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Found 6 results

  1. Any suggestions, on what people are charging for their services. I have everything in place, but that is the one thing i have not figured out. Thanks
  2. Around how much should I charge per hour when it comes to mapping a construction site with my drone. I want to be reasonable but also make enough money to grow my company in the future. Thanks
  3. Hey all, I just a watched a YouTube video (based on a YouTube recommendation) that had some really thoughtful suggestions for figuring out how to establish prices as a drone operator. This guy was as open and honest as I've seen in the industry and provided some good insight into how to come up with fair market prices based on your equipment, experience, and the risk you're taking, etc. His industry is in Los Angeles as a cinematographer. He owned a video production company prior to getting into drones in 2013. So, he has some experience in figuring out pricing and then extended that to productions that involve drones. So, obviously, the amount of experience that you have, the type of work you are doing, the equipment you are using, the number of crew that you need to support the job, all factor into your pricing. Not to mention, the region where you are operating (e.g cost of living). He also talks about the additional charges he invoices for when he has to do things like waiver submission, additional insurance limits, etc. All in all, I thought it was a great vlog post on Dronr. Listen to it and let me know what you think:
  4. Hey again guys. The moment is finally here. We are obtaining our certifications and in search of jobs. Because this market is "new", in a sense, what is the "standard" or ball park pricing we are charging for different services. (Yes there are many). We can say it's based upon location, experience, demand. Yes those all play a role. However, at the moment it's hard to justify pricing. Simply because there isn't much in this industry just yet. For myself, I'm starting off shooting real estate and exteriors for builders. What did photographers charge who shot out of a helicopter? Or what are you guys, and girls, basing your pricing off of to justify to your clients (in whatever area you may service)? Eventually our competition will be charging so low it'll be insane, but what is the standard at the moment to make the majority of the clients agree? Any input is appreciated! -Wash
  5. The biggest challenge I see starting my new business is the opportunity to get the right marketing materials and how to get out to the masses in the most cost effective way. I also think that trying to determine the price for the services that I will offer will be a bit tricky with out doing tons of research to see what others are charging for there services and to not be over priced compared to the norm what ever that may be. I know it will take a lot of ground pounding to get things rolling and to get the right clientele but who said that it would be easy. I try and talk with everyone I meet when I fly giving them bits and pieces of what our awesome field can bring to them and hand out business cards to help spread the word. And again what field do you focus on so many possibility's, I guess you just have to get the right niche and what type of flying makes you comfortable to get things going. My website is still under development but getting close still need to get some more info on the site for services , cost and clean up my verbiage , plus more photos and videos to make it more complete showing what I can offer, plus make it mobile friendly , I also have a Facebook page linked in my site. I am working to get things completed so I can focus on the marketing my services. Again @Alan Perlman awesome stuff you have going on here keep up the good work
  6. My name is Jim Brammer and I am the owner of Soaring Vistas Media Aerial Photography, located in the Los Angeles area. Single biggest challenges, listed in order of priority . . . 1) FAA 333: Petitioned the FAA in mid September, 2015, for my FAA 333 exemption and still waiting for 333 exemption grant. 2) Pilot License: Until the FAA implements a certification process for drone pilots, I either need to get my pilot license or hire pilots. Challenge is finding pilots who want to partner with me. 3) Pricing: Still trying to figure out rates for pricing. Could use some help here - want to set competitive rates but also need to be profitable. Need to be able to pay for equipment, insurance, marketing and, of course, to legally staff a mission, I need to factor in the cost of a licensed Pilot and Visual Observer at a minimum - maybe more staff depending on size and complexity of the mission. 4) Competing against non-333 businesses: I've done some test marketing to real estate agents in my area and found that there are a lot of folks out there without their 333 exemption who are willing to shoot aerial real estate jobs for a lot less than I need to charge to make my business profitable. 5) Customers: Need figure out my target markets and get out and network in the community. Looking forward to Alan's new Biz course!!