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Found 11 results

  1. SkyFox

    Need Everyone's Opinion

    So, I saw this article posted on a local website and caught my attention. The article was well written and spot on with all the crazy road work going on, but the photos made me cringe. Everyone take a look, and tell me if i'm not the only one that is disturbed by these!
  2. Hi guys, I need some answers, hopefully you'll be able to provide me with them! What I'm looking for is general and specific info about drone flying in Spain: 1) if you are creating commercial videos, like we would our real-estate videos, and you use drone footage provided to you by someone who flew a drone recreationally, can you legally use that footage as part of your overall video without fear of penalty? 2) What is the minimum you need to do to be legal to fly commercially (e.g. theory hours, practice hours, practical test and theory tests)? 3) Over and above number two - do you need to sit a specific test(s) to be certified? 4) If so, a)where can you sit those tests and b) what are the actual costs and c) when do the courses run? 5) Do they have any individuals who have qualified that hire themselves out to take drone videos for a fee and hopefully their contact details as we may go that route if it's too time consuming and too costly to get certified. I would appreciate any valid and credible response to these questions!
  3. I am heading this May to Germany for a couple of weeks. I’ll be traveling to various areas of the country and taking my drone. I’m finding some specific restrictions on some of the castle websites and understand Germany has lots of others. Anyone know of any English language website links for rules and reg’s for sUAV’s rules and restrictions there?
  4. Hello, My name is Jorge, I'm Commercial Drone Pilot, working in a Telecom Company, currently flying in Georgia for Cellphone Towers inspection, most of the time using M600P with Z30 Camera. My Team is planing to start flying in Los Angeles area, and we are not sure the differences with the Regulations and requirements between Georgia and California. So I will appreciate if this community can help me out to get more detailed information about flying in Los Angeles area. By the way, I got the Part 107 Certificate back in January 2017 Thanks to DronePilot Ground School Team. Here is a Proof of the BEST UAV COACH in the Drone Industry I'm excited to start flying in Los Angeles. Thanks in Advance for all the Support! Happy flying! Sincerely Jorge Luengo
  5. alyssadroneschool

    Drone School

    My name is Alyssa, I've just been hired on as a director of operations to a company called Drone School Incorporated. My job is to get this business up and running by the end of the year so im in charge of advertising, marketing, creating a syllabus etc. My boss wants this to be a 3 hour classroom course and 2 hours of simulator time (we have the realflight drone simulator) eventually building up to use real drones for training. We dont have a minimum or maximum age for this class since for now we are only going to be using a simulator. I was an air traffic controller so i have a general idea of the rules and regulations regarding drones but thats about the extent of my knowledge. My main question is what should I incorporate into the syllabus when i start putting this together. If you guys could give me any feedback on this I would be extremely thankful.
  6. Finally! I know this is not over but it is a definite step in the right direction.
  7. Hey everyone, Hope all is well in the UAV community. This summer I will be going to Costa Rica and Cuba for a few weeks and was hoping to gain some insight on the rules and regulations of flying drones in each country. I read articles saying "You must not fly without a license. A license consists of 48 hours of theoretical training and 10 hours of practical training by schools authorized by the DGAC" for Costa Rica, but I don't know if my commercial license for the United States will cover me. Can anyone help shed light on this subject and tell me what I need to do/not do to fly in each of these countries legally? Thanks, Justin
  8. Fabrice Humblet

    Greetings from Belgium

    Hello everyone, I live in Belgium where I am involved in the UAV industry as pilot, active member of the federation of professional pilots and with a role in the organization of the European drone convention "Drone Days" in Brussels (more details on Hearing and reading about what happens around UAV's (laws, rules & regulations, mostly) in other countries is always welcome
  9. Hey all, Basic questions. I just want to double check a few things. I know we can fly without ATC permission in class G airspace. In Class E airspace with an airport with a surface level of 700ft, we do not need permission to fly to our usual 400 ft. Heres my example below. I live within Meriden Markham Airport which is Class E airspace (and takes up a lot of space surrounding), however, all below is Class G. This being said I am clear to fly where ever I please, of course keeping an eye out for any aircrafts and without hitting Class D (just has to be said ).
  10. High-level article on what's happening in D.C. right now for those of you interested in UAS regulations:
  11. Someone just emailed this to me from the FAA's website. Thought these guidelines were interesting: