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Found 7 results

  1. I have a client looking for drone photography in the Hamptons on August 4th. It's a high profile event so they are looking for an expert pilot. The event is called Paddle for Pink, a breast cancer awareness event. They are in need of action shots of the event as well as yachts and confetti at the finish line. Contact Elizabeth Hurley
  2. Greetings; I was asked by Alan Perlman to come here and do an Introduction of myself... With that in mind, I'm a 67 year old white male from New Mexico, the Southern part. Former military, NM State Park Ranger, Roosevelt County Deputy, Industrial Electrician, now retired. My dad only went to the 8th grade, he took out of the academic side of high school and I had four years of Carpentry, Yuck..! After the military, I went to U of Maine and got an Associates degree in Professional Photography, never found a job in that field, being married w/kids, I had to work. At Blackstone Valley Tech I took Basic Electronics course(Adult Education) because I was, at that time, into CB-Radio's. In the early 80's, I got into Computers, and built my own rather than buying store bought. BBS's faded away(remember those..?) and the Internet arrived, so I got into WiFi, networking, etc. as a hobby. I love science and learning new things..! I built my own AR-15 from a kit, decked it out w/furniture(not a whole lot) 5.56 NATO, bought a 91 RV, restoring it now, have to replace the torsion axles, I like to keep busy. On Facebook, I met some people that research Paranormal Activities, they use Drones to check out reports. One man in particular is now designing a quad winged drone for his research. He posted photo's and I got interested in Quadcopters. I had a small RC plane when I was a kid, dad never had time to show me how to fly it, too busy drinking. I'm now doing research on Quadcopters, the builds, motors, FC's, batteries, ESC's, the whole shebang...! I did not want a Mini or a Micro, too small to carry a camera... I don't want to buy one already made, too expensive..! So, I'm into building an S500 Quadcopter to eventually attach some sort of camera, after I learn how to fly it, bare. (In case I crash it)... This site and it's members are already well seasoned in this field and I thought it would be a good place to get tips, ideas, designs, pro's and con's of building a rugged UAV FPV device. But I've so much over the past week or so, I'm getting confused on motors & FC's.. but it'll work out in time, I hope..? I have not purchased any parts as yet.. but I do have the frame picked out.... James...
  3. Hi, my name is Ariel Toledano. I've been a director, photographer, and producer in the advertisement industry for many years in South America where I owned several Production Companies. Samples of my work can be seen on YouTube or and @papayiii - I have recently moved to South Florida and opened a studio "Florida Property Photo" to attend Real Estate and Architecture photography and videography. The site for FPP is and @floridapropertyphoto. Looking forward to meeting people from the industry.
  4. Hi. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. My name is Dutch Driver. I am a landscape and event photographer as a sideline. I have started editing personal videos with Camtasia Studio. I downloaded the FFA's guidebook and forms yesterday and I am exploring adding drone video to my tool chest. I am a complete novice on actually flying except for a brief introduction to hang-gliding via a local hang-gliding school. Oh and I am a web headed geek that stops just short of actually writing the code for software and tinkering with hardware much beyond YouTube tutorials. Epic Optimism, Dutch Driver aka Deep Dive Guy
  5. Hello everyone - I am Steven, 70 years young, from Luxembourg (Europe), a marine biologist and an experienced underwater photographer (several books, many magazine articles). I am planning to come out of the water (from time to time) and take to the skies. No experience whatsoever, neither with piloting, nor with drones or aerial photography, which is what I want to start doing. The only asset I have so far is a keen eye for good composition... Any advice on how to start, which rig to buy is more than welcome. So far, I understand it is wise to start with a cheap drone for practice. Where do I start ? Looking forward to read you !
  6. New to drones but have been performing Commercial Real Estate photography for over a decade in Nevada, Arizona, California, Washington and Alaska. Recently purchased a Phantom 3 Pro, and have been getting my 'feet wet' so to speak. Never had any type of aviation certification from the Feds, though back in the day, as an enlisted man, I had my Air Crew wings in the Navy. Also, never piloted a craft until now, but sure jumped/rappelled out of more than enough perfectly good craft to know what not to do, and we all spent our time playing the Flight Sims when they first came out. I want to add aerial photography of property to my arsenal. Would love to do bazillon $$$$ homes and make bank, but we know how small those odds are. My goal for the next 6 months, to prepare for the FAA test to get my commercial UAV license. In the interim would like to know as much about these craft as I can, and thought this might be an excellent resource. Who knows, maybe the training aspect will become a more viable, and less worrysome alternative, only time will tell.
  7. I've had my P3P for a couple of months and am always looking for new avenues of information. Actually, I've got 2 P3Ps. I trusted the altitude reading and flew my first one into a tree, which sent it onto the pavement below. I got impatient and bought another one, while I decided what to do with the damaged one. I ended up sending it to DJI for repair, and decided to keep both, rather than selling one. I live on a farm in north central Illinois, about 7 miles from the Wisconsin state line. I have a recreational pilots license, but haven't flown in quite a few years. The flying bug is still in my blood, and my passion is photography. So when this UAV thing got going, I couldn't resist how it melded those two interests into a nearly perfect platform. Since I started posting some of my photos on the internet, I've been getting a few requests for "doing some jobs". Since that can cause problems with the FAA, I haven't pursued them. I was going to go for a 333 exemption, but just today, the FAA announced the new process. So my next step is to check into what that entails.