many video applications, not even by the newer Mavic 2 Pro. I am taking advantage of the high tariffs and lack of Phantom availability to sell my under-utilized drone. One lucky buyer will get an unbelievable deal on an incredible drone. I am throwing in an extra set of V2 props, a USB to micro USB converter, and an iPhone cable for free. Everything you see in the pictures (except for the phone) comes with the drone. Original case and gimbal guard are included. One battery is included. $50 discount for pickup in NW suburbs of Chicago.
  3. Hey pilots. recently DJI halted production on the Phantom 4 series. DJI has its "reasons" but this is a blow to the drone industry because the Phantom 4 Pro is widely regarded as the best all-around drone on the market. The industry is leaning too much toward to hobbyists with a steady stream of foldable drones while leaving out more serious commercial pilots (we are their customers too!). I believe the community needs to come together to show our dismay with DJI. I think the best action to do is by contacting DJI ( with our thoughts. If enough people reach out to them, it could give them a reason to change course.
  4. I haven’t found a way to use my 107 license yet, but am working on it. I am now operating a Wet Suited Phantom 4 Pro filming local Frac Sand Plants in the hope of slowing or stopping their proliferation. is the web site. Go to To see the evolution of a farmer’s field into a full fledged Frac Sand Mine. View 8 or 9 dated fly-arounds and 8 - 360 degree interactive panoramas. I try to get down to Alma Ctr WI every week and do another progress report on the mine there At any rate I was approached to help a local farmer learn how to fly a Phantom 4 Pro, and ended up writing a web based user manual. FREE CHECKLIST for Phantom 4 Pro (and others) Every good pilot uses checklists. Regard your Phantom 4 Pro or other quality UAV as a toy and it will end up as most toys do…broken or lost. As you gain experience with this device you will come to appreciate the sophistication and planning that went into its design and come to know its true performance envelope; (Pilot talk). is an encyclopedia of subjects that the competent drone pilot must know. Use the checklist, browse the index and subscribe if what you see interests you. Hank
  5. Hello everyone! I'm Cat from N.Texas. Thinking about adding a Fixed Wing to the fleet. Any suggestions?
  6. I have had my P4 for some time now and try to stay aware of how it's holding up. Wouldn't want an unnecessary crash. One of my rotors isn't spinning as effortlessly as the others when I hand spin them. This is especially true after I fly. It's like I can really feel each magnet as I spin it. This seems normal-ish with my other drones (S900, Runner 250, M100) but not the P4. Maybe it's a bearing issue? Could a magnet be loose? If it seems serious then I will probably replace the rotor but it flies fine.
  7. Hi. Does anyone know if the built in remote tablet will accept 3rd part apps(for waypoints,flight planning ,etc)? Thanks!