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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, just got this email from one of our students: Thoughts? I haven't spent enough time comparing the two myself. (cc @Lewis@IcarusAerials @Trevor - Icarus)
  2. Hi, Does anyone know what settings Pix4D Capture applies to the camera (Inspire 1 X3) when using the gridded flight mission? Last time I used it, I wasnt given the option to apply manual settings. Obviously I don't want Auto Exposure etc. applied. I am not sure what impact auto settings are having on the images Regards, Rylan
  3. Orangutan39

    Major Pix4D Issues

    Hello everyone, I had a major issue today while using Pix4D during a commercial UAS operation today and I want to see if anyone in the forum had knowledge as to why my issue happened. My UAS company is currently subcontracting for another UAS company. We are currently working a large scale (10 nautical mile) 2D Pix4D mapping and Litchi video project of a small river to find ways to prevent flooding issues. The project will have 46 Pix4D flights when we are done. The aircraft that we are using with Pix4D are his DJI Matrice 100 (M-100) and my DJI Phantom 4 Pro. We are using the iPad air tablet. We almost lost the M-100 today. The issue is the following: I upload the flight plan and the program indicates I am good to launch the flight. Before the flight I close out all other background programs on the iPad, including the DJI Go App. At some point in time during the flight with Pix4D, the iPad fully crashes and shuts down. At this point I have no screen with no indications or warnings that there was an issue. Two weeks ago I did a cold weather flight test with another M-100 and noticed this issue right after takeoff while using Pix4D. I was able to land and tried restarting everything (iPad, controller, & M-100), but the issue continued. This M-100 worked fine in DJI Go App, but later had to be grounded due to other issues. Today mid flight, the second M-100 did the same thing. I noticed that the M-100 continued its programmed flight path and we think that it kept taking pictures based on what we saw when uploaded the SD card to the laptop we had with us. I was able to bring the aircraft back without the iPad. We changed out batteries and did a restart. The next flight went fine with no issues and over 150 photos taken. During the following flight the iPad crashed again. I tried restarting the iPad while the M-100 was still in the air, but Pix4D continued to fully crash the iPad. I even tried to restart and go into the DJI Go app, but the iPad crashed again. I noticed that the M-100 was not acting normal and was starting to go way off course. I spent the next few minutes significantly fighting with the controls. I was having extreme difficulty trying to control back of the aircraft. I activated the RTH button 3 times, but nothing. I was finally able to get it back after a lot of struggles with the controls. I have no idea why this happened, but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue. My Phantom 4 Pro worked mostly ok with the program, but on two flights it did not take any photos which wasted two batteries. I am not impressed with Pix4D so far. For as much as they charge for their services, I shouldn't have to worry about losing an aircraft. We are thinking about switching to Drone Deploy. Thanks, Chris
  4. I have the Phantom 4 .. also the Sequoia cam, also investing in the thermals, high resolution cameras for use in survey mapping, search and recovery .. for both research and coursework / training (GIS / RMS, Pix4D, etc) . I am torn with the inspires as I dont think we can easily switch the cameras/ sensors on the Inspire2? Was leaning towards the Inspire1? I am also obtaining a couple of the Phantom4Pros in addition to the Inspires. We will primarily use units to generate orthos and surface models for remote sensing, watershed modeling ... Any suggestions?
  5. Hello, I just got asked to to a project which involves surveying. The client would like a 29 acre area of land referenced and have a 3D map showing elevations if possible. What is the best program to use for this? I have a Phantom 3 Pro and an Inspire 1 Pro to take the pictures. Also, how much would you charge for this? The client also wants pics and a video fly over. If anyone has any good advice and a good place to see examples, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Bert P
  6. Hi all, Daniel Lench here from Gessner Engineering. Having flown RC helicopters and FPV drones in my personally life, and bringing the idea of using drones to add to our company's offerings, I've been the ground crew, trainer and data processor since we started our fleet in May 2015. We now have 2 eBee and 1 DJI Phantom 4 and while all of our survey crew has been certified to fly commercially for a while, I was simply unable to attend the training at the time. We are so busy now that I must be able to be the PIC on independent missions so here I am. The site was a recommendation of Sally French aka Drone Girl and I'm happy to see an active community behind it. At Gessner Engineering I am the CAD and BIM manager along with handling the processing of our collected drone data. I manage all of our AutoCAD templates, standards and training and specialize in extreme site grading using AutoCAD Civil3D. For BIM, using Navisworks, I am able to bring models from different disciplines to detect clashes in design and offer suggestions to remedy them. You can find me at the Gessner Engineering Main office in College Station. We have satellite offices in San Antonio, Fort Worth with two material testing labs located in College Station and Brenham. Our services include Civil Engineering (that's where I'll be ;), Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Surveying and Construction Materials Testing in our AASHTO Certified labs. Best to all and hit me up if you're in the area or have a project we can work together on a project. Dan