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Found 20 results

  1. This is the extended version of a teaser video I've posted here before, hope you enjoy it, I'm experimenting with creating more engaging videos mixing different types of footage and varying the pace of the shots. This was shot during a weekend roadtrip to the Alentejo, during Carnival weekend a couple of weeks ago. Let me know if you'd like to see more of this and be sure to subscribe my youtube channel to get the latest videos I post.
  2. Woke up very early in the morning with the intent of capturing the warm sunrise colors at this beach where I spent my vacation this year. Hope you enjoy it. Constructive commentary appreciated. Thanks !
  3. Created a quick 1 min of the Quinta do Pisão, near Sintra, in Portugal, leveraging the mysterious tone of the Stranger Things TV series soundtrack. Felt the soundtrack accentuated the mysterious feel of this place in a a very cloudy and rainy day. Shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and edited and color graded in Final Cut Pro X.
  4. I'm experimenting with mixing aerial footage from my DJI Phantom 3 Standard and my other cameras (GoPro and a Canon DSLR). I've also been wanting to include more people in my shots and this is my first experiment doing so. Let me know what you think, open to constructive comments ! This was shot in Geres National Park in the north of Portugal.
  5. Fellow drone enthusiasts if anyone is from the Chicago area and has a Drone/UAS business or looking to start one I'd love to network and share some ideas!!
  6. All, I hate to post this in the forum but I am looking for guidance on price to move the following unit. My company is looking to sell a slight used FLIR Vue Phantom 3 with DroneExpert Gimbal, Controller, Case, DVR, ETC. Phantom 3 Flir Vue 640 13mm 30hz Package It is in good condition and we are willing to consider Best Offers. We have a large fixed wing platform that will fly for over 10 hours and are planning on updating our quads as well. This Phantom was Purchased at the end of last year and has minimal time on it. If you have questions, or can suggest a good price you would like to purchase it for, or that you think I can sell it for please let me know.
  7. Hi guys, Shot a sailboat race on Saturday and just thought I would share a few shots. Feedback appreciated. I was hesitant to get any lower in altitude with the boats. Wish I have an Inspire with the X5 with zoom. Thanks, Bert
  8. This video was shot using a combination of aerial and ground level shots. Aerial shots were captured with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and ground level shots were captured with a Canon DSLR. Had a lot of fun trying to catch-up with boats and capturing some lake scenes. Also, got extremely lucky as there were some guys playing with a flyboard which I was able to capture with the drone. Enjoy !
  9. I shot this last week from Cape Ann. It is jus a basic flyby. I would greatly appreciate feedback on quality. I am looking for a cinematic look. Is the color correcting okay? Thanks, Bert
  10. Hello, Are there any drone clubs or pilots located in Western Mass? I am looking for advice on how to get some work and also if anybody knows of any interesting places to fly. Looking create a demo reel with cool shots. Thanks, Bert P
  11. Hey everyone, this is my first "real" (notice its in quotes) edit. Hopefully more to come before it starts to cool down in the next couple month here in CT. Enjoy, please leave feed back! -Wash
  12. Greetings everyone, I am new to the community! I shoot real estate part time. To get to know a little about me here is my website: (.co NOT .com) Taking the knowledge test tomorrow (Aug 29th), hopefully I will come back with good results! Glad to be here and best of luck to everyone! -Wash
  13. While on a weekend away in the Alentejo region in the south of Portugal, I shot this video over 2 days to capture how beautiful this area is. Hope you enjoy, it was great fun flying, filming and editing this one. This was shot with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard (for the aerial), a Canon 100D for some of the ground level shots and, because I didn't have any other camera with me, the night shots were shot on an iphone 5S.
  14. Summer is here ! So I thought I'd share a quick video I shot with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard capturing friends and family having fun at the pool ! Very windy conditions, but the Phantom handled just fine !Check it out below !
  15. After 2 weeks without flying due to high winds, I was finally able to go out and shoot at this local fisherman's cove. Had a great time and got some great footage, hope you enjoy ! Check it out below !
  16. Hi, I'm a 67 year old IT contractor from Tyers in Victoria, Australia. I am self employed and specialise in writing specialist software for small-medium businesses. A current example is an interface between a weighbridge and Reckon for a local sand pit. I've just purchased a DJI Phantom 3 and am learning to fly it. I'm exploring the idea of using it for industrial/ agricultural inspections. Tyers is located in the Latrobe Valley, an area with extensive mining, electricity generating and farming businesses. Becoming licensed for commercial work is somewhat expensive in Australia, so I want to ensure I have the proper flying skills and that there's a sufficient customer base and demand before I follow the commercial route. I'm not particularly interested in doing things like wedding videos, but will not rule out any reasonable idea. Even unreasonable ideas will be considered! I'd like to explore how to use the DJI SDK (software development kit) for development of software tools to assist flying and management of images. At the moment I'm really just exploring ideas. Pat
  17. Anyone else out there use their Phantom 3 Pro for FPV? I picked up the optional HDMI output module a few months back to use with my Fat Shark HD 2 goggles. Awesome is all I can say. Worlds better than analog 5.8ghz gear. Can't beat the range either.
  18. A short clip of some snowmobile wheelie action. Check us out on instagram. @adrenalineaerial. Enjoy.
  19. I'm shocked no one has posted up some of their work yet, but I am very happy to get it started! These examples were flown using Maps Made Easy and a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. Both shots have digital elevation models (DEM) as part of the ortho-mosiac. You can turn on the DEM in the upper right hand corner. An office building in Lakewood, CO My townhouse complex in Arvada, CO I cannot wait for the weather to warm up so I can go shoot some more missions like these. In my opinion the photogrammetry is one of the most amazing things coming out of UAV technology combined with MASSIVE online processing power.
  20. My name is John West and I live in Colorado. I am setting up to fly my DJI Phantom 3 commercially in the Denver/Boulder area. Alan is helping me with my Section 333 exemption, I have applied for the N-tail number for my DJI, I am working toward my Sport Pilot license, and my company, Apex Companies, has secured the 1 million dollar aviation liability policy. I am expecting to be at full throttle by April. I will be helping Apex Companies offer aerial ortho-mosaics like the one linked below: We will also be offering inspection aerial photography and videography. Since the 333 will be in my name I expect to be freelancing a bit by offering other aerial photography and videography services. My website is at: Looking forward to seeing what kind of resources all of you have been finding that I haven't seen yet. Likewise, I have been researching this field pretty hard and hope to contribute to the conversation. Cheers, John West