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  1. $100.00 plus shipping. Pickup NE Memphis, TN (CORDOVA) Call Ron at (901) 831-1341 This DJI hardshell multifunctional backpack for the Phantom series is strong and water resistant, letting you bring your Phantom safely everywhere you go. Its soft lining material protects your phantom from bumps and scrapes during transportation In addition to carrying the Phantom and all its accessories, the backpack can also hold a 15-inch laptop.Large inner space that can hold:Phantom series aircraft ×1Phantom series remote controller ×1Phantom series battery ×3Phantom series propellers ×12Phantom s
  2. Just ordered a complete DJI FC40 sans camera for $199.95 from BH PHOTO & VIDEO in NYC . Company is reputable and a "regular" DJI dealer. Would appreciate it if any forum participants would take some time to send some refs and links for parts for my new "bird".
  3. I am so new to FORUMS. Pardon dumb-bunny me please if I have already sent the following. PHANTOM PHRED kept tipping over on landind. Call it poor piloting. A wider base made from hardware store yardsticks helped here Had to build my own case since I wanted to keep the prop guards attached. Box is HEAVY pine from mil surplus artillery munitions transport cases. Two cases stuck together ( ~ 25 x 25 x 10 inches ). Case weight sand drone is 42 pounds !!! Orange and black take-off / landing pad attaches to case top. Pad is fitted with metal leg mounts to allow pad to stan
  4. Hello, Just bought a used PHANTOM 2 complete with three batteries, charger, cam, range extender and transmitter for $300.00. Did I get a deal ? Am reeeeally green about this all. A college sciences faculty emeritus, am interested in Drones as educational tools especially when it comes to telemetry and remote data acquisition. Had problems with Phred my Drone tipping over. So, I fabricated a light basswood strut extension that gives more stability. Extension is firmly held in place with rubber bands like on my 1940's freeflight model airplane. Thoughts
  5. DJI makes some claims about the new Phantom 4 V2.0 propellers, so we decided to put them to the test. They are quieter, but really how much? Do they generate more thrust? Are they worth putting on your Phantom 4? Check it out.
  6. We put together some of our tips for getting started with aerial photography specifically related to real estate. We have done a few shoots and it is a great way to earn money and have fun doing it. Lots of people ask what is the best drone to start with, so we put this together. Check it out.
  7. I am about to purchase the Phantom 4 Pro for a pilot for a tv show. I've never shot with a drone before and was wondering if there might be any advice, tips, and or warnings before I make this purchase. I also have a film that I plan on using a few drone shots for this spring. Thanks again for your thoughts. - Brian 4 Bees Media, LLC
  8. Yesterday I showed up to fly a project with a message on my screen that an update was required. I've avoided the updates since June, and decided I liked the features in the newest release and I should go ahead and do this update. Updated the bird, got ready to fly and boom...brick. No feed from the camera, remote inputs all over the place and inconsistent, flashing green/red connection light on the remote. Controller firmware version reads: Unknown Device, Unknown Firmware. Called DJI support, explained the situation, performed a handful of manual firmware upgrade / update commands an
  9. Roof assessment we did recently for a nice condominium with a rooftop terrace. Just want to pass this tip along to any pilots out there that are also doing roof assessments. This roof had a lot going on! Something you have to keep in mind is that some sections of the roof will not be visible depending on the angle of the which is important if that is a significant area of the roof. Try to get close to the areas that could be blocked out by an erected structure.
  10. Roof assessment we did recently for a nice condominium with a rooftop terrace. Just want to pass this tip along to any pilots out there that are also doing roof assessments. This roof had a lot going on! Something you have to keep in mind is that some sections of the roof will not be visible depending on the angle of the which is important if that is a significant area of the roof. Try to get close to the areas that could be blocked out by an erected structure.
  11. - DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus drone MINT CONDITION - Two battery charging stations - 5 high capacity batteries with 30 minute flight time each - Three polar Pro ND filters - 2 sets props one hasn't even been opened - Remote control strap - Lykus backpack with rain cover - plastic protective motor covers - American Eagle protective skin - less than 8 hours of flight time on the Drone according to flight logs $2200 OBO Photos
  12. Here's a great guide to choosing the right UAV for your mapping business.
  13. Hey drone enthusiasts! I LOVE going out to fly and capture beautiful sublime and picturesque videos and photos just like you guys so I want to know a bit more about the community with this quick survey I made. If you guys could spare a literal minute of your time that'd be perfect. It'd really help me learn about the community a bit more. Thanks and happy flying!
  14. I have started a Drone inspection co. Spot On Drone LLC. I want to do industrial type inspections power lines, bridges and industrial roofs/ factories. Should I start out with P4,I2 or m210 ?
  15. Hi Everyone, DroneDeploy explores the questions people should consider before purchasing a drone for their business. It walks through the benefits/compares multi-rotor vs. fixed wing. There's also a link to a comprehensive 38-page buyer's guide. I hope you find this useful.
  16. In the early 2017 drone market, is the inspire 2 worth getting over the phantom 4 pro when it comes to mapping construction sites and farmland. Thanks
  17. Hi Everyone, I am drone pilot for more than 3 years, therefore I decided to run my Thesis on Drones, Drones are the future of humanity, for patrolling, shipping, lives savings, inspection, transportation and other applications,As part of my Thesis I decided to run a study regarding pilots main concerns, as a drone pilot my main concern is Hitting someone due to a drone malfunction or even to be liable of 3rd party damages, study results are not confidential, I will be happy to share them, Hopfully many of you will participate so we get better understanding regarding your concerns. This researc
  18. Planning a trip to Orlando to fly your drone around? Might wanna check out this news story first (link below). I came across this today and I guess the popular Florida city has added some new drone laws and ordinances for UAV pilots. Sounds like perfect timing for them to implement something like this with Spring Break about to start.
  19. Hi, Gary Burtt here...jumping into the drone realm to add this to my photography toolbox. I have been a photographer hobbyist for a long time and am excited about the new perspective that drone photography can add. I started with a BLH8500 from Horizon Hobby and i got hooked. Just picked up my Phantom 3 Pro yesterday. Looking forward to learning about this bird and getting it ready for its maiden journey. I know i have a lot to learn and if there are any GOOD starting places, please let me know. I look forward to being part of this community. Gary
  20. Hey there community, I have recently finished up a video project for a local builder. This footage is shown to potential buyers of the new residences being built, as well as, the local town. Using the DJI Phantom 3, it is hard to create smooth transitions while sweeping (and without using built in features) however with more practice, Ill be able to dial those errors in. Criticism is appreciated! Thanks, and enjoy. - Wash
  21. Hey, just my introduction! I am a photographer of 15+ years and started flying UAVs about 1 year ago. I love to create stunning images with my Phantom 4 and also shooting a lot of video. I am 107 Certified and looking for ways to make some money in this business. So this is me and here is one of my favorite photos I have taken so far. Iceland If anyone is in my area let me know so we can hook up and go fly or just talk business My number is 214-516-8430
  22. Starting my drone business. Between Phantom 4 and Mavic pro - which one is a better pick? Online reviews don't really reveal major differences. Each is a bit better in another aspect in terms of photo quality and seems like the P4 is more stable at high winds. Any thoughts? Thanks! Ron
  23. I am currently in the market for a new drone, I currently have a Chroma but am looking to get another as well. I think I am down to either a Phantom 4 or Typhoon-H. Since both are around same price, what would you recommend? Or is there another one out there that I do not know about, or have not done enough research on? Thanks!
  24. Hey everyone, My name is Marcus Johnson and I am from Maryland/DC area. I am a software engineer for Amches, Inc. I currently own a Phantom 3 Advanced drone and I really like it since it combines 2 of my interests which are tech and photography. I'm a digital system hobbyist so I like to do experimentation with Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, etc. Currently, I'm trying to figure out a good way to leverage the power of the drone and use of of my sensor circuits to gather data while airborne. Thanks, Marcus