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Found 21 results

  1. I recently got hold of a DJI Phantom 4 and I am new to drones. Can anyone suggest me a way to live stream video from my DJI Phantom 4 without using any video streaming platform like Youtube.
  2. I need to upgrade my Phantom 4 (non-pro) but there doesn't seem to be anything on the market that equals the Phantom 4 pro v2, although it is sold out everywhere and not being produced currently (except in the RTK configuration). I like having a phantom in my toolbox (along with an inspire 2, and a large VTOL fixed wing). Nothing beats the phantom for small sites, urban areas, and quick photography jobs. This is primarily for surveying/mapping. The Mavics are not an option because of the rolling shutter. Is there no small drone on the market with a global shutter? Or does anyone have a line on some p4p v2 for sale?
  3. Hey pilots. recently DJI halted production on the Phantom 4 series. DJI has its "reasons" but this is a blow to the drone industry because the Phantom 4 Pro is widely regarded as the best all-around drone on the market. The industry is leaning too much toward to hobbyists with a steady stream of foldable drones while leaving out more serious commercial pilots (we are their customers too!). I believe the community needs to come together to show our dismay with DJI. I think the best action to do is by contacting DJI ( with our thoughts. If enough people reach out to them, it could give them a reason to change course.
  4. Hey everyone just wanted to say hello. I am new to the industry and I passed my part 107 a little over a week ago. I am waiting for my temp certificate currently. I own a Phantom Pro 4 V2 and a Mavic Air. I live in the Dallas area and I am looking to do aerial imagery full time. I have taken professional photos on the ground lol for about 7 years now and I am looking forward to this up and coming industry. Has anyone had any issues with the Altitude program for autonomous missions? I read that it has lead to some people having crashes.... is litchi better? Hopefully the FAA will hurry up with my temp certification. Has anyone flown for insurance companies after natural disasters? I tried to upload some photos but it looks like they are to big. Currently working on a website... it’s accessible but per the message I have up it’s coming soon :) I look forward to learning from everyone on here! -David
  5. This was one of the first very opulent home we were able to film. Have to say I really enjoy doing real estate work more than I thought. You can make some decent money if you get a couple of shoots a week. Heights Aerial Media offers 24-hour turn around time on New Jersey aerial photography. Realtors were very satisfied with our work. Let me know what you guys think.
  6. We launched a new Product for the Love or are PHANTOM 4 that we call the Phantom Rain Wet Suit and enables you fly your Drone in any adverse weather conditions. We have an incredible response and are continuing to improve the system . All those who help support by purchasing the unit are entitled to any free upgrades . We are currently working on an inflatable surge mask that will help float the drone when it is in a 90 degree angle. We have also posted a 26 minutes of the drone in a torrential downpour. We took everything that DJI did to make it water resistant and we improved upon it. The new Surge Ring that protects the Gimbal ring is now shipping with it.
  7. Greetings. Mark here. I have been flying a Phantom 4 for awhile and am planning to get into aerial photography for real estate, weddings, etc. I take my part 107 test tomorrow. Wish me luck. I think I'm ready. I have my business ready to start up as soon as I am officially certified. Looking forward to hearing from any of you who have drone photography businesses. Happy flying!
  8. Yesterday I showed up to fly a project with a message on my screen that an update was required. I've avoided the updates since June, and decided I liked the features in the newest release and I should go ahead and do this update. Updated the bird, got ready to fly and boom...brick. No feed from the camera, remote inputs all over the place and inconsistent, flashing green/red connection light on the remote. Controller firmware version reads: Unknown Device, Unknown Firmware. Called DJI support, explained the situation, performed a handful of manual firmware upgrade / update commands and no luck. Now my kit is boxed up, awaiting the shipping label they're supposed to send. I'll keep y'all posted as to how this pans out. The lady recommended I send only the remote controller, but I know better than that silliness. I did read about others having the same issues, some of whom received brand new Phantom 4 kits in return. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll send me a P4A
  9. Hi I’m Rob Shepard and I joined this community to help support my hobby and the love for it. I feel that the industry is being threatened by nonresponseble pilots that are out there acting recklessly and are ruining it for the rest of us. Hopefully the FAA will get up to speed and come up with one unified system to track lawbreakers and punish them accordingly. When that starts to happen and the fines and the appropriate jail time becomes into play. And the laws are fully enforced. People will think twice about doing something stupid. Just like driving under the influence and speeding. And when the punishment starts getting handed out and the press starts to promote it and make it known. And these idiots that go out and buy these UAV with no respect or they just don’t care. Will think twice. There has to be not only laws but teeth in it also. Right now the odds are against us and we need to show the public that there responsible pilots out there and were not all the same. And change the odds to our favor. We are losing places to fly at rapid pace. Pretty soon there will be nowhere to fly except on private property. Let help save this hobby and a growing profession. It doesn’t have to be like this. Thank you for listening.
  10. Thought I would share one of my four cameras I had recording the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017. This was taken in southern Illinois over the Lake of Egypt near Marion. You will notice a distant (6.5 mile away) unpaved airports runway lights automatically turn on as the moon blocks the sun, before they turn back off (upper left corner). The colors were so surreal that color correcting seemed a bit off even though I remember the way it really looked. You can see the shadow approaching from the bottom right of the screen, and after the moon passes you will see the shadow come back in the opposite direction before I do spin to show the area I was flying. I experienced 2 1/2 min of complete totality. This was taken with manual exposure settings on a DJI Phantom 4 from about 380ft AGL. I filmed in d-log at 4k cinematic, 24fps and sped it up into a time-lapse. Used the lowest neutral density filter I had, which was a PolarPro ND-4 . Custom settings were -2 for sharpness, contrast and exposure. I used FCPX to do color correction and edit this short sample to share with you all. I have lots more footage of this spectacular experience to share with the world, from my Canon XH A1s, Celestron brand telescopes & binoculars, DJI OSMO+, GoPro Hero 4 Black and some iPhone7. Expect some more visual goodies very soon! Cheers and safe flying, -Ryan Deremo SkyFly Cinematics
  11. Hi from Australia, great to see an active forum with quality content. Have been involved in drones for around 5 years, built , repaired, flown and owned including Phantom 2, DJI f550, DJI F450, Blade 350QX, Yuneec, Currently use Inspire1 and DJI Phantom 4 Pro for commercial ops. Like the US, Australia's drone laws are in constant flux, here we are seeing some reasonable laws coming in, especially for commercial ops. Looking forward to learning and contributing.
  12. I have had my P4 for some time now and try to stay aware of how it's holding up. Wouldn't want an unnecessary crash. One of my rotors isn't spinning as effortlessly as the others when I hand spin them. This is especially true after I fly. It's like I can really feel each magnet as I spin it. This seems normal-ish with my other drones (S900, Runner 250, M100) but not the P4. Maybe it's a bearing issue? Could a magnet be loose? If it seems serious then I will probably replace the rotor but it flies fine.
  13. Starting my drone business. Between Phantom 4 and Mavic pro - which one is a better pick? Online reviews don't really reveal major differences. Each is a bit better in another aspect in terms of photo quality and seems like the P4 is more stable at high winds. Any thoughts? Thanks! Ron
  14. Question: Course lock shuts off when my Phantom 4 enters A mode. Unable to launch intelligent mode in Ati. For example: Dense skyscraper area / or inside when GPS goes down or Isn't available and it enters Ati mode the intelligent mode - Course lock shuts off. This results in near crashing. I need to fly inside with course lock. Across balconies and 360' spin. This is easy with course lock outside. Why does it shut off in ATI?
  15. Hello, I am Jose (Joe) here to learn about the hobby and what I find that I may like. I am from Alamosa, Colorado. Just got the P4.
  16. Over the past several weeks I've noticed that my phantom 4 has started to drift quite a bit. When Im setting it up I usually put the props on first, turn it on, and then set it out to start gathering sats. More often then not I have upwards of 14-17 satellites so I know it has a good position. Is there maybe a cache I need to clean out or any thoughts or suggestions? Jake
  17. So last night I am out shooting a local riding stable-- really beautiful setup and perfect sunset weather, and the P4 point of interest mode won't engage. It was my first time using it and watched some tutorials and it seemed pretty straight forward. Go high, aim camera straight down at focal point, and then set the rotation speed and distance on the slider, but the slider wouldn't budge. The drone is sitting there a 200ft while I am pawing at my cell phone with my oversize fingers and I wasted 2-3 minutes of battery trying to get it work. Finally I just did the thing manually but it wasn't nearly as smooth as it would have been using POI. Any thoughts?
  18. Hey, this probably a super noob question but I got my first drone last week, a Phantom 4 and I am loving it. (I've actually been involved with RC since the 1980s so not totally green) I've been noticing that when I reach around 300ft alt and pan the camera up to the horizon line that it is very pitched. It has happened in everything I have shot so far. When doing straight down overhead shots it isn't noticeable and when the drone is in forward flight it seems to straighten out. If I hover at altitude and do a slow 360 pan of the horizon, it wonks to the right. Is this a gimble trim setting that I need to address? Thanks!
  19. I am starting to see and read about Gimbal Guards that have been affecting the performance of the Phantom 4. Does this device void the warranty??
  20. Found this review by Terry Holland of the DJI Phantom 4 to be personal and in-depth. Most other reviews focus on features and specs. Terry focuses on what's more important...the full experience of the flyer.
  21. Big announcement this morning! Here's a good write-up: